Time Changes…SS…Part 3


Abhi please stop crying! Said pragya
Dadi! Why she left me! I always said her don’t trust chachu and chachi but…. Said Abhi while sobbing

Pragya looked at a flat which was locked, she went there and cried bitterly!

Abhi saw her, he thought I won’t make pragya suffer! She has no one! I should be there for her! He got up and rung the bell of his home…

(Guyz to make you clear one thing, Abhi and pragya were neighbours! They used to live in flats! They were from middle class family)

as Abhi rung the bell, Raj opend the door!
Raj said What? why are you here?
Abhi without answering rushed to his room!
Raj followed him and said hey stop!
Abhi closed his room and started to pack everything! He had some money so he took it! he had guitar, he took it! he took a bag and started to put everything in it!

Where as Raj started to shout… Hey you! what are u doing get out!

Abhi packed all his belongings bcoz he knew his so called chachu and chachi won’t make him live in the house so without wasting time he packed everything! he was about to open door just then he turned and took his parents and his dadi’s pic! He opend the door, Raj was about to slap him but at the time pragya came and pushed abhi back!

She said Enough! Let’s leave Abhi!

Abhi was stunned as some time back pragya was crying bitterly and now she saved him!

They left….

Mitali closed the door!

They were about to go out from building just then Abhi said Fuggy i took my all belongings what about yours?

Pragya said I don’t know! leave it.. my house is locked and key is with the owners..

Abhi started to unpack his belongings, Pragya said what are you doing?

You said na key is with owners, you are right! I have key with me!

Key with you? Asked pragya

Arey sarla aunty gave it to me somedays back! said abhi while unpacking his bag! Finally Abhi found key, he held pragya’s hand and went into the apartment!

Abhi said I will take all your clothes and books, you just take some things from fridge and kitchen! Pragya nods….

Abhi went into pragya’s room! whereas pragya went in kitchen, she saw stove and imagined surla and herself there!

Surla: Pragya! don’t do it, you will get burnt!
pragya: No maa! it’s not new for me!
surla: Aha okay…
Aaaaaaa Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, shouted pragya!
Surla: I said na, don’t fo it! you never listen to me!
Pragya started to laugh loudly,
What you pranked me asked surla
Pragya nods!
Surla started to laugh and they shared hug..

Pragya came out of imagination ,and started to take the things from kitchen….she went in tv lounge, again she imagined surla and herself sitting at couch…

No Pragya beta! ant didn’t killed elephant ,elephant killed ant! said surla..

see maa use the logic, if ant will bite elephant,then elephant will run here and there and at last it will fall into ocean and then it will drown! so elephant would die! said pragya..

You are only 4 years! and you tease me so much, said surla..

pragya started to laugh…

pragya came out of imagination world! she laughed a little and went into her room, again dhe imagined herself and surla..

Surla: Pragya, how many times i have said the towel shouldn’t be at bed! and see books, all over the bed! what’s this?

pragya: Arey maa! i will clean it myself
Surla: Yeah yeah! Tell me when will you clean it, day after tomorrow or next year!

pragya: probably next year!

Surla twisted pragya’s ear… pragya said aahh leave me, it’s paining…

pragya came out of imagination ! she started to pack everything!

By the time Abhi came and said Fuggy let’s leave the owners have came, come!

pragya nods!

and they left with the luggage!

They were sitting at foot path, abhi saw a dhabba, he had some money so he went there and bought 2 chapattis for himself and pragya!

Pragya started saying I m missing maa very much! Abhi cupped her face and said pragya we have no one, we are for eachother! Right? so leave everything and have this chapati!

pragya and abhi started to eat it, just then a men came to them! pragya and abhi saw him..

pragya said Ramesh Sir!

Ramesh Sir: What you both are doing here with this much luggage? where is your mother!

Pragya started to cry bitterly!
Abhi explained everything!

Ramesh Sir: that’s really sad to hear! well i m here for you! thou i m not rich neither from middle class family, i have a one home room where you both can live, 24 by 7 water is available, no one will ask rent from you! you guyz can live with me, i know it’s one home room but all i have is that,i have no one in my family!

abhi: Sir that’s really sweet of you!

pragya: Thanks Sir!

So let’s leave for the home! abhigya nods…

They reached at a chowl! pragya and abhi weren’t feeling easy but they had to adjust,just bcoz it was the only way!

Ramesh Sir showed them the home!

It was not a home but a room in poor condition ,with two beds..

Arey i forgot my phone, wait i will bring it! abhigya followed ramesh sir, but ramesh sir had to cross the road so he asked abhigya to stop there,he himself will bring the phone! ..

Abhigya looked at eachother,abhi held pragya’s hand and assured her that everything will be fine one day! just then a truck came over ramesh sir! Abhigya shouted Sirrrrrr! they rushed to Ramesh Sir!

Ramesh Sir with great difficulty said Abhi, pragya, Time Changes! ……..fo…….. for….. u. .th….the….time…..wi…will…al…also….chan…change!…

Sir …said pragya..

just then crowd surrounded ramesh But it was late! Ramesh Sir was no more!

pragya and abhi cried bitterly!

Abhi forwarded his hand to pragya and said promise me, that you will never leave me! pragya too forwarded her hand and said Never! Abhi said One day for sure we will do something great! we will work hard! pragya nods….

No Pre-Recap

Guyz Thank you so much for the comments,when i saw 31 comments i was like on cloud 9!

Mukand Raj= I already said that i don’t know how many parts will this story take! and i can’t even predict, bcoz my prediction always goes wrong lol ?

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Credit to: Somiya

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