Time Changes…SS….Part 1

Stoppppppppppppp itttttt! Shouted a girl
I won’t … Said A boy
oh ho Abhi again you are teasing pragya…

Arey Dadi see na i m bored and she is reading this boring book… Mind platter… Said Abhi

Hey how dare you called my favorite book boring… Said pragya, giving a cold look

Pragya, Abhi, you are sitting in a bus not in your house, stop fighting! Said Surla

Aunty this crackpot is just 15 years old and she is reading this Mind platter book! said abhi

hey, what you called me?Asked pragya

C R A C K P O T , I called you crackpot! said abhi teasingly..

Ah han if i m crackpot na you are a irritating worm,you 16 year old irritating worm! Said pragya

what? you called me Irritating worm,okay then if i m irritating worm you are a Book worm, everytime reading this irritating mind platter! said abhi..

You leach! Stop calling my Favorite book as Irritating Book! Said pragya

ah ha always you give me names of animals but for your kind information i m a human! said abhi

it looks like you don’t go to school! we as humans are placed in Animalia kingdom! said pragya!

Ahhh you crackpot! Said abhi irritatingly

Ahh you crackpot ! Said pragya teasingly

Can u please stop it! Said Abhi angrily

Can u please stop it! said pragya teasingly

you are copying me? asked Abhi

You are copying me? Said pragya with a teasing smile..

oh God! Surla Aunty please ask her to stop it! Said Abhi

Pragya, Abhi just stop it! how many times i have said you not to fight! this is a bus! It’s just 1 hour left to our destination till then stop fighting! Said Dadi!

Okay dadi, said pragya and started reading book!

Sorry Dadi! Said pragya and started reading the book!

Ah this Crackpot na, always acts like a book worm! let’s troll her! thought abhi to himself!

Hey eee crackpot ,look outside the window,so beautiful bird na! Said Abhi

pragya begins to look outside, she said which beautiful bird? i can’t see any

bcoz you are wearing specs, Chashmish! Imagine yourself that there is a bird and a bird would come! Said Abhi with teasing smile

ahhhhhhhh you are calling me crackpot but actually you are crackpot,you talk foolishly,i hate you! Said pragya with great anger…

ooooooo I hate you too Chashmish! Said abhi,

Crackpot! said pragya

Time Passed…

why bus stopped suddenly maa? said pragya

I don’t know pragya beta! may be there is a problem! Said surla….

We are sorry for the inconvenience! We can’t repair bus right now ,it will take 24 hours, we are in Jaipur right now! You all can book a hotel for today, we are really sorry! Said driver

Oh ho syaapppa! Said Dadi

hey sleeping worm get up said pragya while shaking abhi

gud morning! Said abhi while rubbing his eyes…

Blind! Andhay! It’s 6 00 pm right now! said pragya

oh is it.. well why are we here? i mean why bus has stopped?

Abhi beta, bus has some technical problem ,so we need to stay in Jaipur for 1 day! i have talked with one of my friend ,they have booked 2 rooms for us! so let’s leave! said Dadi

hmm okay dadi! said Abhi

They all left for hotel….

It was 7 00 pm, pragya was crying hard….

Stop it pragya, we will buy a new book for you! Said surla

No maa! i need the same book! said pragya while sobbing…

oh ho chashmish! Said Abhi

Maaaa,i need the book…said pragya

But…..said surla, abhi cuts her off and says

Okay okay,the bus has gone for repair right? and the garage is near we can go,come fuggy! Said Abhi

i m coming with you both said Dadi
No dadi ,i will go with them… Said surla

Arey No one is coming, me and fuggy are going…. said abhi

Fuggy? Asked dadi

arey when she cries na she turns into pink balloon! Said Abhi

At this pragya smiled a little and said let’s go!

They left!!!

dadi and surla were busy in chit chat,and soon they started coughing!

At another side….

finally you got your book fuggy… said Abhi

Ahm Thanks….Said pragya

what you said? i couldn’t hear it? Asked abhi

Nothing! Said pragya

oh okay, You’re most welcome!

what you said? Can you repeat it? Asked pragya

oh no nothing! Said Abhi…

Pani puriiiiiiii….Shouted pragya

Are u mad? dumb! said Abhi

I need pani puri! Said pragya in kiddish way…

okay let’s go! Said Abhi

screen splits

Surla and dadi came out of room,they were breathing heavily,it seems the hotel has caught fire, lifts weren’t working,they took stairs,but oh Gosh! This Fate! Fire had already surrounded them…

arey Fuggy, come now let’s go back to hotel Surla aunty and dadi would be worried….

Ah okay okay Crackpot! Said Pragya and they walked towards hotel…..

At that time cops had surrounded the hotel so no one can get in!

Abhi and pragya reached there and saw the fire!

Maaaaaaaaaaaa……Shouted pragya

Dadiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…..Shouted Abhi

pragya and abhi started to run, so they could go inside the hotel but it was late! Nothing but Ash was left,the cops stopped Abhigya from getting inside!

By the time nothing was left!!! It was just ash which could be seen….

Hey hey crackpot ,why are you crying? dadi and maa are fine, let’s go inside!

Abhi was sitting like a lifeless body!

Crackpot are you coming or not? okay i m going!

pragya was about to go inside, but cops stopped her…

No beta, you can’t go inside! said a cop

see my maa is inside,she is fine we need to go to her! Said pragya with a painful voice

No one is alive! we started our search operation, beta ,your mom is no…

Don’t you dare,shouted pragya, don’t u dare,uncle my maa is alive, and see the boy sitting at the rock, his dadi is also alive,we should go inside to check! Said pragya with painful voice…

Try to understand,no one is alive, no one means no one beta! said cop, while cupping pragya’s face…

you hav gone mad! shouted pragya,this made abhi come back in senses…

How can my ma leave me? how can abhi’s dadi leave abhi at this age! we are just 15,we are…. I want to go inside leave me…

Hey hey pragya calm down, said abhi

see na, they are saying ma and dadi…. pragya started to cry bitterly and sat on ground

Maaaaaa….pragya shouted….

This left the cop in tears…..

Abhi hugged pragya….. Na poocho dard kisi bande se line played in background….
………………………………………………….. . ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Hey guyz this is Somiya! Ahm well i thought for thos short story (SS) long ago,but i wasn’t sure if you guyz would like it or not! This is a short story so i m not sure how many parts i will write like 5 ,10, 15 or 20, i m not sure but i will continue it after your comments! So guyz tell me whether to continue it or not…?

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