Till the end I will be with you part 4

Shivika reached their building and entered anika’s apartment.. shivaay slumped onto the couch as anika settled on the chair..
S- Man that was one hectic day
A- I can say the same thing too but omkara well is a genius and very nice when I compare him with my former superiors. really blessed to work there
S- good for you..so you like that long haried weirdo
A- he seemed normal to me nothing weird.
S-IDK I felt michmichi looking at him.

S-as if I have some connection with him..like I know him although that cant be possible. Anyways.. he closed his eyes. I bet I could do with some sleep
A- hey this is my apartment if case you have forgotten
S-nope I havent BTW whatever is yours is mine too
A- atleast go and change
S-well I just dont feel like…I am just too tired I think I should catch some sleep. Anyways Mallika and Siddharth are coming here tonight right hope that I get some decent sleep before they come

A- if my sixth sense is correct they will barge into my apartment any moment now..
sure enough after few moments Sid-mallika entered carrying their suitcases and bags
S(mind)there goes my sleep
S-woah woah you guys brought your stuff here so are you gonna stay here .. you guys didnt pay the rent or what
SI- shivaay is this a way to welcome your guest
A- but you guys arent guests

M- yeah so that means this is our house and we are staying here
S- welcome homeless people. we believe in social work plz isay aapna hi ghar samajhna
Si- dont worry hum issay aapna hi ghar samjhte hai. shivaay chuckled and shared a hifi with sid
S-guys so can I know for how long are me and this dumbo gonna be room-mates
Si- 15 days coz our new house isnt ready yet

A- are you guys on a break or what I mean you both lovebirds gonna live separately. strange
M- well then shivaay why dont you move in with anika and we take your place
S- and turn my clean and organised house into a zoo…. no thanks
Si- you are so mean bro just 15 days plz naa cant you do this for us
S- guys I love you two a lot but I love my life even more do you think I would be able survive with this jungli billi.. 24×7.
A- I heard that
S- so what paanika

A-look Billu
S- dont call me that
A- billu billu billu
S- you.. and he threw a cushion at her
A-ouch I wont leave you bagadbilla
shivika started their cushion fight running and chasing each other all around the apartment as sid-mallika facepalmed and gave each other a inka-kuch-nahi-ho-sakta look
Si- stop it guys. you arent kindergarden kids and billu..( shivaay glared)I mean shivaay I will just go and ditch my stuff at your place ok

S- Yeah but plz dont mess up. he threw the keys to him
sid goes to shivaay’s apartment
A- so mals how is you new job going.. at kapoor fashion house
M- good but you know my boss Tia madam Oh god I cant tolerate her at all she is like a complete lady baba– universe ki dukaan
S-tia as in Tia Kapoor.. Shivaay asked with extreme distaste

M- yeah you got that right
S-all the best then mals.. waise honestly I cant believe she runs as fashion house.. I thought she owned some spirituality centre.. miss reiki
M-but how come you know her

A-ohh well you see someone here has some history with your boss right shivaay baby. anika imitated tia…let me clean your aura baby universe will like it.
shivaay-mallika laugh
S-god anu too god.no one can beat you when it comes to imitating others
M- shivaay you..
S-thats right Tia and I were dating but it didnt really last for more than a couple of weeks. I broke up with her a few days back.. Man I was so relieved after my breakup
M- which means you are single again

S- yep and I am not gonna hook up for quite sometime now.
they chitchatted for some more time.
S- whats taking sid so long.. I am gonna go check. I dont trust that dumb boyfriend of yours
mallika-anika sit down but after few secs they hear an angry fhat the wuck in the hallway
A-whats wrong..
there in the hallway shivaay was banging the door of his apartment holding a bag.. you idiot thats my house

open the damm door sid
Si-Sorry billu but I didnt have any other option.. I am taking your house for next 15 days.. you stay with anu or here in the hallway wherever you want
S- I am not gonna leave you.. last time you turned it into a madhouse and It took full two days to make my home fit for human habitation
M- whats wrong shivaay why the hell are you shouting
S-because your dear boyfriend just threw me and my stuff out of MY house… That is my apartment. You dumbass get out!!

A-chill billu its not a big deal
S-it is a big deal..
M-(making a cute puppy face)Shivaay you consider you little sister naa please then dont get mad and stay with your jungli billi
A-excuse me bhai ki chamchi
M- I mean our kidkitod anika.

Anu plz cooperate naa mallika pleaded
S-you know what mals just because you are like my sister that I havent killed that idiot boyfriend of yours
(shouting)- mr donkey you can come out I wont kill u
sid opens the door slightly
Si-This bagadbilla in control

A-dont worry sid he wont harm you
Si-(slyly)thanks for the apartment bro.. you are the bestest friend anyone can ask for. hugging him. you gave your apartment bhai ho toh aisa.
S-stop buttering and FYI I didnt give it you took my apartment. if you werent mallika’s boyfriend you would have been dead!!
Si- we will try not to mess up your organised house
S-(sarcastically)ohh I will be honoured

M-good so we are cool right you and anu live at her place and me and sid at your place
S-ok fine but just for you mallika
M-thank you so much. I love you. she kissed his cheek
Si-mallika mujhe toh kabhi itne pyaaar say kiss nahi kiya
S-I smell something burning.. see anu smoke is also coming out
A-let me call the fire brigade
Si-shut up guys!!ok come on lets eat I am hungry

S- yeah me too.
Shivaay and anika came to Mumbai- the city of dreams for higher studies..being in a big city for the first time was difficult to manage.. there they met sid-mallika two angels in disguise.
they all became bffs who during their clg shared a single apartment. over time sid and mallika fell for each other. Shivika though they have feelings never admitted coz they felt it was just their beautiful friendship.

The foursome were very close to each other… almost inseparable.– loved pulling each other’s legs but then they were each other’s support system too.


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