Till the end I will be with you part 3

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Shivaay dropped anika at omkara’s art gallery
S- call me when you are done.. I will pick you up.
A-yeah bye and all the best buddy
S- all the best to you too bestie and they shared a hug.. anika went inside the gallery while shivaay headed over to the hotel.
it was anika’s first day and she was feeling slightly nervous about it.. she knew omkara was really renowned and this was her biggest project till now. Omkara enters
A- good morning sir..I am anika
O- yeah so you are the new event organiser here right. he said with a charming and gentle smile
A- yes sir
O- look you can call me Omkara or Om. I dont like to be addressed as sir
A-Ok sir..I mean omkara
meanwhile shivaay’s first day was something like a dream come true… his culinary skills were throughly appreciated and so was his good and kind nature..the day passed quickly meanwhile anika also learned a lot work with omkara.
It was almost eight when om’s gallery was pretty deserted
O- I must say you are pretty talented
A-thank you
O- its quite late anika.. shall I ask my driver to drop u home
A- no its fine I will manage… my billu will pick me up. thank you anyway.
O-billu?your cat will pick you up
A-(giggling)-nahi silly actually its my shivaay’s nickname
her phone rings..
A- hey shivaay you are coming to pick me up. ok fine I will wait
om’s ears pricked at the word shivaay but he thought there can be more than one shivaays
after anika hung up
O- umm… who is this shivaay your brother ya your boyfriend
A- neither he is my bestest friend
O(thinking) lets wait and see who this guy is. He is not her brother it can be possible that he is my brother..
A-oh you ok omkara
O- yeah well I was just wondering…
suddenly a bike stopped at the front gate.. the guy removed his helmet
A- shivaay that was quick
S-well I was just nearby.
om however was rooted to his spot.. coz this man here had eyes just as same as the young boy in the photograph.. could it be possible that God wants us to meet om thought
A- well shivaay he is Mr Omkara Singh Oberoi.. and Omkara he is my buddy shivaay
S- hello Mr oberoi nice to meet you. they shook hands
O- oh hello Mr Shivaay.. sorry didnt catch your full name
S- well I am just Shivaay.
O- OH its nice to meet you
S- the pleasure is all mine.. hey anu hop on lets go I am starving.. So long Mr Oberoi
O-you can call me Om. Mr oberoi makes me sound old
Shivaay chuckled well you look pretty young to me Mr Oberoi I mean Om.
Om also smiled.. so good night shivaay, anika. looking forward to meet you again shivaay
S-yeah sure… so see you om. bye
A- good night omkara
O- yeah bye. good night
Om was still lost deep in thoughts.. he felt quite strange after meeting shivaay. he felt a deep connection with him and those blue-green eyes looked so similar.His heart was screaming that this was his brother but his mind still rational made him remember that it is just a possibility.. not surity
he was sitting silently when rudra hopped into his room hey Bro
getting no response he shook him hard..
O-hmm. huh what
R- where are you lost
O- well today a girl joined as my new event manager her name is Anika
R- is she hot ?ohh omkara and girl hmm nice so finally omkara singh oberoi had started taking interest in girls
O- shut up rudra!! I wasnt thinking abt anika I was thinking abt her best friend
R- you like your event manager’s best friend not bad
O- Rudy atleast listen to me her best friend was a boy
R-OMG!! you like a boy.. om. I cant believe Oh god what will happen..
O-smacking his head- shut up rudy and let me complete… his name was shivaay and he had blue-green eyes just like our elder brother
R-ohh..REALLY!! You found our brother
O- its possible not sure.. we need to find abt him
R- right. I just hope we find him soon.

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