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The eldest member of oberoi mansion Kalyani Oberoi was looking for a painting which her husband made as her grandson om wanted to look at his grandpa’s art. while rummaging the inner locker a photo fell on the ground. Looking at that a volley of memories came flooding in her mind. It was a photograph of three cute chubby kids smiling at the camera…
dadi’s pov
she was having tears in her eyes and was thinking God its been almost 20 years since I last saw my shivaay.. It was shivaay’s fourth bday and he was so happy that got another little brother. that was the last we saw him before he was kidnapped and according to police and everyone else shivaay is no more.. he was killed. No what am I thinking he is still alive I know my god cannot be so cruel. no ways I am sure shivaay is still alive. From last 20 years I am living with hope that atleast before my death I could see my eldest grandson’s face. hey bhagwan.. I hope shivaay is just happy wherever he is.
she was lost in her own thoughts holding the last photo she had of her eldest grandson. She didnt notice when a long haired guy entered her room.. Dadi?
coming out of her reviere she tried to wipe her tears but it was too late for that guy Omkara Singh Oberoi saw both her tears and the photograph.
O- dadi are you ok what happened
D- I am fine son absolutely fine
Om went to her and sat on his knees .. he wiped her tears with delicacy. I really hate to see tears in your eyes dadi. and hugged her. while hugging he saw the pic kept on the floor.. he could recognise himself, baby rudra but who was this third boy who was lovingly holding rudra
O- dadi who is he?
D- Om woh..
she hesitated but Jhanvi entered Maaji I think its time we tell them until when will we hide
rudra also entered OMG family moment without its most dashing member
O- shut up rudra!!
J- Om rudy this third boy in the photograph he is.. is your elder brother shivaay
Omru- WHAT!!

Tej too entered the room.. T- haan He is shivaay singh oberoi the eldest heir to the oberoi empire my eldest son but (his eyes filled up with tears)- but we even dont know where he is ? is he fine… you know he was the most spl of my three sons coz when I held the new born shivaay in my arms for the first time I realised the joy of being a father.. I am the richest man in the country but I can happily give up the entire wealth in exchange for my son
dadi and jhanvi were having tears in there eyes but omru were shocked and devastated… their grief was far beyond tears. they had an elder brother and they didnt know about it
Om was really heartbroken… He always longed for an elder brother and today he got to know that he had one but.. he couldn’t understand how to react to the situation and for few moments he was speechless wondering whether to laugh or cry at the cruel joke of destiny.
O( his voice full of hurt)why did you hide such a big thing.. pata hai aapko I always longed for an elder brother
R- but why did you hide it from us and where is our shivaay bhaiyaa. I want my bhaiyaa
D- he was kidnapped by one of our enemies on his fourth bday.. we tried the best we could to find him but without sucess.Frm last 20 years there is no info…
R- you didnt take police help
J-(crying) we did but they closed the case .. say he.. he is d.. de.
T- I dont believe it jhanvi he is fine.. i know my shivaay is still alive
O- Dadi, Mom-Dad.. this is my promise to you guys I will find my elder brother.. and if I have to search the entire world for it I will do that. This is Omkara Singh Oberoi’s promise
R- yes we will find our brother
Sorry for a shivika less episode…
And since my exams are going to start won’t be able to give regular update till 24 nov.. but will try to manage short updates here and there..
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