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Hey guys this is my first attempt at writing a ff. The story revolves around Shivaay Anika and their life.
Plz read and tell your comments.

Part 1..
It was a normal small
flat in a not so posh residential area where a young boy in mid 20s was sleeping peacefully until the harsh voice of the alarm disturbed his sleep.. groaning in indignation and without opening his eyes he felt for his cell phone to switch the alarm off and then stuffed his face onto his pillow.. trying to go to sleep again unforutnately there was another shrill sound.. his phone was ringing again.. this time it wasnt alarm but a wake up call.
he turned Oh god who calls at this time..
smiling sleepily at the caller id that flashed on his phone he picked it up.. alright I am up. he hung up and lay on his bed now wide awake..

Boy’s Pov
It is a normal monday well I really hate monday it means you gotta get up early and go to work why does this alarm ring so early.. well if it was in my hands I would have slept a little bit more but then it was my first day at this new job and I cant be late. so gathering all the will power I got up and picked up a tshirt kept on the nearby chair yanking it over my head I rubbed my eyes and stretched.. Good morning I greeted myself and went over to the balcony to get some early morning fresh air.
after an hour he walked out of his room dressed casually in a white shirt and jeans.
stretching up he walked out of his apartment across the hallway to another apartment
there was a girl of nearly his age dressed in blue button down and capris drinking coffee
she smiled at him well good morning shivaay
he smiled back good morning anika.. whats there for breakfast
A-I think you are the chef here
S- yeah but you arent a bad cook either
he joined her at the small dining table while she got espresso for him
A- So first day huh
S- yep at the oberoi hotel as the chef.. man they pay you so well
A- well this calls for a party
S- yeah done but after I get the salary coz right now I dont think I can afford.
Anika got up to get bread butter and was searching for jam
A-ok cool.. BTW what do you want butter or jam

A-good coz I think jam got over
they both eat their breakfast
S-arey anu what abt that new job
A-umm shivaay actually.. I ..I wanna tell you…ki you know ..that job..umm
S- cmon anu tell naa what
A- I got a job at omkara singh oberoi’s art gallery… as his new event manager
S- What !! wow thats just so great finally you got the job you wanted so this calls for double celebrations…. So we both are now oberoi’s employees
A- yeah i guess so..lets make a deal when you get your first pay cheque you give a treat and when I get mine I will
S- ok so its a deal.. well I gotta go dont wanna get late on the first day
A- yeah me too.. dude would you drop me
S-oh no I wont
A- bagadbilla you are dropping me
S- good thats like my best friend. I hate it when you request me you should order coz this bagadbilla is always at your service
A- Aww so cute
they shared a high five and shivaay gave her a peck on her cheek and went to his apartment to get the keys.
He and anika were childhood friends.. they grew up together in fact he kinda lived with anika’s family after his foster mom passed away when he was 15.

he still remembered that day coz he got the biggest shock.. his mom’s last words were you are not my real son. He was an orphan but after he lost his mother he realised how tough an orphan’s life is.. anika and shivaay lived in same locality and were close so anika’s parents brought shivaay to their house and treated him like their own son.
He was a bright student and so most of studies were sponsered by scholarships… he loved cooking and dreamed of owning his own chain of resturant.
anika on the other hand loved event management and wanted to own her own event management company.
their life was going perfect shivaay got admission in one of the best hotel mangement clgs while anika got a scholarship to study event management. their parents were really proud of both of them but alas a car accident took toll of their life and anika lost her parents, shivaay lost his maa and baba . now anika and shivaay didnt have anyone else in this world..except each other. After they graduated the duo worked hard juggling 2-3 jobs at a time. they somehow managed to buy their own small apartments next to each other… over years their frndship had strenghted and they were the bffs for like 20 years now.
There goes the first part. Plz drop your valuable comments

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    1. Misssolitude

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    This is so unique and intriguing
    For shivika are friends rather than enemies from the beginning
    They have lived through so much hardship, I want their friendship to bloom into love, they deserve each other and happiness
    Very eager for next update
    Much love!

    1. Misssolitude

      Thank you and I will uodate soon

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