Till That Day (Part 9)


In the field Sameer is playing with the young boys with his pants folded upto just below the knee and his white t-shirt that got some spot of mud.
Any girl watching him would have been impressed by now. He was fast,accurate n sturdy.
Suddenly a boy kicks the ball that rolled towards Lia. She got awake at the rolling sound of the ball that came to her foot. Sameer comes there runningto get the ball. They both are shocked to see each other. Lia’s eyes get lightened seeing him. She stood to his level giving him the ball.
“What are you doing here?.. Leave!” Sam sounded rude. Though he wanted to hug her tightly but controlled himself.
“I am fine” Lia said looking at his eyes.
He feels guilty on that, that he asked her to leave instead of her health but without replying he turns to go.Lia pulls him back with a very less force but he turned as if he wanted her to stop him.
“Why did you left me Sameer?” she says going closer to him and moves her hand to his broad shoulders.

“Lia move away”
“why Sameer?” she whispers.
She spoke so quietly that it went directly to his heart and flowed in his viens. He grabs her arms pulling her towards him “go lia!” he says politely.
“why? I need an answer. Please explain it to me…..” her stream was going to flow but she continues “..why did you kissed me Sameer? Why did you?.. Why????” she shatters as she asks.
She moves her right hand towards his chest, lifts herself and stands in toe reaching her jaw. He felt the hissed warm breath around his neck. She moves more close to him.
Sameer leaned to reciprocate but stops suddenly “No Lia! Stop it.”
She moves back.
“Okay I’l leave. I’l never EVER show you my face but atleast give me a reason.. Am I not beautiful? Or Do u find me strange?”
He holds her again and touch her face gently.
“I don’t like standard beauty lia.. there is no beauty without strangeness.” he says looking at her eyes.
“Then why are you leaving me like this?”she caresses his face “Dont you have any feelings for me?” she again keeps her hand at his chest that gives him a complete thunder. “Does your heart not pain when you see me crying?”
He becomes conscious and push her a little aside.
“Whatever you think!” he leaves in anger and runs to the field and kicks the ball furiously. He was hurt one can easily guess.
On the other hand, lia cries with digged mud in her fists. She was shattered.

Kartjal comes after sometime. They see Lia there crying hard. Karthik drops them to her home. Then he goes back to Sameer who was bursting out his anger by kicking at the ball. Karthik joins him and passed the ball. They played for an hour then karthik starts the convo when he sees him little better.
“Now tell me bro! Why are you ignoring her when it is hurting you?”
” I’m not ignoring anyone” he jerked.
“She was crying like a CHILD!” karthik tries to make him understand.
Sam looks at him for minutes then remembers when Lia didnt felt comfortable to share her past with him. He gave her time but she didnt spoke. It was running in his mind and he spoke up
“she doesn’t trust me bro!”
He lies down with a sigh.


“Why this always happens with mee Kajal?” she spoke wailing.
“Dont cry Lia! He will come. Karthik will talk to him.”
“NO Kajal he wont… He wont.”

“Come! sleep lia .. Take rest.” she covers her with the sheet.

Lia wakes up early morning. She runs fast in her tracksuits.

Sam wakes up. He drinks a glass of water and opens his window. It reminds him when he was in lia’s home. He imagines hr jogging n sees her pic in his phone and whispers ‘sorry Lia.’ Then suddenly the flashback hits his mind when she scratched herself at his bitter words. He worries and calls Lia but she doesn’t have her phone. He calls Kajal “hello! Where is Lia?”
“She went for jogging.”
“Where are you now?”
“I got late so I’m doing breakfast. What happened?”
He hangs up as always without answering.
“Oh shit!.. Shit!shit!shit!..What the hell is wrong with you Lia??” he blabbers in exhaustion and dresses himself fast and drives his car in a hurry to search for her. He thinks of every moment then realised where she can be and drives that way.
He stops the car where he told Lia about his family issues.
She was standing there. She waits for him to come out.
He grabs her in full anger “what the hell is wrong with you?”
“Tumhara kya jaa raha hai.”
“Lia stop these nonsense and come with me.”
“Why?” she demanded with raised eyebrows.
“I dont feel it necessary to tell you.”
“Mr.SAMEER! you never feel anything necessary and keep on doing what you think is right but sorry…., Today I am in no mood to listen to you EXCEPT what I want to hear..”
He grabs her arms with full force “dont test my patience Lia.” he said rudely.
She pushes him ” leave me alone Sameer!”
He keeps his gaze on her.
“…why do you came here?” she asked.
He was totally broken from inside. But still maintains his calm. Without paying any attention he unlocks his car and forces her to come. She closed the door again and stands with her back at the car and facing Sameer.
“Listen Lia! Its enough now. Come or I’ll…”
“You will what???”
He pins her to the car suddenly and cups her face tightly. He stares at her and removes the platinum tresses from her face. He keeps gazing at her till the lips locked. After few seconds Lia moves back and face aside hesitating.
Sam turns around “See! you dont trust me!” he says almost his eyes getting wet.

She soaks her tears and pulls him closer till the lip locked again. She ran her fingers through his hairs. This time it turned more deeper as it broke sam’s control. With just two of them the rest of the world seem to disappear. It became more intense. He holds her waist and moves tentatively licking every corner of her lips.
Both release for a break. The world came in focus swiftly.

“Lia! do you trust me?” he asks gently.
“No you dont!” the pain makes him rude.
“I..I trust..”
“stop it Lia.. Stop it! Dont force yourself” he shakes her to gain her attention.
“sameer I..I ..”
“Yes lia! Say?”
“I ..I want to go home.”
He punch the glass window of car backseat in disbelief. His eyes turned red and a drop fell.
“come! I’ll drop you” he states with the pain buried in his heart.
She sits in the car at once without facing him.
They both reach the way to her home. He stops the car.
“You can go from here!”
Both come out of the car. She makes her way. He keeps looking at her with a hope that she will turn but when she didnt he bents down her head.
A sudden force comes to him and hugs him tightly. He hugs her back more strongly that ends all the gap between them.
“I trust you Sameer.” she says very quietly.
“Its late Lia”
She lifts her head to look at him and gestures asking what?
“Yea.. Its late.. Your dad must be waiting for you. You know?” he says mocking.
She hits her hard.
“Ouuccchhh” he screams.
“Dont act.. You are also late… Karthik must be waiting for you” she says smiling.
He says to himself “yea.. I’m late” he checks the time and drives away in a hurry.
“Ise kya hua?” she thought.
After reaching home she dials his number but it said ‘the number does not exist.’

In the bus station,
Karthik:where were you? The bus was leaving.
Sam: I went to meet her.
“What?” he asks in disbelief then gulps “I mean really?”
“Did you told her you are leaving today?”
He nods in a no.
“Then what you went for? To kiss her?”
He stares at him thinking how he knows and frowns.
“Sorry, I was kidding” it cooled sam “..but really what you went for then?”
“None of your business.. Did you told me about Kajal and your plannings ha?”
Both maintain a silence then.
The bus makes its way.

Its so hard to control and get rid of something when you get addicted to a thing. I stopped using social networks for my exams but something or the other is always there to distract .. you know?
I was unable to control myself from submitting it!
Hope you guyz enjoy reading it. Please comment your views.

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  1. yr u always leave with such a breathtaking end ki m like what d hell will happen in next epi as in today his number doesn’t exist hw come yr nd how can he go without telling her arrogant idiot waise not an arrogant lollz but again plzz update soon can’t help it out as u drive me crazy for thee next part
    Equally ur exms r important plzz focus dear
    byee love u tc

    1. Thank you so much shreyA and you know just to maintain the suspense… 😉

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