Till That Day (Part 8)


While they were leaving, in the room Lia wakes up and . She looks at her phone and checks the time. It was 4:30 in the evening. She hear some noise and goes to the blacony to check.
He had left. She cried.
Her mother comes after some time “you woke up? How are you feeling now?”
Lia turns and hugs her mom with her endless tears.
She takes short breath and speaks: “Sameer left mom!”
“Yes my child. He had to attend some schools so he and Karthik left. But why are you crying?”
“Nothing mom.. Feeling weak.. Need rest..”
She walks towards her bed.
“Sure take rest. Call me if u need something okay?”
“Yea mom.”She was trying hard to sleep but the thought of Sam leaving her in this state was burning her inside. She keeps changing her position but it didnt help her sleep. She walks to the balcony and all the moments with Sam flicks to her again and again. She sighs in disbelief the way he left her.
She takes her phone and thinks of calling him. Her thumb was just above the green call button but then she takes it away. After thinking a lot and gathering courage she calls him but
It was not reachable.
She screams in frustration lamenting. Then the words of Sam strikes her mind that he was here to visit schools and colleges.

Next day she visits every schools but couldn’t find him. She was completely exhausted.

In a room, Sameer is walking disturbed minded amd Karthik is looking at him constantly.
Sameer notices him “what?”
” why dont you talk to her? If you dont wanna call I will ask Kajal to let you talk her.”
“what are you talking about?”
“Oh! You are a Footballer right? When did you started acting?”
“seriously, I dont know what ribbish you are talking!”
“rubbish and me? Look at yourself.. How much desperate you are to talk to her.”
“Listen bro! You are thinking wrong okay!”
“Do I look like a fool to you?” karthik asks mockingly.
“I will belief if someone says that” he sarcassed.
Both hit each other.
“acha listen! We are going to the Vishakha college tomorrow.” sameer stated.

After Sam leaves Karthik calls Kajal.
Kajal: hey how are you?
Karthik: I am fine. In a hurry. Bring Lia to Vishakha college tomorrow morning ok.
Kajal: Okay but where is it?
Karthik: I dont have any idea either. Sam knows. We are going there. You also come and please dont bring that AK ok?
Kajal: hehehe… I’l see.
Karthik: what?
Kajal: I mean I’l try.
“Hmm.. I miss you.. Kal parathe lana.”
Sam comes “kisse baat kar raha tha?”
“No one.”

Next day Kajal and Lia arrive at the college.
Lia: why you brought me here?
Kajal: um… My cousin.. He studies here.. So, to meet him”
“Okay you go and meet him, I’ll go and sit there.” she says pointing at a large tree near the grond.
“But lia…..”
Lia goes before she could stop and sits under the shade. She was feeling weak so she kept her head in her knees and dosed.

There, Sameer and Karthik also come there.
Sameer sees Kajal and asks: hey! What are you doing here?
“Aa…. I came to meet Karthik.”
“But who told you we are coming here??” he doubts.
“Of course Karthik.”
He looks at him with a frown.
” Only she came. Dontworry” he blabbers.
Sam goes to the Ground leaving Kartjal.
Karthik: Where is she?
“There” she points under the tree.
Karthik looks at her and then Sameer who was playing. “Perfect!” come lets go to the cafeteria.”
“But Lia..”
“Dont worry! Her superhero is with him.”
“And mine is with me.” kajal flirts.

I didnt wanted to upset my readers so posted the next part though it is a small one I know. But pakka promise let the exams get over then all the free time and if u have time then do read ‘ I never wanted to leave you’ and please comment.
Thank You!

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    1. Thanks shreyA for your good luck wish and fo enjoying the updates. I will soon come back with a lot more thrill and suspense. 🙂

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