Till That Day (Part 7)


The alarm clock buzzed insistently. Sameer reached over to slap the snooze button, squinting at the iridescent hands.
It showed 5:00 am reminding him, it was time for her morning run.
He kicks karthik.
“What the hell??”
“uth.. Jogging”
He wakes at once and goes to washroom.

“Jaldi kar” sam yells.
He looks out of the window and saw Lia jogging in a white shirt and black loose pants. He dresses himself in his track suits.
“Karate! I am leaving”
He rushes and follows Lia.
“Good Morning” sam greets running by his side who doesn’t even turn and keeps jogging with a constant smile on her face.
He pulls off the earphone swiftly and maintains his pace with her.
She turns at once with a little amused gesture.
“I’ve come to the conclusion that people who wear headphones while they walk, are much happier and more beautiful individuals.” sam says.
The curves in her face widens.
AK comes there following them.
“Hey handsome! Listen, you are very hot I know but don’t even dare to come close to Liami”he points at Sam.
Lia:”chill AK! I have no probelms with him.”
Ak: you sure?
Ak walks to Sameer. He keeps her hand around his neck.
“If Lia has no problem with you then I am also too much comfortable with you… You know it would have been so hard for me to resist myself if Lia would have hates you.”
Sameer gets dumbstruck. He explodes. “What the hell?” he clench his hands and takes it off from his neck.
Ak gets terrified at the sudden aggression.
“Sameer!” lia shouts at him.

Karthik and Kajal also comes there.
“what happened man?” karthik taps Sam’s back but he doesn’t responds and walks little back and turns around.
“Ak, Lia chill… He is little aggressive.. Please dont get angry on him… He will apologize to you after he realises.
“you mean.. Doing mistakes and apologizing later?”
“lia please understand… Try to understand him just lik he is trying to understand you..” he stops suddenly.
Lia feels little guilty. Karthik goes to Sameer and they both leave.
At home,

Lia’s dad sees both of them coming
“Sameer??? The captain of our team When did you arrived young man?”
Karthik: uncle yeterday only. But due to holi function he couldn’t meet you.
“Its ok son! Your always welcomed..anytime..come! Breakfast is ready…where is Lia and her friends by the way?…”
“ya…they’re still jogging”
They sit down in the dining table.

Lia and her friends also comes. They also joins them.
Lia lifts her head. From the corner of her eye she notices him still angry.

In the evening
Knock knock!!
“Karthik Kajal is calling you in the garden” lia replies standing outside the door.
He opens at once and looks at her who doesn’t even turned to him and is searching someone in the room.
“He is in washroom.” kartik affirms nd goes to meet Kajal.
She steps in the room with little nervousness.
She stands there waiting for him to come out.
He gazes at her from behind but then gets conscious.
“What are you doing here?”
“I came to apologize”
“Lia! I am not angry at you!” he speaks without facing her.
” then why are you not facing me?”
“why do you care? I will leave in two days. Lets remain strangers.”
She gets hurt and shocked at his words. She takes a step back then runs from there.

After few moment He realises what he did and goes to her room.

“Lia Its me Sameer. Open the door!!”he knocks but it was open.
” lia I am sorry! I am holding ears please forgive me… This is last time I will never hurt you again.. I am sorry.”
Lia is standing facing outside from her window and doesnt turn. She is scratching herself with her long sharp nails.
When she doesn’t respond Sameer turns her around. He gets shocked at her condition and stands still not knowing how to react on it.
“What have you done Lia??” he tremors.
Her hands was all red and he can feel the burning sensation by looking at it. There were many marks on it.
“are you mad??….where is first aid?”
She doesnt responds.
He starts searching in the room. Clenching drawers in hurry. He founds it.
He holds Lia and make her sit in the corner of the bed.He applies ointment at her cuts. She cries”aah!”

“Its ok! Dont worry”.
She stands and takes out a stole and drapes around her hand and holds sam’s wrist.
“come with me!” she pushes him in the car.
“Excuse me?”
“Dont utter a word” Lia silents him.
He tries to control his anger looking at her covered hands.
She drives in full speed and stops at a hilltop.
Lia comes out of the car as well as Sameer.
“why you brought me here?”
“So Mr. Sameer,the great Indian Footballer I brought you here to show you the most amazing place of Assam, this is the suicide point!” she bursts out in tears. ” you might be thinking I am a psycho and need to consult a doctor urgently… But no one actually cares .. Do You know why I behaved wierd to you the first day I met? Why I ran away? Why don’t I fight for my right..why I don’t face a man..?? Why i always hide myself under thisss…”she pulls out and points at her stole “… DO you? Do You KNOW???” she shatteres and collapse on the surface, her voice echoed.
He hugs her tightly with full force.
” I dont know.. I dont know why you behave wierd.. I dont know why you cry at little things.. Why dont you face people.. I dont know…i dont even want to know..” he release her from his tight hold and make her face him “.. But I know you are the most amazing women I have ever met .. I know that you are the toughest girl I have faced.. Never had someone dared to talk to me or raise voice on me when I get aggressive but.. you did.. And the beautiful part is that it just calmed me and trust me.. After years I felt so restless after I met u .. When you forgave me I was so happy though it must not matter but…”

She was listening to him and doesnt even blinked once.
“You are such a beautiful girl.” he shakes her.
“Yea! I am so beautiful, sometimes people weep when they see me.”
“no ..No one wil ever”
“It hurts to lose a friend” she points at her heart “yahaa.. Bht pain hota hai”
“..Sameer…once I.. I had a dearest friend.. ” she stops midway.
“No..no..Sorry ”
“Dont get frighten.. I am here nothing will hurt you” he pacifies her taking her in his arms. “.. I know you have faced a lot.. Take your time.”

She bents and rests her head in his lap laying in the soft grass.
“All I can say now is that you only realize how big your mountain is once you’re laying motionless, helpless, and hopeless in the valley below. No one comes here on purpose, if you get what I’m saying, because the only way to find your personal low is to slip and roll down that mountain of yours, straight through to the bottom, no holds barred.” she intones.
“Lia dont ever…never think of that! Try to fight with your fears. If you hold it you will suffer…everyone has a problem but they need to struggle… I am not a prodigy.. I too have faced the obstacles… Atleast you have got such a lovely family who cares for you so much..”
“yea.. They supported me in every step.. I am lucky to have them .. she looks at him still laying im his lap and continues “.. But I hate the word friend. Please dont ask me to be your friend .. It is the most disgusting word. It means betrayal to me.. It suffocates me..”

“shhh…. Dont be so hard on yourself …. you know I was once afraid of people saying ‘Who does he think he is?’ Now I have the courage to stand and say ‘This is who I am.’ My Dad never supported me . He only cared for my brother because he had the potential to take up his business… I was never interested in it.. Dad wanted ME to handle his business but I..”
“So no one in your family..?”
“No.. Mom loves me a lot.. She calls me every now and then and brother.. He also calls me when our team wims to congratulate me.. He stays too busy in his work but never forgets to watch my match”
“Wow… Thats lovely.. Taking out time for your match”

“Yeah! By the way… You never watched me playing na?” he enquires.
“err…. Nope!””vo… I am not that interested in football. Our family is big fan of our team.. Never miss a match.. I used to watch during childhood.. But..after college I am not indulge in it anymore..”
“oh hehe” he giggles.
“So you just won a match right?”
“haha that was fun.. Beating Germany cheers me up.. And after matches I go on to visit the corners of world. You know people hardly know me there so… Its like being you….. And this time Shillong and now Assam”
“great!… Ok then I’l show you our village and city. Ok?”
“oh wow.. Sure”
“come … Lets go to home first”she stands up.

In room Sameer was feeling so good after sharing his problems with Lia. Karthik comes and sees him smiling.

Karthik: don’t tell me you also…. Like me!”
“Shut up man.Nothing like that”
“oh?I saw you comin with her.Only friends then?”kart enquires.
“not even friends”.
Lia knocks. She looks at Sam “Ready?”
He nods in a yes “yeah!”
“lets go”

They visit the school of the village.
They see some young students playing football.
“You join them”lia ask him.
She sees them playing and gets lost in thoughts. She wonders Sameer will leave tomorrow. Thinking this a tear drop mixes in the grass.
Suddenly a ball comes near her. Sameer comes to pick uo but sees her in tears.
“Hey what happen?”
She doesnt reply and leaves. Sameer follows her.
They both come home. Sameer after Lia.
“Young boy! Itni jaldi ghum liye?” her dad asked sitting in the armchair.
“no uncle, just.. I mean yeah! I was tired so …”
“Oh.. Its ok.. Plan for tomorrow then”
“no uncle I will be leaving tomorrow morning only”
Uncle comes to him. “But why?”

“I came here for Karthik. Now holi is over I have to visit some schools and colleges for encouraging football”
“oh hmm.. I understand.. Whenever you feel come here ok?”
“sure uncle”
He goes from there and hurries to Lia’s room.
He was just going to explode when Lia turns “keep your shirt on Sameer”
He sighs “what happened to you?.. Did someone?”
“I am fine. Sorry for spoiling the fun.”
“its okay. You sure you’re fine?”he assures.
“Yeah” she nods with a fake smile.
“I’ll go and change then and pack my stuffs”
The drops that she just wiped befor he comes were now again making a way but remain stucked in her lashes.
Sameer didnt turned. He walks to his room with an aggression.
Karthik notice him.
“Karthik! Leave me alone in the room” sam pushes him and locks up.
“bro?” kart tries to talk but in vain.

All meet at the hall for lunch .

Lia’s mom queries “where’s Sameer?”
“Aa… He.. He is tired so slept.”he tries to cover up.
“Ya.. He told me he was tired”her dad joins unknown of the situation.
“Ok I’ll send the meal in his room” her mom takes a plate to give him.
“mumma! I’ll give to him. You sit and eat. Lia takes the plate from her hand.
Her mom dad and brother gets amazed and looks at lia who doesmt pay any heed.
“Sameer! Your lunch!”
Karthik comes to her”did you fight?”
She doesnt respond.
“usually he behaves such when he has a black mood and the reason can be two…Family or Football! You know!”
She remembers Sam playing football but due to her they left and came home…”is he tired?”
“No he is angry”
While they are talking at the door Sameer opens up, His upper part naked.
“I’m leaving today by evening. Will you join buddy?”
Lia feels hurt as he doesnt even looked at her.
“agh.. Yah!! Hm. Lemme also pack then”he steps in the room just when Sameer pushes him “do it later” and pulls her in who is standing still. He locks the room. She gets shocked and trembles.
He pulls her with full force that lends her in his arms. Then with a jerk she is pinned to wall with a tight grab around her arms.
The distance gets lessen every second. He holds her waist pulling her more towards him.
Her heart raced fast and pulped like never before. A drop from her eyes felt that she tried to absorb long ago.
His anger vanished for a moment. He wipes her tears with his fingers and draws her more close to him leaving no gap inbetween.
He felt her racing heartbeat.
She lifts her head to look at his eye but blinks down.
“Look at me Lia! Look at me!” he shouts.

She cries harder. Seeing her cry he again gets red. He breaks the rack shelf in anger. Lia shakes in fear.
He lifts her head and drew her closer. He touched her lips. An electricity shot ran through her whole body. They were so close that they felt the breath. She starts sweating but couldn’t resist and pulls him at once and the distance ends with their lips locked .
Sam takes back. “No.”
Lia closes her eyes “I need it Sameer!” just as she ends she feels the warmth in her with his touch.
“Knock! Knock!’
They both get conscious at the knock and releases each other.
Suddenly Lia faints and falls in Sam’s arms.
“Lia!lia!” he wakes her up.
He lifts her in his arms and with a try unlocks the door.
Karthik gets shocked”now,what you did man?”
“Call a doctor fast.”
He rushes to her room and makes her lie in her bed.

In the evening, Karthik is bidding bye to everyone.
“Where is Sameer ?” Dad Asks.
“Uncle he forgot something in the room. Will be coming.”
Kajal whispers “Take Care Baby!”
They both smile.

Inside the house Sam runs upstairs and rush to Lia’s room. She was sleeping. He stares at the sleeping beauty with head tossed in a side.
He goes near her and adjusts her to sleep well. And kisses her forehead gently and leaves.

He comes outside with his luggage and bids bye to everyone. Then goes to Kajal, ” Take care of Lia, Bhabi”
She smiles “sure.”
Then h goes to AK, ” I am sorry Akshay for my rude behaviour to you. Forgive me if possible.”
Ak: koi baat nahi. I will find someone handsome.
Everyone laughs and they leave.

Keep reading to find out how Liami reacts after she wakes. 🙂
I am really very happy and jump in joy when you comment your thoughts. Love you loads 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    1. A tight hug to you for this. I am so free na that i keep writing 😀 .. I am thinking to end it bythe way. 🙁

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