Till That Day (Part 6)


In the car Lia looks out of the window and at the clouds “I felt good after so long but you didn’t let it last long as always” pearl shaped drop falls from her small luminous eyes.
“Lia didi are you okay?” the driver asked.
She reached home. She rushes to her room directly. Her mother went to work and dad was busy with the villagers.
As much as she tried to hold it in, the pain came out like an uproar from her throat in the form of a silent scream. The beads of water started falling down one after another, without a sign of stopping. She hit the wall and tried to scream, but her voice was melted by the sound of the place.

She lays down in her bed with her cheeks on it and her eyes facing the wall. She clutches the bedsheet in her fist and thinks of Sameer and her conversation. She starts scratching herself.
Suddenly she hears horn of a car outside her home. She wipes her tear but pays no heed on the horn. After a moment a manly voice shouts cheering “LIA? Where are you sister?”
She gets happy and runs down.
They hug.
“What a pleasant surprise? Why didnt you informed?”
“As if you did before coming!” both smile.
In shillong
Kajal: yaar AK missing Lia…

Ak: cnt we take just 5 days leave? And go to guwahati.
Kajal: thats what I’m saying. Karthik will also come with us.
Ak gets happy: “Really?”? But then gets furious “are you mad? Please dont use your mind so much. After what happened with lia i won’t let him amd his friend vome near her.”
Kajal: its just about the trip. His friend is already there and there is no problem between him and lia. She had already told that she is fine.

Next morning
Lia’s mom has hold a big thali(plate) containing flowers colour, etc to make rangoli. She shouts: “lia! I forgot the red colour in drawer… Can you bring that?”
Lia comes holding the packet of colour “mom” and hands to her mother.
“shall I help?”
karthik: bro, guess what?
Karthik: i am comimg!
Sam: did you broke up with kajal or what?
Karthik : hahaha.. Very funny.. I am coming guwhati .. But.. Liami’ s home..
Karthik: yea, kajal requested so that she can celebrate holi with me.
Sam: when did this happened man?

Karthik: sorry yaar, cant accompany you this time..
Sameer hangs up without answering. He gets angry but then murmurs: why am I angry? Its okay.. Lia allowed karthik.. So whats bad? Kajal is her friend and karthik her bf…Its fine … Totally fine” saying this he breaks a glass.

Next day, a car arrives outside lia’s home. Lia was watering the flowers.
She saw Three people coming out in black hoodie.
Trio screams: “SURPRISE!”
It was Kajal Ak and Karthik.
Lia released her breath. “Hey! Come”
Lia’s Dad comes:” hello youngsters!”
Ak: Uncle you are still so hot and handsome!”.
Dad: hahaha… Come come the servant will show you your rooms.
Karthik: thank you uncle!
“Hey you?? Karthik? If I am not wrong Indian Football player? His dad asks amused.
” yeah!” karthik smiles.
Lia thinks im her mind ” it means? Sameer is also a football player? Oh! Now I knew..”
“its a pleasure.. How you becane friend of Lia?” his dad interogated.
“No uncle, actually I am Kajal and Ak’s friend. I met Lia two three times only.. But.. We will be friends soon”

“Oh sure”
All of them goes inside the house.
Karthik: oh wow! Its beautiful! I mean the house.. Its marvellous.
Dad: haha.. Thank you son!
Karthik is talking to Sameer on phone. Someone knocks.
“Hey! Sorry I heard your convo!” it was Liami.
“uhh… Its okay”
“its fine.. You can call him here.. I wont mind. Afterall, I know better what friendship means”. She lefts closing his door.

Its holi party!!! Bright colours and water balloons made the place more fascinating. Lavish gujjiyas in numerous quntity were placed in every tables. Villagers also came to play holi. All are in white. Lia was dressed in a white kurti with green laces outlining it above her dark bluejeggings.

Karthik comes from behind and splashes colours on Kajal. She screams. She runs behind him and holds him applying colours on his face. They both share an eyelock.
“I never thought I’ll date a celebrity.” Kajal says.
“And I never knew I would have such an amazing girl friend”.
Lia was looking at them when suddenly a tall man from back calls “lia”
Just as she turns he throws red colour on her. She brings her hand in between that made all the red filled her hand.
“May God gift you all the colors of life, colors of joy, colors of happiness, colors of friendship, colors of love and all other colors you want to paint in your life. Happy Holi lia!”
She didnt identifies him as he had applied colours on himself.
“Who are you?” she shouts.
“Guess?” he says sweetly.
He bents and wash his face from the tub by his side and looks up.

“Was you expecting someone else?”
She goes away from there that left sameer in thoughts.
She comes to her room and washes her hand in anger. Then goes in the kitchen to drink water. Sameer comes inside “hello beautiful!”
She drops the glass “what are you doing here?”
” are you one of those ‘I HATE HOLI GIRLS’?” he taunts.
” atleast I am not one of those ‘I LOVE SAMEER GIRLS’ huh?” she lefts and goes up towards her room.
This word stinged straight to his heart. He felt happy as a clam.
Sameer follows her again after coming back from his thoughts.
“Lia! So you know me now?… I mean you didnt knew me before right?” he annoys her.
“What is your problem?”
“Lets be friends!”
Her eyes widen then gets smaller and closed. She pushes him and closes the door at a jolt.
“hey? No friends?…hellllooo????”
He hears her weeping.
“hey?you okay?”
He tries to unlock the door by pushing it. Finally in three push with his utmost force the door get opened. She was sobbing sitting back to the wall. He looks at her.
Her nose grew very red at the tip; then, her small mouth screwed itself around by her left ear; gradually, her round face wrinkled till it resembled a withered crabapple; and finally, if one listened intently and watched closely, one could hear small sniffs and see two infinitesimal drops of water issue from the nearly closed and wrinkled eyes.
Sam comes near her and sits by her side.
“Fear is without a doubt the most powerful emotion that grabs one’s attention and the one who overcomes it, is the bravest.”
She was so lost in her thoughts that she didnt noticed Sameer glancing at her. She buries her head on his shoulder and weeps.
He feels very sorry for her. He straighten her and looks at her eye-to-eye. She tries to look down but he holds her by arms and shakes her. She looks at him.
“tell me.. What happened? Is it me? If its me tell me clearly.. I will never show you my face.”
She hugs him tightly and her and wailing sound goes straight to his ear.
“Dont cry please”

“Hmm…” she cries more.
“Hello? I said not to cry”
She straightens herself and stands up.
” sorry, I .. I got emotional”.
Sam also stands coming on her level.
“Go freshen up! Its holi! Cheer!”

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    1. Actually the telly update na .. It made me angry today. Theydidnt let me change the pic 🙁 I was continuously trying but in vain. When i submitted without any pic then only they updated the story. So in frustration submitted all the story at onve :p 😉

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