Till That Day (Part 5)


Hello people! Writing feels safer somehow. I can catch myself before I put the wrong thing.
So with this part of the story I hope you get more entertained. Keep reading.
The story starts in just the next line.

The night was dark as well as hot. Sameer was standing in the balcony of his room holding a glass of iced water.
He was happy. Happy that he was out of the burden he was feeling from last few days. The winter was dead as well as her wierd behaviour for him. Finally, Liami had forgiven him. Summer softens line that winter cruelly shows, Sameer thought.
He heard ‘tring-tring’. The land phone of his room was ringing. He didnt wanted to go rather he wanted to spend some time in the breeze. But the phone continuously rang. He moves lazily.
He picks” Yes?”
“Hey! Why didn’t you called man? I called at the hotel that I booked for you… I was worried as whatever happened.. And ya! Kajal told me that Liami also went Guwahati so I thought what if something happens….” Karthik paused “…. Are you listening?”
” ya.. When did you started talking so much?.. Dont worry I am in my room.. I met liami. She is fine”
“Oh Thank God! Ok take rest .. When will you be attending the school?” karthik asks.
“Soon buddy.. Tell mom about me. My phone is off.” sameer requests in a sleepy tone.
” ok take care..bye”
Sameer kept the phone and slept like a log.
Meanwhile, Liami reached her home. It was a village but very near to the main city. Her father is an ex-army officer but now a lanlord. Lia have an elder brother who is an engineer. Her mom is a social worker. Lia is close to everyone’s heart. She is the life of her family.
Her cab arrives. Servant sees her and shouts ” dada, lia had came”
Her parents rush. As Liami hadnt informed about her arrival to anyone both of them are surprised.
“Surprise” lia exclaims.
Their eyes get wet. They hug her and takes inside.
“why didnt you told? I would have sent car for you?” her mom complains..
“How you came? And How was the journey?” his dad asked.
“yea.. By bus.. All fine”
“did you had dinner?”
” after reaching here I did at a hotel.”
” acha.. You got holidays so soon this year?”
“no mom, I took leave for twenty days”
“What? What about your studies?”
“come’n mom I am already exhausted with the tiring bus trip… Please not now”
“go beta freshen up.. I will send fruits in your room… Take care” his dad interrupts.
Lia head to her room which is in the first floor. She had a month to spend there.
She enters her room and goes straight to bed.

In sameer’s room he wakes up at the call. He checks its 10.
He picks up the phone:”yea mom”
“Hello beta, karthik informed you went to guwahati now? When will you come to delhi? Its so long since I last saw you” his mom sounded low.
“what happened mom?”
“I miss you son, come to delhi”
“sry mom ,you know I dont want to come there. Subah subah, dont spoil my mood”
” hmm listen.. There is a very famous temple in guwahati.. Go there and pray for family.. Please So that god lessens this hatred from your heart”
“you know it won’t ever.. After what he did to me I will never..” Sameer gets enraged.
” okay dont pray for us but go and pray for yourself… ”
He cuts the call angrily.

“When will bro come?” lia asks her mom in the dining table.
” he called last night. I told him about your arrival. He was happy but cannot come due to work…. Dont worry he will make sure that he comes before you leave”
Lia smiles.
His dad joins them.
“liami holi is coming. Before that I want you to visit kamakhya(the famous temple).. As you know There will be a huge line, i will ask them to list you in the VIP line.”
” no dad I will go by general line. Otherwise there is no use. As god will be impressed and bless me only if I put my efforts and hardwork”
“Thats the spirit” his dad cheered.

At night liami unpacks her stuff and takes out the tiffin. She remembers Sameer eating from it. Nd also the bus journey flashes. How he saved her and she slept resting on him. Her mom comes “y aren’t you asleep yet? Need to wake early in the morning beta.. You take rest”
” its fine mom… I will sleep and dont worry I wont be late tomorrow morning” lia smiles and keeps the stuffs in the cupboard.
“okay now… Move to bed.. I am switching off the lights” her mom intoned.
The next morning sameer and liami both reach the top of the mountain in their respective cars.
Lia reached first. She was wearing a beautiful white salwar with blue traces. Her dupatta was heads to buy puja stuffs followed by Sameer who captures the scenario in his smartphone.
He parked the car in the parking lot. He viewed the sight and was pleasured. From the top the world seemed small. He looked at the green circular ground and smiled one way. It was the only international football ground in the northeast. He took snaps and made his way.
“Bhaiya!where is the temple?”
” there is more to go sir, you will have to walk straight alongwith the curves and you’ll see huge lines. Join them”
“Ok thank you”
He murmurs while walking” its too long man” then he sees the dome of the temple. He fastens his pace and after keeping her shoes in a shop and buying stuff he comes to the temple stairs. “What use of such hardwork when I need to join VIP line.. Lets go to the general one” he thinks.Sameer goes to the general male line and joins them. Lia is standing just parallel to him in the female’s. She lifts her dupatta with one hand and covers her head making a loop around her neck which stopped the flow of her glossy tresses. She is holding the thali with another hand. People were constant at their place. After twenty minutes,they moved little. It took around three hours and they reached the grilled corridoor. There were two rows. One for males and another for the females. People sat there. The day was positively tropical .
The huge huddle seared and the warmth tired the people.
Sameer and Liami bump to each other. The thali from her hand was going to fall
“Sorry” Sam apologize and both bent down and hold it in time. They both look at each other and get dazed.
“Hey!” sam greets.
They both sit down facing each other and resting their head on the wall.
” Are you following me?” sam jokes.
Lia gets annoyed “why will I?”
“Chill! Kidding” sam wanted to converstae but Lia showed no interest so they both kept quiet.
After some time the girl by lia’s side identifies Sameer and gets cheery.
She screams in joy “Sameer? Omg!” and points at lia”hey! Can you please click a picture of us?”
Liami didnt knew about sameer being a heartthrob. She wonders but nods in a yes.
The girl leans towards sam and poses. Lia curtly clicks.
Sam asks the girl”can I also click a pic of you?”
“yea yeah ..sure”she gets delighted.
Sam take out his phone and clicks lia’s picture who was irritated while the girl is giving poses and smiling as wide as she can.
Lia has bent her knees and leans her head to her knees.
Sam has also bent his knees.
He looks at Lia and is lost in thoughts. Their toes touch and they get straight at once. Sam again gets lost in her elegant beauty. She had turned red in the scorching heat. After some time the line moves forward. Both of them also proceeds to the temple. There was a huge mob inside. The priest put a tilak on their forehead linewise. They had to pray standing their only. Then their hands were dipped in the divine water that is believed to be god’s blessings.

After they come out of the temple, sameer calls out” hey!liami”
She turns around holding her dupatta with one hand protecting herself from the heat.
“lets go together….um..to the parking lot” sam says correcting himself.
Lia doesnt answer but walks along.
“Did you had prasad?”she asks
“the priest didnt offered”
She gives prasad to him from her thaali.
“so,what is the temple famous for? The huge line?”
“Dont speak so, its a belief. Ifyou want you could have chosen the VIP line.”
“No, I ddint mean that. Whats the use. If I would have joined the VIPs god wouldn’t have been impressed by me”.
Lia listens to him then thinks the same thing she said to her dad as well. She smiles.
“Oh you got a beautiful smile. Its very costly i guess”.
After thinking for a while lia speaks”Do you think I’m pretty?”
“I think you’re beautiful”
“You are so beautiful, it hurts sometimes.”
Lia gets teary eyed but she bents down her head to hide it.
Sam senses it and then lifts her head with his fingers and says
“too emotional ha?…I know you cry for a cause and the tears in your eyes are inevitable, but be strong and prove you’re a real lady, in this moment you are tested with life” sam tries to encourage her.
“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to add color but to bring rain and usher storm” lia speaks in a very low tone.
Sam feels bad as her words showed how bad phases she had gone through. As she completes few rain drop falls.
“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of depths. Beautiful people do not just happen…. And you know what? You are among them”Sam cheers her “..and you know what, the beauty is in the eye of beholder. If you want you can enjoy the rain as well.
“bye sameer!”
The unseasonal raindrops end their conversation.
They sat in their cars.
While The warm sun drenched them and there wasn’t a cloud in sight,they’d learned from recent experience that mountain weather could blow in misery at a moment’s notice and replace the sunshine with drenching chilling rain.

Hey guyz.. enjoy HOLI and add colours in your life.
Thank you for reading. Do comment your thoughts regarding my story 🙂 🙂 🙂

Credit to: Roshni

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  1. I am very sorry for some faults. ‘her dupatta heads to buy’ it was actually like
    ‘She heads to buy puja stuffs followed by sameer who captures the scenario of the nature.’ I am really very sorry anymore mistake.. was in a hurry and little angry at telly updates. 🙁

  2. Awasome Roshni
    lets see where story goes …..
    Update soon
    🙂 🙂

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