Till That Day (Part 4)


Sameer goes to the hostel side. He had put a muffler around his jaws and a goggle so that no one identifies him. He was stopped by the security but manages to fool them. Everyone went to college so Lia was alone in the hostel.
In the corridoor he shouts “LIAMI!”
lia hears him and opens her door to see who is it?
Sameer comes to her. She gets very afraid and locks the room. Sameer gets furious. He knocks the door but she gets more and more afraid.
She sits down leaning at the door with her head pressed on knees. Tears roll down. Her white face turns reddish.
“Open the door liami. Please I swear I wont hurt you…. I am sorry please open the door…”
Lia keeps crying. After some time the knock stops. There was silence around her except the sound of her sobbing.
She starts taking short breaths and stands. She touches the door from inside and feels if there is someone outside but she
hears no footsteps nothing. She gathers courage and opens the door slightly then completely and lo and behold. He was right in front of him.
There was a complete silence. She pulled the door but sameer stops it with one hand and enters her room.
“I am sorry. I am really very sorry. You know what,karthik told me that I am the reason of your thissss…. Situation. I really felt very guilty but I don’t know the reason. I am restless since yesterday morning.Why are you afraid of me?… Do I look like a ghost?”
Lia silently listens to him.
“answer me … ”
Lia starts sobbing.
“Hey..!! Liami See I am not a bad guy. I have no bad intentions. I just want to apologize. I am sorry” sameer starts to leave.
Lia: I am sorry
He turns around perplexed at the total unexpected words. First that she spoke something. Secondly she said sorry instead of its ok. He asks “For what?”
Lia: its not your fault.
“are you fine now?” samer asked considering.
Lia: bye
Sameer feels bad but walks away.
Sameer drives the car in full speed. The speedway stops at plaza. He bangs the car door and walks in the hotel.
Karthik arrives after an hour.
Kart: hey bro. Calm down. Why are you taking it so serious?
“karthik please! I dont want to talk” sameer lays on bed.

“Its not your fault. I talked to kajal. She told that lia had faced some problems earlier that had holded her strongly. Thats the reason of her wierd behaviour.”
“I mean what problem?”
“Oh… That I dnt know she didnt told”
“will go and ask kajal or AK”
“Hmm.. Got One more reason to meet kajal”kartik happily says

Lia was sitting in a ground.
Kajal and Ak sees her and comes towards her.
Ak: hey why sitting all alone dear ?
Lia: nothing…. I want to meet dad. Its been six months I met him.
Kajal: so you want to go to assam??… But permission?
Ak: dont worry kajal… Lia is dean’s favourite. Holi bhi to aa raha hai. She will get the permission.
Lia: why dont you guyz join. And kajal you always wanted to visit my house na?
Kajal: ya but…
Lia: I understand. I will leave tomorrow. When Karthik leaves, then you two join me ok?
Ak: cool! I will find some hotties there.
Kajal and liami laughs.

Sam and kart are doin pushups.

“karate!” sam breathes heavily “yaha mann nahi lag raha. I am thinking to leave this place.
Karthik: but we were going to meet kajal to ask about..???
“no yaar.. Its better to end the story here”sam says.

“What? I am serious this time yaar I swear. I wont end.” karthik gets annoyed.
“idiot” sameer gets up and takes the towel….” not you I’m talking about that Lia”
“Oh..hm.. So we are leaving”
“na.. I know your heart is here. Spend time with her. I will move to Guwahati by tomorrow and visit some schools to encourage students for footabll.”
“dont worry dude. I will come to you soon. ”
They both lay down to bed.
The next evening liami bids bye to her friend.
Since planes do not fly from shillong to guwahati she was going through bus.
On the other hand sameer is also leaving the place. He hugs karthik by side” will see you soon buddy”
He leaves.
He arrives at the bus stand and looks for his bus.
They both do not see each other.
Lia steps on a bus and occupies the last long seat.
Sameer also enters the same bus.
There were only few people in the bus. Lia had put her earphones and had her head low switching songs in her phone and her scarf and hairs almost covered her face. Sameer couldnt see her.
After some time passengers filled the bus.
Sameer also had covered his face with muffler and his jacket’s cap to hid his identity.
He occupied the middle seat.
A lady was sitting by lia’s right side and a man around forty in her right side.
The bus starts.
The man ask liami to keep her bag down as its disturbing him. Lia does so. As she leans down to keep her bag the man touches her hair and shoulders.
Lia senses this and seats straight. Fear again holds her but she controlled it.
The bus leaves shillong back so as the coldness. As soon the bus enters Assam there was heat in the cloud.
Sameer took off his jacket as he felt very warm. It was hard for him to adjust at the bus.
The bus stops for a break. Passengers goes to hotels (dhabas) for lunch.
Lia remained in her seat and took off her scarf.
She eats parathas from her tiffin that kajal packed for her. Sameer comes to the bus. He didnt found anything to eat and blabbers about it.
Lia notices him so does sameer. They both are dazed to see other. They stare for a while but lia bows down. Sameer comes out of the shock and sits.
Soon the passengers comes amd the bus starts.
The man by lia’s side starts misbehaving with her. This time Lia couldn’t controlled and sobs.
The man taps her shoulder asking not to cry. He says ” dont cry, the journey is long. Lets be friends.”
The lady says “what are you doing. Dont disturb her”
“Did I said something to you? ” the man curtly says.
On the other side Sameer was thinking “what is she doing here? She runs from me so she wont follow me then?…” he looks back. He gets enraged at the sight. He walks to them and ask the lady “can you please adjust at my seat?” and signs not to worry.
The lady goes to his seat.
Lia looks at him and more tears flowed. Sameer seats by his side.
“uncle ki haal chaal?”
Lia looks at him with a frown.
Sameer holds lia’s shoulder tightly and pulls her towards him making her head rest on his shoulder.
The man identifies Sameer ” sorry sir, I didnt knew she is your girl”
” Don’t even dare to look at her” sam warns. “not just her… Dont ever dare to misbehave with ANY girl.. Got it?”
” got it sir.. Sorry sir.. Forgive me” the man pleads.
Lia opened her tiffin and asks sam to have some paratha.
“Your stomach is making noise” lia says and they both smile.
After some time lia doses on his shoulder unknowingly. Sameer looks at her and the hair disturbing her. He moves his hand towards her to tuck her hairs but then remembers their first meeting. He fears that she will again get indulge in that situation she just faced.

The bus stops. Lia wakes up.
It is late evening. They have reached guwahati.
Everyone walks off.
Lia shouts from back” Sameer!”
He looks back.
Lia comes to him and in a very low tone she thanks him.
Sameer: “what?can you speak little loud.”
“I don’t need it. Whatever happened in shillong I want you to forgive me for that.”
“i forgave you long ago. Moreover, it was not your fault. Anyways, bye”
Sam smiles.
They both part their ways.

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  1. Awasome episode roshni
    loved that ……. When lia said thanks to sam
    waiting for next part
    update soon
    🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you so much dear.. Working on it.. Will soon update the nexr

  2. Awasome episode roshni
    loved that ……. When lia said thanks to sam
    update soon
    🙂 🙂

  3. Oops posted twice
    and wish u a very Happy Holi Roshni

    1. Thanks dear.. Same to you enjoy and add colours in your life

  4. Nic story.. Want to know lia’s past… Update soon..

    1. It will be soon posted dear. I have submitted it.I know the eagerness cause I have faced it so from my side so I wont be late. Stay tuned

  5. Omg roshni u r superb full on entertaining story update soon take care

    1. Overwhelmed to know that. Thank you so much

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