Till That Day (Part 3)


Continuation… Part III. Till That day.

In the park A.K. Comes amd waves to Kajal. He looks at Karthik. He comes closer to him and starts touching his chest and abs.
Karthik moves back “kajal! Who is he?”
“Akshay, people lovingly calls me A.K.” A.k. Replies with a seducing voice.
Kajal holds his shirt and pulls him from back “He is Karthik, remember?” kajal signs him to move back.
“By the way where is Liami? You left her alone?” kajal asks.
“She went to buy icecream. Karthik was angry on you na thats why.”
“It wasn’t Karthik but Sameer on phone” Kajal corrects.
“What Sammy?? He also came here… So This time I won’t be single anymore” A.K. Gets excited.

Suddenly Liami came running to the park and hugs kajal crying.
Kajal and A.K. gets worried whereas Kartik was still shocked. He thinks who is this new entry now. First this Akshay and now this girl.
Kajal: Lia Lia what happened? Are you okay? Should I call Uncle?
Lia doesn’t speaks.
A.k.: we should take her to the hostel.
Karthik asks Kajal: who is she?
Kajal: I am sorry Karthik but we need to ho now. Can you please drop us to the hostel?
Karthik: yea sure. I will call sam. Come.

There Sameer is still worried and thinks was he too harsh to the girl?
Karthik comes there.
“Sam Kajal’s friend is …..” Befor he could complete the trio comes there.
Sameer gets surprised as well as shocked. Liami was still crying badly with her head on Kajal’s shoulder who was pacifying her.
Kajal: come we will go to hostel. Everything will be fine.
Sameer wonders.
Liami lifts her head. She gets shocked and afraid.
Sameer feels guilty. He says “come I’ll drop you.”
Lia hesitates. He comes closer to Lia “Sorry, from the core of my heart.”
Kajal thinks why is he saying sorry.
“Come Kajal.” Karthik says.
Sam drives the car with Laimi Kajal and Ak on the back seat.
They get to the hostel.
Kajal: Thanks
Sameer interupts: Take Care of her.
Everyone leaves.

In the hostel corridoor Ak consoles liami and leaves for his room.
Kajal : tell me now, what happened?
Liami keeps crying and speaks taking short breaths: That guy in the Car.
“who?” kajal gets shocked.”karthik?”
Lia nods no.
Lia cries a bit more.
” what the? What dud he did? Tell me? I will tell Karthik… Tell me”
” I want to sleep kajal”
Lia covers herself with blanket.
Kajal gets worried and switch off the lights.

Karthik and Sameer are walking towards the hotel
“What?why will she cry on it? In fact she must be happy that you touched her haha…” karthik jokes.
“oh shit! Maybe thats the reason that she cried”
“Come on bro.. No girl will cry on this ok. Chill. She might have met a ghost.”
Sameer remains silent.
Karthik gets a call. Its Kajal.
“yes, kajal what happened?”
“she is asleep now.she said that sameer…. I am not sure but once I get to know its sameer then I am very sorry.”
Karthik listens to her and looks at Sameer with surprise.
Sameer gestures in an enquiring manner?
Karthik hangs up ” Damn! Seriously tell me bro.. Are you hiding something from me? What you did to that girl?”
“Have you losted? You doubting me?”
“No man, liami took your name when asked about the person”
Sameer didnt replies and walks to his room.
Next morning
This time Sameer knocks on Karthik’s door.
“So early?”
“Get ready. You will be meeting Kajal”
“make it quick” saying this sam walks aways.

Sameer asks Karthik to call Kajal and asks where she and her friends are?
He does so.
Kajal: hey! I am taking measures…. Why are tou asking about them?… AK is in library… Oh she didnt came. She wanted to stay alone.. Yea in hostel… Ok bye baby.
Karthik repeats the same thing to Sameer.
Sameer: okay then you go and meet kajal I will see you in plaza.
“What?”karthik shockingly asks but sameer leaves in a hurry without answering him.


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