Till That Day (Part 2)

Hello hello sweet peoples ( waving hand) so i am here again.. thanks for your love, thoughts remarks regarding the story.
So lets continue from where we left…

Sameer was driving with Kartik on his side.
Sam: teri usse baat huyi?
Kartik: who?
“who else??” sameer jerked. “your ‘just met’ girl friend.”
“Oh yea! She is sweet! unlike my all fancy ex’s.” kartik smilingly replied.
Phone rings. It reflected ‘darling’.
Sam: “yea mom! Yea! I’m fine… How are you? …. Hmm..I know….acha will call you later. Driving now.” with that he kept his phone.
Sameer was from Delhi born in a high class businessman’s house. He had an elder brother, Siddharth who was now handling his dad’ s business. Sameer didnt share a good bonding with his dad unike his mom who knows every small things about her. That’s why instead of spending time with his family in Delhi he always preferred visiting towns and villages of India and other countries.
Scene shifts to a village of Arunachal Pradesh. A girl wearing a red top that just ends at her waist and dark three quarters alongwith a floral printed scarf twisted around her neck. Her silky straight tresses were covered with the scarf and some soft strands shaded her half. She was lost in thoughts. Her soft hands touched the dew drops of the leaves that her fingers painted with transparent polish were moving in a manner that outlines the leaf’s midrib and veins.
Suddenly someone calls from back “Liami di! Everyone came”
She turns and sees a boy child who was a native of the place.

She reached a place where her two friends were waiting. A homos*xual boy,A.K, that gets attracted to handsone boys every now and then and another her best friend kajal of bengal. Three of then shared a strong bond.

“where were you? You know we were so worried. We searched for you almost every place”kajal enquired with her brow raised
Ak:leave it.We got you!! No more hide n seek now come lets go. Or else we wont reach college at time. We have completed our task well. I have booked the tickets. We have to adjust here for two days then saturday evening we will leave.
Kajal: great! So two days in arunachal. I wished I could have seen the snowfall here.
Lia: Kajal! Did Dad called?
Kajal: yea so many times. I have informed him now.
“Thanks.” liami acknowledged.

Meanwhile, in kolkata, players were dressing themselves and wishing lucks.
A fifty aged man comes.
“So everyone ready?”
“yes coach.” everyone said in unison.
“All The Best”.
The match starts. The time was passing by but none of the team made a goal.
Half time!
Coach:”cool guyz. Put all your efforts. Not just strength. Use ur knowledge. Everyone have a weakness”
The game starts.
The ball is with germany. The captain of germany,Arnold stares Sameer. He stares back.
The player keeps passing the ball.
Sameer distracts the captain by continuously staring at him and tackles the ball. Now the ball is with them. He runs with ball without passing to anyone. Everyone are behind him running.
“GOAL” crowd cheered.
India won!
After the match Arnold angrily stares at Sameer and sam looks at him and smiles taunting.
Kartik: bro, will you be busy?
Sam: no, we have won buddy! This time I will visit northeastern states. You know na, after match, visiring some or other place.
Kartik: yea lets go to shillong what say?
“Shillong? Anything special?” sam enquired.
“she studies there”
“Ahha, sure sure! Saturday chalte hai”
“DONE” both cheer.
In the Khurrana Fashion Institute students are shown tailoring.
A teacher advise some students regarding their work.
In the corridoor,
Dean: liami! Beta you did splendid job. The schools are ready to give us the project. Proud of you beta!”
Lia: Thank you sir. Your blessings.
She leans downward to touch his feet.
Dean: god bless you always.
Sameer and kartik reach shillong airport.
S: so where now?
Kartik calls a cab ” Fashion Institute.”
” wait a second kartik! Too fast. We should move to the hotel first. I have booked the rooms.”
“which hotel?”
“OMG!Great you helped me though,… unknowingly….. Its close to the Institute. Awesome!”
“Tu yaha pehle bhi aya hai?” sameer asked doubtful.
“yeah! In weekend I once visited”
$ameer: ok so plaza then khurrana!
Next morning in the room Sameer was calling his mom.
” how are you mom?…thank you ma! Arnold was pissed..haha…yea!I am in shillong. One month break… Hmm.. Ok bye take care.. Love you.”

Sam opens the door. ‘ are you seriously mad for her or opportunities to irritate me ha?”
Kartik smiles” come come no time for talks.”
They walk toward the car.
“so, whats her name buddy?”
“hmm.. Hope you are serious this time”
“meri chor.. Tu bata. When are you going to dind your girl? Anyone will say yes to you.but you are never interested.”
” I dont care for your mood but dont spoil mine” sameer annoyingly replies.
Both reach the institute.
Sam: call her and ask to come here.
Kar: lets go inside
Sam: are you mad? Kajal ka to nahi pata but tu pure college se zarur mil lega.
Kartik: acha. Wait lemme call her.
“in a class students are busy in their works. Liami,kajal and A.K.are also doing their work.
Liami is stiching and kajal and A.K.are cutting a piece of cloth with both of them holding the cloth at the ends and kajal cutting it.
A. K. : so when is your hero coming?
Kajal: dont know. He called me yesterday. His friend was tired so maybe he comes today or tomorrow.
“She is not picking dude..maybe busy”.
“I shouldn’t have listened to you. Since you said I came along.
God! You got me stucked!
Keep calling.”
In class
Phone rings.
Lia: kajal, your phone.
Kajal: pick it na plz lia. Both hands busy . Please.
Lia: ok
She checks its and unknown number.
“Hello..whoz there?”
Sam snatches the phone from kartik.
“hello kajal? Listen we are outside your college. Come fast ok. Dont waste our time” with that
Sameer hangs up.
On the other hand Lia was shocked.
Lia: kajal!??? You got these boy? There are so many boys in world. You could have choosed someone better. He hanged up asking you to meet him outside college and not to waste his time … Bla.. Bla..
Kajal: OMG! O my god! oh my god! I can’t believe.” she gets excited and starts dancing.
A. K. : stop dancing. Go and meet him or else you wont be able to meet him like before.
Kajal: yaar I am little worried. Please guyz come with me na. Please.Please I beg.”
A.K. : okay me and lia will come. You ask him to meet at the park.
Kajal: “great! Thanks akku.” she pulls his cheek.” bye bye”

In park kartik and sameer are sitting in the park bench.
“make sure ..she wont be late this time” sameer says.
Kajal comes there.
“sorry for being late.”
They both turn.
Kartik: kajal? Hey! I am Karthik. He is my friend, Sameer.”
Kajal: I know! I know! Congrats for the victory.
Kartik:thanks… Come sit ..
Sameer walks. He sees both of them taking.
” bro, meet me outside after thisss…….”sameer interrupts.
I will be roaming!” he says with a smiles and leaves.
Outside park
AK: she might be worried yaar. Come fast.
Lia: AK you go. I will come. He sounded too arrogant in the phone. I will buy ice cream for them. It will help cool his temper.
Ak: ok jaldi(fast)

Sameer murmurs to himself
“I understand its june but shillong must be cool. Why is it hot today?”
There liami is buying ice creams. She collides with sameer and spills the conical ice cream on his suit.
“oh I am so sorry.” lia apologizes. She didnt knew Sameer before as she never watches football.
Sameer looks at her and gets lost in her eyes which were guilty for spilling it.
Sameer unconscioulsy moves his hand towards her face.
Liami gets surprised and moves back.
Sameer holds her arms with force and tucks her hair.
“be careful”
Lia gets very afraid and a drop of tear fell of her cheeks. She runs from there in fear and throws away the cones.

Tysm for reading. Do share ur thoughts regarding the story.

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