Till That Day (Part 12)


Sameer and Karthik leaves for a Live interview regarding the victory over the match against Argentina.
Karthik is dressed well in the t-shirt type grey sweater over the black pants and manages well to woo all the girls. Sameer has wore a shiny black shirt with two three buttons above unbuttoned showing his all toned perfect hard body with the denim jeans. He is looking all like a handsome college teenage boy.

“How am I looking dude?” Karthik asks all cheery.
“Good” Sam replied in a monotone.
“What? Only good? Kajal will switch off the tv before I appear..damn! I need to change.” Karthik hurries sadly.
Sam holds his hand “she wont..you are looking great..dont worry lets go now.”
He drives the car and stops at the venue.

Meanwhile Miss Donald is telling Lia about the interview of footballers.
“Oh granny! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.. You are the second lady in this world who is so much in love with the footballers.. First is me you know” she happily winks at her.
Lia jumps over the sofa after switching on the Tv and waits all admiringly for him to be shown.

“Hello Good Morning! Shastriya kaal! Everyone. This is Meghna on Libe interview with the most wanted bachelors of India, the greatest footballer, Sameeeeer aaand Kaaarthik!” The host welcomes them and starts the chit chat.

Meghna:So Sameer how are you feeling after winning over Argentina?”
“and, Karthik what about you?”
K:”very happy and excited. We had prepared a lot for this and yeah! Its an awesome feeling to win over such a good team.”
“so whats your planning to celebrate this victory?”
“um..yeah.. Planning” he smiles a little and continues “well, After winning a match Sam and I always go for a visit to some far places or corners of India. For now, we hadnt planned yet.”
“whoo! That sounds very great! You both are going to have a lots of fun then.”
“yeah surely, we like to meet the people and interact with them, play with them and yeah! We also learn a lot of things.” Karthik adds.
“We all know you both are so very loved by the girls not only India but girls from many countries. Whatdo you think about it.. Sameer?”

At the question, Sameer looks up at the camera and has a pale expression.
“Its great people love us. They support us, they believe us” He answers all smartly replacing girls with peoples.
“And the girls, they are going crazy all over you.. Why not a girl friend yet?” the host maintains the track.
He bents his head down a little and then lifts it up with a very charming gesture and replies “I am searching my perfect one” and ends with a smile.

A drop fells from her cheek at his words and she wioes with the bck of her hand with the remote hold on it.


The host and Karthik smiles as well at his answer with that very lovely expression.
“Dont tell me, you didnt got the perfect one yet!” she continues.
” Its about feelings not about efforts. The girls all over might be putting efforts but you know,… Love has nothing to do with efforts. Its all Dil ka Mamla you know!”
They all laugh together.
“Very Very true Sameer…. And Karthik why no girl yet?”
” I havent told or got social about it but today I do like to tell that she is watching me ..right now… all lovingly.”
“Oh My God! Karthik have got his lady!!!! We all want to know,…India wants to know Karthik who is the lucky girl??”
“Her name is Mrs.Karthik Malhotra”
“thats very unfair..you are nit telling us but we will soon find out about it.”
“All the Best then..” he says all smilingly.

The interview ends with all of them hugging and bidding.Outside in the car:
“They all have just one job.. blo*dy hell f**king job.. That is why I lost her. This is the reason why she wnet away.” sameer yells hitting at the steering wheel all aggressive.
“Calm down dude! Please. I will drive. Come!” karthik tries but in vain.
Sam starts the car all of a sudden at the utmost speed.
“Hey hey bro.. Drive slow man! We will hit someone” Karthik shouts.
But nothing helos and he drives mire speedily breaking all the norms of traffic.
In juts five minutes they reach their hotel.
Karthik sighs heavily.
“f**k!” he cries and comes out of the car.
Sameer also steps out and walks in the hotel without turning back.
“I need to do something or else he will turn psycho” karthik mutters to himself looking at his disappearing back.


In sikkim, Lia has tears with her cheeks and face all wet.
“granny, you know, Sameer is very smart.” Lia says wiping her tears.
“Yeah I know.. He is the best” Granny cheers with a smile spreading over lia’s face.
“Indeed he is.” she adds.

“It was a short interview. I wish I could have seen them in real in person. This TV doesnt fulfill our hunger.”
Lia laughs out loud at her childish nature.
“why are you laughing? Look how handsome both of them are. But karthik just said he is in relation so, Sameer…” she shy a little then continues.” he is charming. I have turned old now otherwise I would have married him. Look at you, you are so young and beautiful. If I were in your place I would have gone to Mumbai and done anything to meet him and tell my feelings.” Granny says all dreamily unknown of what Lia is going through.
“Hmm” Lia replied and walks in her room with a heavy heart. The tera that she just wiped were coming back. But she controls and washes her face many times.She looks at herself in the mirror. All red swollen eyes and red cheeks and nose accompanying.
“No Lia you shouldn’t cry.. Don’t cry for someone who doesnt love you..be brave. Be brave” she says to herself.


Karthik kicks Sameer on his leg while he is sleeping at his front like a log.
“Hey wake man! I have a good news for you.”
“What?” Sam replies hoarsely affected by the sleep and turns at his back.
“I have a good new for you.” Karthik sits and whispers the same shalimg his phone.
“aage bol ” sam says uninterested.
“First wake up.. Freshen up and then I’ll tell you.” karthik orders.
“stay happy with the info then” sam turns other side with his back on Karthik.
But he turns him by his shoulder.
“Ok listen! I..HAVE..TRACKED..LIA” he says delightfully again shaking his phone.
Sameer sprangs and sits at once with eyes wide.
“What? Where? But they said they cant trace as she hasn’t contacted anyone.” Sam adds heavy heartedly and upset.
“Yeah true. But you forgot your best buddy. I can do anything for you bro!… She is in Sikkim”
“What? Really? … Thanks bro..thanks a lot.. You have no idea how happy I am. Thank you so much” he hugs him and acknowledges.
“Chal chal, tu bhi kya yaad rakhega”
“Get ready then, we are leaving today for Sikkim.”
” cool buddy cool.. Control yourself. We will go tomorrow. Lunch is ready lets have that first.” karthik says patring his shoulder.
“I know you are very happy. I assure I will book the tickets andtomorrow morning itself, we will go okay?” he adds again.
“Thanks bro, you are really the best” Sam hugs him again.


The next morning, Lia comes out of bathroom after shower and clutches her little damped hairs.
“Granny, today I will cook. And you watch me okay!” she moves her with her hand over her shoulders pushing slowly to the sofa.
“Sit here and watch TV.” she hands her the remote.
“But what will you cook?” granny asks.
“Umm… Lemme check the veggie and then I’ll think.” she replies walking towards the kitchen.
It was not all beautifully sparsed like shown in tv. But it was large clean with counters and everything in correct place.
Miss Donald is unmarried. She had adopted a girl child who comes once at a year to meet her. Her name is something Kale. The love Miss.Donald gave her went in vain. Kale had turned out to be a model something as Lia had heard. She never insists her to tell about Kale but she knows her Granny misses her and somewhere down the line, she sees Kale in Lia. Yeah! They both are somewhat of same age.

Lia starts chopping some veggie leaves and washes it.
She hums a song while doing so

“You can count on me
Like one two three”

“Be careful Lia” Miss Donald speaks aloud from the hall.
“Yeah ganny!” she replies.
“Where is the pan?” she again shouts a little.
” Look down the counter.”

“Oh yeah! I got it!”

She heats the pan and pour some oil. Don’t know what she was going to cook.
She takes out the chopped washed vegetables and transfers to the heated pan.
She sprinkles some salt and species then walks to the hall and spramgs on the sofa alongside Miss. Donald.

“What are you cooking?” granny asks.
“Well, surprise!” she winks.
They both start watching a movie.

After a while, a burning smell takes over the room.
“Lia!!” granny suspiciously looks at her.
On imoulse she runs to kitchen and is shocked.
“God!” she whispers with her open palm on her forehead.
Then rushes and takes out the pan to the sink after throwing all the veggies.
Miss Donald comes there too.
“Hmm” she sighs.
“I.. I am so sorry granny. I was just..”
“So.. We have to fast today”
“No..no granny. We will eat outside. Is that okay? I will clean all this. I am sorry” she makes a puppy face to which Granny smiles and nods.


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