Till That Day (Part 12) contd.


Encounter of Liameer

Aastha di missing you a lot ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

Hmm.. Lets begin the story then!!..

Lia and Granny heads to a restaurant for lunch that is the inly one in Gangtok serving amazing delicious dishes from all over India.
Meanwhile Sam and Karthik also lands at the airport.
“you know dude! I got to know about the state she is in but I dnt have any idea about her exact lication” Karthik mumbled.
Sam pats on his shoulder.
“Its ok bro. What you did is enough for me! This time I wont lose her.. AT ANY COST.” he enunciated the last tree words with a spark on his eye.
“Yeah! But lets have some lunch first. Please.. starving” Karthik says pressing his tummy.”
They both ask the driver about a hotel serving Northern dishes and heads for it.

“do you know us?” Sameer asks the driver curiously.
He turns and observe them and nods in a no.
They both sigh a relief.
“Wese manna padega, Lia have a good sense of beauty, nature, pleaseures you know….” he looks outside the window of cab and continues “..this place is heaven. Look! How beautiful it is…” he points out at the snow covered mountains.
Sameer nods and smiles widely.

The driver drops them at the same restaurant where Lia and Granny are.
“Hmm.. After this I need to do some shopping man. It is too cold here and I brought only two three piece.” Karthik mumbles again taking out the small bag of luggage.
Sameer gives him a flat stare with ‘really?’ look.
“You are turning girly man! Like change of gender?” Sam says with a raised eyebrow.
And gets a punch for the stupid idiotic joke at wrong time.
“not bad” sam mumbles feeling the pain of the hit and walks forward for lunch.

” Indiana Restaurant” Karthik reads out the bold letters looking at the top of the restaurant rubbing his both hands.

“I hope dishes are as delicious as the name sounds” he continues chirping.
While, Sameer is looking at the back head of a girl which is fully covered by a muffler. He remembers something and walks towards unconsciously.

“Oh My God! SAMEER!!” Granny screams.
Lia is freezed hearing the name. She quickly covers her face as well with only eyes visible and turns to see.
Her eyes remains wide for a very long moment.
Sameer also keeps gazing at those luminous beautiful eyes.
“Lia” he says quietly but in a little doubt whether she is Lia whom he is searching or not.

“Sameer Sameer hii! I am Kristain Donald” Granny greets all very excited and shakes hands with him. Her smile is vast and the most beautiful. The aged lady’s dream is fulfilled, he is standing just in front of her. The glory and spark is visible in her wrinkled small eyes.
“Hello Ma’am!” Sam greets back and reciprocates shaking hand.
“No no son! Call me Miss. Donald.”
“Yeah sure!” he says smiling a little and looking at down at the seated lady.
“And you? Miss..??” Sam continues looking at Lia.
“She is…” Granny was going to take her name but is cut.
“Hello Sameer!” lia says standing to come to his level.
“Oh f**k!”
He realises and feels overwhelmed to hear her voice and hugs her tightly passionately at once.
She struggles but after a while she loses and hugs him back sobbing like a child.
Karthik comes there and looks surprisingly at the sight.
“Whoa whoa! Sam! You got someone else?” he says tapping at his back.
Their hug breaks.
He removes the muffler around Lia’s face slowly and reveals her.

“here she is” Sam says sighing happily.
Karthik and Granny are shocked. The latter thinking hard what she has missed?
“Hey dont cry sweetheart… This time I am not going to let you go.NEVER!… Let Whatever it takes.” sam pacifies wiping her tears but she doesnt reply and turns aside.
“lets go granny” she says to Miss Donald.
But Sameer holds her wrist in anger and faces Granny.
“Miss.Donald why not a lunch together?” he says smilingly.
“Yeah sure..sure..why not?” she replies delighted.
They all sit and Lia keeps standing and is suddenly pulled by Sam with his hand still in her wrist. This time his grip more tightened.
Lia sits on impulse at her chair by his side.
“You know each other?” Granny asks staring them all curiously.”Yeah! She is the one who designed Indian Football teams uniform Miss Donald. Didnt she told you?” he leans more towards Lia while talking lazily to Granny.
“well,noooh!”granny sighs feeling disappointed “lia, why didnt you told me about it?” she asks.
“Um..uh.. That.. I forgot” lia completes her lie stammering.
“So easy to forget things nowadays” sam adds mocking at her.
” when did you came here son? And where are you living?” Granny asks sensing Lia’s discomfort.
“We just arrived now.” Karthik bits out with the folk picking a salad piece.
“Do you know any good hotel here?” He continues.
“Any hotel near your home? I mean .. Then we can meet you very often.. You are such a sweetheart.”
Sam cuts and adds smartly and coldly.
“I live in a Cottage and there are no ho….” Granny stops thinking something”…why dont you stay with us? My cottage is very large and beautiful. Trust me. You will be safe there.” she continues hoping a yes.
“Oh wow! Thats not a bad idea. Sounds pretty good.” he replies smirking at Lia.
“Buttt…..” Lia signs Granny to listen but is stopped inbetween by him.

“So when to shift there Miss. Donald?” he asks with a wide fake type smile.
“Today.. Today itself you can son!”

Lia is all shocked and wondered to what is happening. She fumes and walks outside.
“this is my address son! Come here. I will go and check her” Granny hands them a paper and comes out of the restaurant to Lia.
She doesnt found her anywhere and is shocked. In a hurru she comes in side and informs both of them about her missing.

“What??? f**k!” sameer yells and runs out fast looking for her and Karthik follows.

She was standing at a far away place at the uphills. He sighs with his hand pressing on his head lips twitching.
“buddy take miss. Donald to the cottage. I will bring her.” he says and goes for Lia.
Karthik nods and leaves with the luggage.

Lia was standing there accompanying the silence. And speaks yo herself.
“Why did you came Sameer? When everything is upside down. I cant let you suffer Sameer.. I cant. Go away…far..far from me..veryfar.”
Lia didnt knew about his presence and that he heard everythin and sobbed a little.
Just then sameer calls out softly “lia!”
She turns in shock. Her face got pale thinking ‘what if he had heard? He will ask and I dont have answers for it.’
But he didnt asked her anything and pretended as if he didnt heard her.
“What are you doin here? Come!” he said.
She simply nodded and agreed. They moved to the cottage feeling the car with silence.

Precap: Kale’s entry

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