Till That Day (Part 11)


Miss Donald was worried for Lia but she never wanted to interfere in her life.
She comes to lia’ s room and pats her head with lots of affection and care. Just on impulse lia rests her head on miss donald’s lap. This time she didnt hide her tears.
She had exceeded the limit of controlling and storing it in every cell of her body. They are flowing out unstoppable.
“What happened my child? Since you have came here I have noticed you feeling sad and upset. You can share with me anything. ” Miss donald pacifies and tries to interact with her.
“its nothing.. I am just missing my family.”
“Then you can call them.”
“No!” Lia refuses at once “I dnt wanna make them feel that I am volatile vulnerable and upset. I will be ok soon.” she raise her head then again bents down.
She feels better with her head on her lap and closes her eyes. After some time she falls asleep shedding the sadness.

In the morning
“Good Morning Lia.” miss donald wakes her up.
She stretch her arms and yawns. She looks at the time and her eyes remained wide open.
“Oh shit! Granny its 10:00. We have to leave at 11:00.. Why didnt you woke me up?” she blabbers and walks to washroom in a hurry.
“You were sleeping like a princess. Didnt wanted to disturb” miss donald replies calmly and sweetly.
“Oh granny!!… I will be ready soon.” she says from the closed door.

After an hour she is ready in a shirt tucked in her denim black skinny jeans with a shrug over her and velvet boots below. Yeah! Her scarf makes a loop over her face and the goggles completely hides her face.

“Come in granny. We will be late. The function will be starting.”
“Ready ready! But have some fruits first or..” she is cut midway.
“No time for this u know na.. We will eat there only. Come come now” lia pleads and holds her hand and another hand holds her shoulders supporting her while walking.
“I can walk Lia. I am not that old. Just sixty” ms.donald jokes.
She laughs and Lia just smiles.


They come to a beautifully decorated vast open land area where many boys and girls are seen in different costumes for their performance maybe.
The girls are checking out themselves at every interval and adjusting their dresses. Boys are just sitting in the chairs and talking in a serious tone.
Manh viewers are roaming and eating while others are just sitting with family.
Miss Donald was some head of the district so she was invited specially and Lia didn’t wanted that because of her, Ms.Donald refuses to come and miss the opportunity to enjoy such a grand programme organused by the citizens only for some fun.They both sat in the front sofa and other viewers in the back in the chairs.
The program began.

The host was a young gentleman with a coat over the blue suit.
As he left sone young girls took the stage. All dressed in a monochrone maxi tyoe dress and a chinese hand fan in their hands. That was a sliw motion dance that Lia didnt enjoyed at all. She was just looking at their costumes. After all fashion student.
After that a group of boys and girls came. The gurl clinging in their arms both dressed in a very beautiful traditional dress of sikkim and boys had covered their lower jaw.
The dance began.
Lia noticed one boy who was continuously staring at her. His eyes all black. His moves were flawless.
She thinks she knew him. Known in sone past. Suddenly a fear seizes her body making her all frozen. A terrible incident flashes over her eyes as the boy keeps looking at her intimately.
She sweat heavily and her fingers digs her skin of arms. Just then the dance ends and she feels a terror over herself.

“What happened Lia? Are you okay? You are sweating!” her granny says in a shock.
“Gr…granny .. Lets go home.” she completes her sentence all shaken.
Soon then they both rushes to their cottage.


Sameer and Karthik are still in Mumbai. AK and Kajal in their institute in Shillong.

“The day was really hectic. Too tired.” Karthik sighs heavily and sprangs in bed.
“hmm” Sameer replies in monotone.
“Tomorrow… Interview prepared !” karthik murmurs in sleep as his eyes drooped.
Sameer checks out his phone and looks at Lia’ photo and caress her hairs.
“where are you Lia? I miss you a lot. Please come back to me.” he whispers in a heavy tone and a warm drop fells from his left eye.

Then he also lays down with the phone in his chest.

Hello dearies I came back after a long time I guess..

I missed you all a lot. Sone crap hapoened with my phone so I couldnt post. But, after this I think I am gonna miss more.
After may I will be free to post more… Let the month pass all coldly and calmly…

Hope you guyz liked this part. I will be waitin to see your views and feedbacks about it.
And yeah! Thanks a lot yaar everyone who read it and comment and silent readers too.. I really really am very thankful to you guyz ..lots of ♡♡♡♡loves muaahhhh keep supporting plzzz

Any idea who the guyz is??????

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  1. For the past 2days i was waiting fr ur ff “you are only mine”. Thank god u update this ff. BUT make sure to update that ff. I am that much of crazy and.Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update fast.

    1. Yaar I am trying but little busy this month.. So thoda wait karna padega you know.. Plz bear that and stay tuned.. Plzzzzz

  2. Roshni it was gud episode.. I guess that boy will be related to lia’s past.. Eager to know… Sam and lia should meet soon…
    Roshni if possible update other ff also soon…

    1. Yeah ananya… Next will update YAOM… And this one too.. Stay updated. 🙂

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