Till That Day (Part 10)


Sameer and Karthik enters in a grand well-formed hotel in Mumbai where the players from every country stays during a match. They both heads to their room after taking keys.
Karthik: Sam! coach have asked to come for the practice tomorrow.
“Hmm” he nods and leaves.
In the way he bumps with ‘Arnold.’
They both give an angry look to each other and moves ahead.

Lia keeps trying his number but in vain. She loses her temper and goes to kajal ” Give Karthik’s number please.”
Kajal gives her the number and she calls him desperately.
She asks him about his whereabouts.
“umm…. In room..What happened Lia? Why are you asking” he informs half.
“is he around? Give him the phone please.”
“aa.. Yeah!..wait”
He knocks “Sam! Open the door”
“What happened bro?”
He handles him the phone “she wants to talk.” and leaves.
Sam looks at the phone for long then greets “yes Lia!”
“Where are you?”
“In my room.”
“Room where? I tried calling. It said does not exist..why? ..And plzzzz dont lie”
“I am not. I have changed recently.”
“I dont care. If you leave me again than this time no one will be able to stop me I am telling you.”
“Chill beautiful lady! I am in Mumbai to prepare for next match.”
“But why didnt you told me before leaving?”
” so that you just keep thinking about me and no one else.”
She smiles
“Take Care” and they hang up.
After some days:
Kajal AK and Lia leave home as the vacation was over. They reach their hostel.

In college The Dean calls lia kajal and AK.
“Aah Lia! Good to see you again. There is a good news for you three. Fifty students from different fashion colleges are selected to design the dress code for our Indian Football Team and you three are among them. Congratulations.”
Trio jump in happiness.
Kajal and Lia smile looking at each other.
“spend some days here and get some creative ideas. You have ten days. Then you will go to Mumbai where our team is staying.”
“Its an Amazing news sir thank you so much.” kajal acknowledges.


In the class:
“Wow I just can’t believe. I must tell Karthik about this” kajal picks her phone but get stopped by Lia.
“no! We will surprise them… For now lets focus on the work. What must be the colour?” she checks some colours on the computer swirling the pen in between her fingers.
Ak: it must be rich red. They will look fabulous.
“Chee! Crap idea! What about blue?” kajal exclaims.
“its already there dress colour buddhu!” Ak pokes.
“Black?” Lia suggests.
“Great yrr”.
The three cheers.

After ten days they lands to Mumbai and goes to the place where already some students were there. A person comes to them “welcome! You need to meet the manager”

After filling the required forms and documents all the students discuss regarding their choices and suggestions.

Sameer tries to call Lia but she doesnt pick. He gets worried.
The players arrive where the students were waiting for them. They all cheer seeing them. Lia looks for Sameer but cannot see him.
She keeps standing there tapping her phone to kill time.
A car arrives when everyone had entered in.
A tall handsome man comes out. His muscular body with the familar poise gave him a smart look.
She smiles.
He is totally surprised to see her.
“Lia!” he is overjoyed and hugs her with a big big smile “you just amazed me girl!”
“wait wait.. So..you are designing it. Oh my god! Thats unbelievable.”
“Come lets go for measurements. You are so late.”
“Yeah cause you were not picking my call and I got worried so to assure I called your best friend.. It made me late.. Who knew tum yaha hogi?”
She replies her with a smile.
They walk inside.
The girls ran towards him and starts asking for pictures and keeps chattering. Lia moved away.
She takes the scale for measurement and goes to a player.
“hello! So you are..??” the player starts a convo.
“Liami!” she replied quietly.
“Liami! Hm.. Unique name!”
She doesnt pay a heed to him.
He asks a boy to take his measures.

Sameer comes to her amd holds her waist.
” excuse me Miss Lia.. Who will take my measurements?”
She releases herself and says
“wait! I’ll send someone”
“I thought you would have been better.”
She takes the tape from her table and starts meauring him without making an eye contact.
“Sameer! Raise your arms” Lia asks
He does so. As she takes the measure of his waist he wraps her in his arms.
She tries to release herself.
“What?.. I am noticing you for long.. You are behaving strange.. Did someone disturbed?” he asks caring.
“Yah.. You!” she smirks.
“What’s your fvourite colour” she asks to distract him.
“Cool! It will be your dress colour. “”really? Feels like God is very happy with me”
Suddenly Arnold comes there.(If someone missed he is Germany team’s Captain)
He sees Sameer and Lia together and smirks.
He walks to them “Good Monin Sam! You look very happy today!!” he mocks moving his eye towards Lia.
“Yeah Mr.Arnold I am very happy to see you here. A VERY DISGUSTING surprise” he sarcastically replied in a low pitch.
They both smirks and Arnold leaves.
Lia: “who was he?”
“Not important..”
“okay.. Time for you to leave now!”
“You want me to leave?”
“My wishes doesn’t matter. Come on Go Now” she pushes him swiftly.
He holds back her hand “what is it? Tell me? Whats disturbing you and please dont speak any shit.”
“Than I better stay quiet” she keeps her fingers above her perked lips.
“I will see you tomorrow. Stay here at 4:00 pm sharp.” he states.

Lia comes wearing a denim shirt tucked inside the black jeggings. She was looking stunning with that pair of goggles and. Her lips were glittering in the sunshine. Sam comes out of the car. He lean down to the car at his back standing with full weight on his right foot.
“Did you came here to amaze me every second?” He says getting dissolved in her eyes.
“What have I done now?”
“You do so many things unknowingly [email protected]” he sighs.
“what happened Sameer?”she said with a little pouted lips.
” you are going to speak it out today. Be prepared.” he said cupoing her face.
“Come I’ve a surprise for you” he continues.
“What surprise?”
“every girl is different but their questions ?… Na! never! It is always the silly one”
“Okay I wont ask.. sorry”
“Good girl!”
They drive off.

Sameer stops the car where he was staying.
“Come Karthik and Kajal are waiting for us.”
“Yeah! He brought her early morning”
“Thats not fair. She didnt told me.” she fumes.
“fuhh fuh..!! You caught fire little angel!”
“Very funny Sameer!”
“No I am not.”
“You are”
While their fun fight was going on again Arnold arrives there.
“What a coincidence!” Arnold says.
They both looks at him.
Arnold comes to Lia “Hello Liami!” he bring his hand forward.
She hesitates.
Sameer pushes him and holds lia by waist. “Come!”
“You will have to pay for this Sameer!” he furiousky stares at them that walked away.


Hello dears! Finally I am so so very happy the boards are over. Yeah! Sigh of relief! Missed you all guyz and you wont believe me I was just writing along imagining the story and the even yesterday…night before exam my hands were tapping the touchpad..

I am worried regarding my results and then after one month entrance gomna hit me.. I hope it goes well and I keep interacting with you all
Sorry for boring you ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™
Too talkative I am ๐Ÿ™

And ya sorry guyz just wrote it down whatever ran through my little mind.. If the story was not smooth I heartily apologize .. next update I will put full efforts to make it the best.
Please do comment.. your love your hatred all will be accepted ๐Ÿ™‚
Acha then tata! Keep enjoying!

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  1. Roshni all ur stories are gud.. Loved this episode .. Update other story too…

    1. Still i am not happy with what i write. Need to learn lot more. I feel glad to see your comments!!!

  2. hii roshni
    don’t worry today’s epii ws good yaa not as good as u write all the time but still it ws interesting and now i think that blo*dy arnold is gonna hurt lia to hurt sam god knws where their relationship will lead to after this incident
    about ur exms u will do good nd for which entrance exm are u preparing for???

    1. PMT (worried) as i hardly do study.. Worried a lot!!!
      Lets see where my imagination leads the story to??? Please keep reading amd commenting. Means a lot

  3. P.M.T dear it really needs a lot of hardwork plzz focus nd i do have faith on u
    you will rock in coming episodes love u byee tc nd study hard

    1. Gosh! You have scared me a lot.. Goosebumps!
      Ok can you tell me something about you like skl/college and all.. I am really very worried now.
      Frankly speaking i dnt have any hope ..not expecting anything ๐Ÿ™ from myself

  4. scared ohh plzz don’t be
    about me i m from delhi gonna give tybcom exms
    i.e completed my college
    nd pursuing CA
    M REALLY sorry if u felt i m invading in ur space really didn’t meant to byee

    1. Nopezzz never dear.. Dont feel so.. Bad choice of words I have plz dnt think so…..

  5. Hey roshni are u a bio student ?
    From which state do u belong?
    I am New here but read all ur ff and saw that u r preparing for pmt. So I thought to ask .
    I am also preparing fir pmt mainly for AIPMT . I just wanted to ask u that u are preparing for which exams of pmt level . Waiting for your reply

    1. Hey ani… I am a very student firstly.. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ and yeah preparing for AIPMT.. Hardly preparing rather appearing for it!! ๐Ÿ™ .. You are from which skl? Me a kvian.

  6. I didnt understood what do u mean by “KVIAN”
    And yes i am a bio student and me too apearing for aipmt and aiims exams ….

    from which state do u belong?

    1. Kendriya Vidyalaya students are called kvians… And me too .
      Assam and you?

  7. I belong to Gujarat . And ur average of all four semester is what?

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