Till That Day (Part 10) contd.


“Well, he was a jerk. A blo*dy German Captain.” sameer murmurs.
Lia smiles at this and raises her face to have a look of his expressions.
“What?” he asks little annoyed.
“You are adorable.” she whispers.
“Not more than you I guess.” he replies lovingly which lights up her face.

“Well, when are you leaving mumbai?” he asks after walking few steps.
She looks at him little upset.
“do you want me to leave?” she asks.
He replies in a monosyllable tone and Lia is left amused and upset.

They walk to Karthik’s room.
“Hey! I am so sorry Lia… I didnt informed you so sorry!” Kajal jumps to her holding her ears.
Lia doesnt respond to her.
“what happened again dude?” karthik whispers to Sameer so that they dont hear him.
“Kajal we need to leave by tomorrow. I’ll see you later.” lia states and walks away.
“God damn! Lia!!! Wait!” sameer runs towards her.
She just turns at his call.
“wait! I’l drop you.”
“I know my way Sameer! No need to bother anymore.” she says it as calmly as possible and makes her way.
Sameer stand still at the declaration and gulps hard realising what she meant.

Three months later πŸ™‚

Lia had kept no contact with anyone. She calls her dad in the first week of each month to inform her that she is fine and doing well. She had left the institution and living in a small town of Sikkim where she always used to come during her childhood.
She had asked her contacts not to try to meet her or any sort and wants to be alone. Her family had denied her firmly but too much pleading broke their firm. And she had promised she will return after a year.
She is now staying at a small cottage where an old lady takes care of her. She showers her motherly love to her. She used to play with Lia when she was four. And then after seventeen years she had again come there.
And yeah! Lia never forgets to watch the football match. She enjoys it with the lady, Miss Donald and runs to her room crying after the match ends.

In the freezing cold night Lia comes out of the cottage with no reason. She holds her warm jacket tightly and keeps blowing her hands.
She takes out her phone and reads all the messages she had once with Sameer. She is doing this for the past three months whenever she miss him.
A smile lights uo her face but soon then the warm tears flows accompanies.
She cries her hard out then again runs to her room. She doesnt want Miss Donals to get worried for her so she always hides the tears and always maintains a fake smile over her face. Miss Donald never failed to notice but haven’t asked her either cause she knows lia needs privacy and one day she will share when she wants to.


Oh! That was a small update dearies…. I just wanted to make the lovely hearts here know that I haven’t finished yet.
I am and I will ..keep writing and entertain you. Sometimes let it be boring but please dont lose hope and plzz comment your valuable feedback. It really means a lot. Its my only hope to continue the story.

And ya dont forget to kick out the sadness of your life and smiles in millions. Cause thats a princess smile. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
Keep reading and enjoyyyyyyyyy.

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  1. oohh gosh lia is just soo emotional oh come on he just asked normally nd she actually left and he dumb didn’t tried to find her it has been 3 long months quite sad nd
    Ye toh strt hote hii khatm ho gya i want bdaa wala update soo childish but can’t help myself hahahahah
    byee love u tc

    1. Actually Lia have some pasts dear that she haven’t come out of. And that fool also have some Reasons for not going behind her though there is a passionate love between them.

  2. Nic story. U r going gud…

    1. Tysm so so much ananya.. Please keep reading .. I really get glad when you comment

  3. At last, compltd reading this..! A very wonderful story.. πŸ™‚ pls continue dear.. Nd yeah i am also a kvian

    1. Oh great to find one from family kavya.. Which class?

    2. Completed +2 . and yeah i read ” I never wanted to leave u” and i find it interesting dear..! Don’t loose hope.. I know u can make it more interesting. If possible continue that too.. !! πŸ™‚ we will always support u

      1. No yr.. I stopped writing that.. Not interesting πŸ™ plz show your support in these two ff’s plzzzzz… :* and yeah we are on the same boat…

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