Till That Day (Part 1)


Heya peoples! This is Roshni bringing a new ff for you. I read few amazing fan fictions that inspired me and made me write this. Crossed fingers. I REALLY HOPE YOU GUYZ LIKE IT. Afterall its only for you guyz.
Its an imaginary story of a young lady( 20), Liami ,of northeast who is currently studying in a fashion instituteand a tall handsome guy, Sameer just like karan kundra ;)(24). He is a huge fan follwed footballer though India is not much famous for football. Just imagine 😀 .

Ok so lets start. Here you go!

The story starts with a match going on between India and Germany in the Kolkata Stadium, XYZ Ground. The score board showed 0-1 with Germany in the lead. only last 10 minutes were left. The huge crowd cheering India! INDIA! suddenly maintined a pin drop silence. There was a hope among them.
In the last few minutes Kartik got hold on the ball and passed to Sameer. Now, The crowd had all their hopes in him. They started cheering Sameer Sameer! There was 10 written in bold on his back of the jersey(main player). The eyes of the people didnt blinked for the last minute and yea! With the kick the ball was iside the net. The match was a draw. The players shook hands.
The next scene shifts to Sameer amd his best friend Kartik discussing about the match.
KARTIK:its fine yaar, the next match will be on Friday we still have four days to prepare.
Sameer didnt answeres. He was lying on the seat with his one leg above another and his hand twisting the bottle of water. He was wearing a white jersey with dark blue checked shorts. A player comes and calls them for lunch.
Kartik: chal, dont stress much.
Sam: nope, tu ja! I am in no mood. I’ll eat later.
With that he took off his shirt and it revealed his six pacs amd biceps that was enough to impress a girl. When kartik was going to leave he says: um, kartik! Lets go to a restaurant. What say?
Kartik: perfect buddy.
With that they head off to a retsraunt.

Tadaa! I am sorry guyz in today’s part I couldn’t manage to make the lead female’s entry 2mrw for sure. I have hopes from you guyz. If you don’t like it and anything you would like me to add in it do post your comments below. i will surely try my best to make it more and more interesting. Thanks for reading everyone. ☆☆ keep smiling 🙂

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  1. Gud one..

    1. Thanks ananya. I will try my best to make it more enjoyable

  2. Nice story plz update next part soon

    1. Thanks dear. I have submitted the next part. It will be soon updated.

  3. Please keep reading guyz. I will make sure you stay entertained

  4. Update next fast plzzz

  5. Ya i have submitted but its taking time. It will be updated in the next 24 hours. Tha ks for commenting stay tuned

  6. Awesome intro, loved it. …plzzzz continue dear

    1. Thank you roma.. Continue reading

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