Till you come back… (ISHQBAAZ) part 9

Chapter: 9

Hello everyone. I am sorry I am as usual late. Literally sorry for that. Well I know that I have kept you waiting for long so I won’t waste your time. I just hope that you like this chapter. If not then do mention. Do, read the end note. So, this is priya back again with another chapter. Enjoy.

Shivay and malika delayed their flight to London as shivay had to convince anika. Next day like always anika was working in some garden when someone took away her file and she looked at the person totally annoyed. But to her surprise she found malika standing in front of her. A wide smile bloomed her face and malika too smiled back. Anika then stood up and asked totally happy.
A: malika what a surprise? I can’t believe that you are here.
M: why am I rusticated to some place that I am not allowed to go anywhere?
A: no, it’s not at all what I meant. Well can you just give me my file back.
M: (showing her that file) this file. But sorry dear I am not at all interested in giving you this file back.
A: malika my work is still pending. Plz return the file naa.
M: (keeping the file back) well anika what are you doing here.
A: amm malika plz. So, I guess you have come with shivay right.
M: (nodding in a positive) well yes me and shivay are working together.
A: so, what is shivay doing in London? I mean he must be with his family right.

M: well I don’t know anything about that… yes, but I can tell you one thing he came there two years back and then onwards he is working with me. Well anika you didn’t answer my question.
A: so, shivay told you everything.
M: (smiling) he never told me anything in these two years and you are expecting him to open his mouth and tell me something now.
A: (looking at her confused) what do you mean?
M: hmm leave that. Can we discuss something else plz? And you are questioning me as if I am your student. You can ask this all thing once you come face to face with shivay. Just do this all questioning with him. Well, how are you?
A: good. And are you married or are you still roaming around all single.
M: hmm I am still single. Amm you know work and all I don’t even have time to rest properly. So, I guess I don’t have time to flirt around.
A: well so, malika you told that shivay was in working with you from two years so can you just tell me something.
M: well if I am aware of that something then I will surely help you. (smiling)
A: how is sahil? And can you tell me, where is he?

M: (rubbing her shoulder) I understand anika your concern for sahil. He is fine and is safe with shivay, currently in London. Happy now. Well how did you land up here?
A: amm after that accident I guess I was thrown out of the car and I landed up in bushes. Then dev (malika got confused hearing the name dev she just looked at anika and anika smiled on knowing that what was confusing malika. She just smiled) amm he is the owner of the place where I am working as event manager and part time resort too. (malika smiled and nodded in a yes.) as he was passing by and saw me there unconscious. So, he came there and helped me out from there. From then I am working with him. That’s it.
M: so, anika I guess my work here is finished.
A: (confused) what do you mean? Which work?
M: (looking behind anika and then smiling) so, she is all yours now. I am going.
Anika who was initially confused looked at malika and then turned back to look with whom she was conversing. She just went blank on seeing shivay come from behind in casuals keeping his hand in pocket.
After cancelling the fight malika looked at shivay. Shivay smiled looking at malika and she just looked at him and understood that something is going through his mind. She narrowed her eyes and asked.
M: (folding hands to her chest) shivay why do I feel that you are planning something and that you are going to involve me in that?
S: (pulling her cheeks) well you are so sweet malika. I mean you are a genius. I know a person gets matured when he/she is left with a clever person.
M: (keeping her hands-on waist) excuse me what do you mean?
S: I meant I am going to use you as a shield to bring out truth from my dear wife.
M: (looking at him astonished) shivay I had just given you permission to lapse back to the old SSO avatar. But I had not asked you to involve me in your plan. (stepping back) I am sorry I am not going to help you.
S: fine then I will cancel the deal fixed today.
M: (shocked) that’s not fair. Why are you dragging professional matter in this shivay?
S: (cutting her off) okay if you don’t want me to include professional matter in our personal matter then agree with what I am saying?
M: (she just looked at him like she was seeing him for the first time) well are you in real. (then she rubbing her temple said) shivay this is cheating okay. Anyways since I am the one at mistake for asking you to become ruthless. I must get this punishment. Tell what you want me to do.

S: (half hugging her) that’s like a good girl. Well the plan is you just have to extract details from anika that how did she escape from the accident.
M: (smiling mockingly) shivay what do you think she will just like that tell me how she came here? If you are forgetting she is your wife and she is too difficult to handle.
S: (letting out a sigh) yes, I know that she is my wife and she will not tell anything that easily. Hence, I am using you to bring out the details from her.
M: (protesting) but shiv….
S: (cutting her off) and how you are going to do that is up to you? I just want my place to be clean before I step into the field.
M: (nodding in agreement) fine s you wish.
Flashback ends…
Anika turned to look back at malika but to her surprise she just found malika walking away. Malika in between turned back and just smiled and winked at anika and went away. She just closed her eyes and took a deep breath in. She turned back just to find shivay standing close to her. She first arched back on seeing the closeness in between them. She just stepped back and folding her hands looked straight at him. He asked.
A: so, this was all your plan? Very nice. You used malika very nicely.
S: well if I had asked you to talk with me then I am sure you would have left from here. So, I had to opt for this option. And I guess if I would have asked the same question which malika asked then I am sure you would have not even answered a single question. So, I took malika’s help, and see I got the answer of what I wanted.
A: (dejected) shivay what do you want? Why don’t you just leave me alone?
S: well anika I had not held your hand to leave you, so don’t think that I am going to leave you so soon. You once tried escaping and then you hid yourself for two years. Till that time the pass was in your hand and you had played the game well too. Now it’s my turn. So, now all you have to do is just play according to me.
A: (smiling) shivay I thought that you might have turned into a nice person in these two years but guess what I was wrong you still are the same.
S: anika getting transformed into a nice person was never there in my blood. So, how did you even think that I will change. You know what you are the fool to think that I will change. But for your kind notice anika I never changed and will not even change.
A: (she just smiled) yaa how can I forget you are the biggest tadibaaz of this whole world. (sternly) so, I guess the questioned which you wanted to ask is answered hence I think I should leave. (she started to leave)

S: well I heard some name called dev can I know what is your connection with him.
A: (stopping and looking back at him) well its none of your business. Shivay I am making you remember one thing again that I am not your wife. So, just be in your limits.
S: (dragging her close to him by holding her hand behind her. in anger) I know what my limits are and you don’t have to tell me again and again the same thing. Just answer to what I am asking.
A: (she winced in pain when he dragged her so suddenly to him. She just looked at him straight and snapped back) shivay leave me. I am not going to answer any of your question.
S: (tightening his grip) who is dev? (getting angry) answer the damn question anika.
A: (tears brimmed her eyes on due to the pain given by him she just said) shivay you are hurting me. (he calmed down and left her. she just rubbed the place where he held her and then said.) dev and I work together. He has taken care of me when I was in the critical condition and had even met with all the expense of my treatment. Since I am not having huge bank account like you and I had to somehow return the money he spent on me so I agreed to work with him. Happy now. Or do you want to hurt me more.
S: (in a commanding tone) I need to meet him.
A: I am sorry but I won’t allow you to do that.
S: (snapping back) why did you marry him or are you having some crush in him? (though he was saying this he was just cursing himself for asking that question and he just wanted to get a negative response from anika.) that you won’t allow me to meet him.
A: (looking at him shocked. But then she starts laughing and said) what? Seriously shivay you think that I will stoop so low that I will just marry the person who show sympathy to me. Then I should be marrying you now as you are also doing the same presently. Well for your information shivay I might be a middle-class girl but I won’t do such kind of things. And relax I am not having any crush on him.’

S: (letting out a sigh of relief.) okay then wind up whatever work you are having over here as I am going to take back to Mumbai.
A: (smiling) well I think you didn’t understand what I said before. So, I am repeating I am not going anywhere with you. (thinking something) well shivay you asked me so many questions directly and indirectly. So, I must also ask you something. How is tia and her child?
S: (his face fell on hearing the thing. He just clutched his palms and said in an ignoring tone) I don’t know.
A: (surprised) you don’t know. Shivay she is your wife right. How can you not know about her health?
S: (angry but calm tone) anika first of all stop assuming things and just stop fooling yourself. From where on earth did you think that I will marry tia. You know her better than me that how she was cheating everybody in OM. And still you are expecting me to marry her.
Anika was happy hearing that shivay had not married tia. But she somewhere felt that pinky might have made someone else committed to shivay, the momentarily happiness that had crept inside her just vanished and she was about to ask something when she got a call from dev. She looked at the phone then at shivay and said.
A: well shivay even if you have not married tia then I know pinky aunty… as she can make you get into some committed relationship just to not let you free. So, that girls like me don’t enter your life again. Hence, as a suggestion from my side go and show your this side to that person. (her phone ringed once again) well I have some work. I am leaving.
Shivay who had thought that anika would get a satisfactory answer that he had not married tia was just surprised by her response. Before he could say something she just grabbed her file and things and went away. She too wanted to free herself from the present moment. Shivay just looked at her going and called malika and malika all excitedly asked.
M: so, did she agree to come back.
S: (rubbing his forehead) amm she has again left me in trouble yaar.
M: why? What happened shivay? did you scold her…
S: (getting irritated) oh, common malika you know if I would have scolded her then she might have been in front of you right now.
M: okay, fine shivay relax. I just asked like that. Tell me what happened.
S: I made it clear that tia and I are not married…
M: haan so?
S: but she is now assuming that I am in a committed relation with some other person.
M: (banging her head) arre yaar. So, now what shivay.
S: (looking defeated) I don’t know. Well I guess I am coming back. I need a long rest to think something huge to make this girl understand.
Malika nodded and kept the phone. Shivay just stamped his foot and started from there. Anika returned to the resort to find kavya and dev playing. She smiled and came to them. Dev on seeing her asked.
De: where were you anika?
A: I had gone to the garden to go through some file.
De: okay fine. (giving kavya) here hold her. I need to go somewhere. I might get late to come back.
A: fine. Take care. (dev left. Anika then tickled kavya and kavya laughed at her. she then holding her hands said) you know what baby… your papa is here.
Kavya just looked at her and then blinked for sometimes. She then laughed at what was said and then anika said.
A: and you know what he has not changed at all. He is having that old tadi in him, (ruffling kavya’s little hair) just like you have.
Kavya got annoyed on her mumma’s doing that she squealed in anger and frowned. This made anika take her hand back. Kavya then started telling something in her own language. Anika just looked at her and she got confused as she was not getting what kavya was telling. she then held her ears and said.
A: I am sorry now I won’t repeat it.
Kavya calmed down and then she noticed the mark on anika’s hand which was held by shivay, she with her small hand patted the area and started frowning and making angry sounds. Anika understanding the situation withdrew her hands and said.
A: amm actually, I was working on something and got hurt. Don’t worry it will be fine baby.
Kavya just looked at her and anika smiled back at her. Anika then to make up her mood tickled her and kavya then came back to her mischief and started playing with anika’s hair and shawl. Anika just looked at kavya and thought.
A: well kavya this is your papa’s gift. But he is also like you. even though he gives me pain he will not let anyone harm me and he cannot see me in pain either. I don’t know how will I face him again.
She just got lost in her thoughts….

So, done with this part. I just hope that you all like it. And if not then also do inform me. Keep commenting and one more thing since I am too busy I will only be able to post the ff once in every two days except some holidays. I hope you are fine with it and if not then do tell me that too. I am sorry for not posting daily. Till then bye….

This is priya signing off…. Take care.

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