Till you come back… (ISHQBAAZ) part 34

Dev who had come after meeting the doctor found malika sitting outside by holding her head. He came and sat beside her and kept his hands on her back. Malika looked at him with teary eyes while dev just got confused on seeing her eyes red. He was about to ask her something but she instantly hugged him making him surprised again. He felt her getting comfortable while he too hugged her back. After sometime malika realised what she just did and leaving him looked somewhere else to avoid his gaze. Dev understood that she was feeling awkward for hugging him so he just came and kneeled in front of her and said holding her hand.

De: malika you don’t need to feel odd after hugging me… in-fact I didn’t even mind it.
M: voh I am sorry… I was just lost. I didn’t mean to.
De: common malika I said its okay… well why were you crying?
M: nothing… just some past incidents came to my mind and like that itself tears came out. I didn’t mean to cry but at last ended doing that.
De: and as far as I know you, you don’t remember the past without any specific reason… so, what happened that forced you to think about the past so suddenly.
M: (she narrated what she heard and everything told by shivay when she stepped in the room. She then further continued) you know what dev… I have seen this shivay two years before when he had come there after anika’s accident. At that time, I had seen him breaking and had even wished that he should not go through the same but look at the play of fate… it has brought him back on the same path. Why dev… why do these both need to always give test? Aren’t the test rendered on them are not enough. On one hand anika is unconscious while the other hand shivay is asking her to wake up.

De: (holding her hand) well why are you thinking it in this way… (she looked at him confused) I mean why don’t we think this way. By giving new test god is testing their love and he is trying to know whether their love is strong or not… even if he is trying to get one weak the other one is standing as a shield and is proving god that their love is strong and even he cannot break their bond. And now I think god will also think twice before harming them again because shivay has almost challenged him.

M: yaa I heard of that… om and rudy told me everything. Well what did doctor say?
De: (standing up) nothing just usual things. Anyways, when did you start from London. Did you take rest and come or straightly came over here?
M: amm I thought to meet anika and the rest and so, I came here directly. And rest it has run far away from me. I don’t know when will I be able to rest now.
De: (smiling) I think after seeing anika conscious and fine. Then I guess your run away sleep will come back and till then you will definitely turn half mad and in that process you will turn me totally mad indirectly.
M: (getting annoyed on seeing him making fun of her she said) what do you mean to say that I am mad haan… then for your information you chimpanzee… no not chimpanzee but (trying to think of name) what was that name… (scratching her hair) god… now I have started forgetting names too… haan got it… god again I forgot…
De: (trying to relive her from the brain storming) are you trying to remember orangutan…
M: (smiling mockingly at him and then telling in an amused way) wah… a senseless person must be like you… really dev here I am trying to make fun of you and you on the other hand are not even budging to fight back… well I was thinking to call you gorilla but since you are yourself suggesting your name to be orangutan then that suits you more. And haan for your kind information you are mad and by talking with you I have turned mad too.
De: (smiling) oh thank god at least you are back into your real form.
M: (getting confused) dev are you seriously mad… I mean I am getting mad and even making fun of you but you are thanking god. And what the hell do you mean that I am back… haan. for your kind information, I was the only one who slapped your hours back and then cried and now getting angry.
De: haan I know that it was you only and I never denied that… but all I was saying that this is the real you and not the one which I saw crying for nothing particular. Look malika… we have to be shivay’s strength right now and have to support him. So, please don’t become weak again.
M: (smiling) well dev I have met loads of people till now but I have never met a single person like you. I am proud to say that you are the only one specimen of your kind. Even though the situation is worse you very well know how to make it calm right.
De: (smiling back) thanks for the compliment. And the case you told might be life has taught me all this. Anyways, come lets’ go out for a change of atmosphere.
M: (resisting) no dev I am not in a mood right now. Some other time please.
De: malika look if I don’t get out right now then you will get mad handling me. I mean loads of things has happed and even I had to handle a crazy shivay yesterday. And today you showered all your anger which was meant for shivay on me… please yaar… I am feeling nauseate being in this hospital atmosphere and even smelling medicine filled air. so, please join me naa.
M: but why me dev… I mean I will surely make you crazy with my doings and still you are wanting me to accompany you.
De: (smiling) well to be frank if an ever-troubling person remains by your side then their company is enough to freshen up the down mood. And in my case, I have the worlds’ best partner.

It took some time for malika to realise that dev was making fun of her. but by the time she realised she saw dev smiling and ready to run from there at any moment. The next moment she stood up and within no time dev went away from there followed by a much furious malika behind. While the day passed and shivay woke up at somewhat midnight just to find anika trying to sit. He asked.

S: hey… when did you wake up?
A: (in a very mild voice) hey… I woke up some minutes before. how are you?
S: (smiling) how am I? you are asking me as if I am admitted in hospital and you on the other hand have come to meet me. if you are forgetting madam then let me make you aware that you the one who is admitted and the question you have asked me must be asked to you.
A: shivay please… don’t start your long and boring lectures at least now. Not at least over here.
S: okay fine… so, what were you trying to do?
A: nothing was trying to sit up. But see my condition I am not able to it up all by myself. Will you help me up?
S: excuse me… are you asking help or are you trying to order.
A: obviously I am seeking help. Shivay now stop being stubborn and help me out.
S: first of all, you are not allowed to sit up for coming few days. And to let you know the basic rule of seeking help… first you have to request which I think you did and… second you have to say please. You didn’t say please.
A: okay now since I can’t sit why should I say please? So, my request I am taking it back. Happy now stop giving lectures.
S: fine I am stopping. Anyways, are you feeling better now. I mean, how are you?
A: I am doing good and right now I am feeling to play baseball. That much excited I am feeling right now. It is obvious shivay how will a person feel after all these machines gets attached to their body.
S; okay so is it hurting.
A: amm nothing much but yes, it is hurting.
S: okay tell me which of these tubes are hurting you I will help you with it.
A: amm shivay the thing which is hurting me is something else.
S: anika look I am being stressed for more than a day and even I have remained in a tough situation till now so it would be better if you stop circling things and tell whatever you want to tell directly.
A: (smiling) shivay your presence is hurting me.
S: fine then if my presence is hurting you then… then fine I will leave and ask malika or dev to be here with you. (he stood up and started to leave)
A: (holding his hand and stopping him) arre… listen to me at least. Before I tell anything further you are leaving.
S: haan you only said that when I am hurting you then I don’t want to hurt you more.
A: (telling in a stern voice) shivay first sit down and listen to me. (shivay obliged as he didn’t want to hurt her) okay so I was telling that your presence is hurting me… but I never meant that. Shivay I was meaning to tell that the way you are looking and the pain which is filled in you is hurting me more that these medicines or anything. Shivay please why you being like this?

S: anika please I am done with this topic. Now you better don’t push this topic please.
A: shivay you know that I can’t see you in pain and you also know that how much I get sad on seeing you in pain. Even then you have become sad singh oberoy like this.
S: well anika I promise the time when you will stop being stubborn and even stop doing mean acts I will also stop being like this… all the while painful and also getting hurt. Now tell me will you stop your so-called acts.
A: (not knowing what he meant) but what did I do now that you are telling these things.
S: you are telling as if you don’t know anything.
A: haan I think I am saying the fact shivay… without knowing anything how can I answer your question.
S: okay… even on knowing the thing you are still behaving as if you are not knowing anything then fine I will tell you… anika if you had not jumped off from the window then you might have not been here. And what was running in our head that you without looking here and there jumped off so suddenly.
A: look shivay first of all I was not in a state of mind to think anything. Secondly, I was feeling michmichi over there…
S: oh, great you were feeling michmichi so you jumped off. Are you seriously out of your nuts?

A: shivay first listen to me… I was not feeling safe over there. And that daksh was continuously coming by my side and even on asking him to stay away from me he used to stay nearby. And the proximity he kept was disgusting. And then don’t know what he injected I was feeling nauseated and then slowly the pain was creeping up as if it will take away my life. And then I heard the men I mean the guards saying a way to escape which was what I did. Nothing else came to my mind so I jumped off.

S: and what would have happened if something serious would have happened to you then?
A: arre baba think about the bright side naa? Shivay I am fine now then why are you worrying…
S: oh, so now you are telling that I must stop worrying about you. anika you are my everything and then you are lying here like this which is almost killing me. I know this is all happened because of me.
A: and now from where did you think that you are responsible for why I am here shivay.
S: yaa if I had not left you both here then this wouldn’t have happened.
A: shivay please. You had to attend meeting and that’s totally fine. I understand and even it was my mistake I shouldn’t have stayed back in the mansion all alone. that daksh I swear if he comes in front of me then I will surely kill him. Let me get well I will sue him for sure.
S: oh, hello meri Jhansi ki rani you are on the bed right now and are asked to take rest not to plan that how can you harm someone. And also do a favour on me for some-time stop thinking about that incident. I don’t want to remember those things.
A: well actually these must be my lines… it was I who had been kidnapped not you.

S: but the consequence of it I had to bear it. Anika, you can’t even imagine what I had been through from the moment I have got to know that you and kavya were kidnapped… I was searching you both like a frenetic person not even trying to think of anything else and then the moment khanna called me and told that you were trying to do jump I thought he was joking but the moment I reached… you jumped down. Anika in front of my eyes you were lying in a pool of blood and you were almost lying unconscious for hours. And after that too you are asking me to keep calm. I mean how can I… anika I had even lost everything maybe it can be for some time. But still I can’t express how I felt when…

A: (holding his hand) shhh… shivay its okay please don’t think more about it. I can understand. Anyways, you need to take rest please take some rest.
S: anika you need rest not me. well do you need something. Should I call the nurse or doctor.
A: no… I need some water that was for which I had got up… but then see we started talking and don’t know from where we started and where we ended. Anyways, can you give me some water.
S: yaa sure… anything else.
A: no nothing actually… just that… and i am feeling drowsy too….
S: that might be because of medication… anyways i will get you water and then you rest.

He helped her and after making her rest and then laid back on the sofa and drifted back to sleep.


So, that’s it for today. If you like then do comment and do let me know your views. This is priya signing off for today. Bye and have a nice day.

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