Till you come back… (ISHQBAAZ) part 33

Chapter: 33

I wont be talking much today as this ff is back after a very long break and I know how you all have been waiting for it to come up. So, without delaying lets go to the ff itself. This is priya signed in with the new part.

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After sometime the elders returned to mansion while ishana, rudy and kavya came to hospital. The moment they stepped in they saw om sleeping on a chair and dev talking something with nurse and shivay was missing. Ishana came to om and sat next to him and placed her hand on his shoulder while dev on seeing rudy and kavya went to them. Om woke up as his sleep was light and he on seeing ishu said. (conversation between ishu-om and rudy-dev were the same so their character will change in the below chat at times.)

O: arre ishu… when did you come?
I: a few minutes ago. Om if you are tired then go home and rest. We will stay here and handle everything. After all lots of things have happened today you might have got tired.
O: no, it’s okay I am fine. Well did everything go well in jail.
I: hmm… we have filed the case now let’s see what miracle do our lovely police do with this case. Anyways, did anyone of you had something.
O: well I don’t think so because shivay was not stable till now and dev was with him. And I was managing the hospital work so I think we have not eaten anything. Well do kavya know that bhabhi is admitted in hospital.
I: (smiling) no not till now but guess it is time for her to know the truth. But I am glad that this time our whole family is with her to take care of her.
O: well don’t you want to meet bhabhi.
I: will meet her once she gets conscious.
De: (to rudy) did you see police locking up daksh in the jail by your eyes rudra.
R: haan dev bhaiya don’t worry he is behind the bars but before they put him in I and ishu bhabhi had treated him with lots of love.
De: (kavya was squealing on seeing dev asking him to take her and he did that but he asked confused) what do you mean rudy?
R: nothing ishu bhabhi showed her dabangg avatar today. She hit daksh black and blue.
O: (the same talk was happening between om and ishu. He on hearing the stunt performed by her he said shocked) what are you out of you freaking nuts ishu. What if he had done something to you?
R: (smiling and responding to dev) arre how can he do something to her I was there with her naa. I have not built these biceps just for the sake of carrying kavya I too hit him very rashly when he tried to harm ishu bhabhi.

De: haan but that’s fine but still rudy what will you tell to shivay if he gets to know this?
I: oh, common om don’t behave like a stubborn kid I know what I did and why are you worrying om rudy was there with me?
O: (telling her words stressing) haan that is what bothering me you idiot. You can’t even imagine the consequence of what could have happened. Ishu daksh is a mad man and he could have done anything.
R: (replying to dev) I know dev bhaiya you are very concerned and your worry is very correct in its place but luckily for you the fact is mr. daksh Khurana is now in jail and he cannot even touch a single strand of our hair.
De: (mocking) oh really, then tell this thing without changing a single word to your shivay bhaiya. Then I can assure you one thing you will see the side of your brother which you do not ever want to see.
I: (shocked) what? This thing to bhaiya… no way. And I am not bitten by a wild dog that I will go and say this same thing to bhaiya and let him pounce on me as if I am his spicy prey. Mr. omkara singh oberoy I am not a mad person like you are.
O: oh really… anyways you better move away from my side before I do anything which will hurt you ishu.
I: (confused) and why do you need me to do that?
De: (smiling with anger and patting his hand) because if you do my dear rudy (tightening his grip on rudy’s hand) then I will harm you and I very well know that you don’t want me to do that with you.
R: (withering in pain) ouch bhaiya it is hurting me please… please… please leave me.
De: leave you like really not so soon for the foolishness you have done. So, bear it.

Saying so he started beating rudy and kavya was the person who was enjoying the entertainment done around her. she was loving the thing that her mama was beating her chachu. While ishu was struggling to get free from om’s clutches. Shivay came out from the ward and looking at the atmosphere he said confused making everyone halt their work.

S: what the hell is happening over here? May I get the honour of knowing it.
I: (trying to cover up the situation so that the raja Harishchandra her husband doesn’t blurt out the truth.) hey bhaiya… glad to see you back.
S: (getting more confused) what do you mean? For your very kind information you have seen me again after some petty hours and don’t behave lunatic. Not at least in this situation. And dev pardon to tell me what’s your matter with this cry baby.
De: (he looked at rudy who was pleading him with his eyes he said stammering) amm nothing just usual stuff. You… know… he… is…
S: (cutting him off in between) okay fine stop it I don’t want to listen anything. And (coming to kavya and taking her from dev.) hello baby did my kavya miss me.
K: (pouting) pa… pa… ur… e… ai… (papa you are very bad.)
S: (making a sorry face) I am sorry baby… I know papa did wrong to you by leaving from home without informing you. so, I am sorry.

That was the time when kavya noticed the blood-stained shirt which shivay was wearing. She frowned a bit and shivay was noticing her expression change. Kavya then noticed that the place was a hospital and looked at shivay and said.

K: aah… haan… yun… ai… um… (why are we here?)

Shivay looked at himself and found the blood-stained shirt and mentally cursed himself for not changing it before coming to kavya. He looked at the rest and said.

S: voh… voh… actually its nothing princess.
K: (with concerned voice) pa… pa… mu.. m… ma… aha… ai… (papa mumma is here naa…)
S: (he knew that there was nothing to hide in between him and kavya so he nodded in a positive and said) yes baby… mumma is inside the OT.
K: yun… (why?)
S: (the incidents of anika jumping down from the window came down his mind. But he didn’t want kavya to know it so he said changing the topic) it’s nothing baby… mumma was having fever so she is admitted here. Don’t worry she is fine and she will get better also.
K: mu… he… mu… ma… mi… na… ai… (I want to see mumma)
O: (taking kavya and he said) no baby she is sleeping right now. Common chachu will take you out somewhere and get something for you.
K: pa… r… mu… ma… (but mumma?)
De: baby when mumma will get up we will inform you okay. For now, let her sleep. Okay.
Kavya nodded and om and kavya left from there. Shivay then called ishu and she came to them and said happily that om couldn’t tell anything.
I: haan bhaiya… why did you call me?

S: (catching ishana and rudy’s ears he said) what did you think that I will not get to know?
R: (dev knew what shivay was telling and smiled while rudy was pain and said) what are you talking about bhaiya and leave me it is paining.
S: haan now act as if you don’t know anything.
I: (understanding what shivay meant he said) sorry bhaiya… but we didn’t do anything.
R: (in pain) ishu bhabhi what are you talking about?
I: (beating him on his head) idiot he is talking about daksh…
S: (leaving them both) what did you think I will not come to know haan? for now I am leaving you both once everything gets normal you both will get your punishment.
R: (in pain) that’s okay bhaiya but how did you get to know about what we did.
S: I have not appointed khanna just for the sake to see our mansion and above that when you both were performing the stunts khanna was in the same place. So basically, I got to know the thing from him. Happy now.

In the mean while someone from behind pushed dev and he almost stumbled on and tried to take support of shivay. but shivay was also not ready for this so they both stumbled and hit the wall. Everything happened so suddenly that all standing there were shocked. Shivay looked at dev confused while dev too looked confused at him but before he could tell something he felt someone tapping him and he almost turned back but tight slap landed on his face which he winced in pain. Shivay and rest all were shocked and looked at the person who did this just to find malika standing there. Dev overcame the shock and looked back at the rest and then at malika he said confused and in the same time om returned with kavya.

De: what the hell malika… why did you slap me?
M: (smiling) that’s because you needed it and don’t worry I had not planned this for you but for someone else. (she said all this looking at shivay and then looked back at dev)
De: arre but pardon to tell why did you slap.
M: you know what I would have killed you if I really wish but thank your fate I am not doing anything like that. What did you think I will do after all you have hidden such a big news from me that kavya and anika were kidnapped and then anika is here? Haan.
De: arre if you didn’t get to know that then you will go on slapping the people near you haan.
M: (patting his hand) a small correction not everyone else but specifically you.
De: and what mistake have I committed that you are planning to beat me forever.
M: that is because no one is there to stop me from harming you… and if the case of the rest is considered the are all engaged with their partners so I can do whatever I can very freely with you.
De: haan but that doesn’t mean that whenever we meet you go on taking my classa and even go on beating me like this. It’s a high time malika you better understand that I am not a foot ball, nor a soft toy who will not get hurt on being harmed.
M: dev whenever we used to talk I have told you not to hide anything and you even promised me that. And this is a huge thing my friend life was in danger and when did I learn it after all this mess happened.
De: god, malika I was not even in my senses. I was equally tensed and all that was going through my mind was to just find anika and nothing else.
M: okay fine I get that… but you could have answered my call you idiot.
De: one second… oh, hello when did you call me?
M: look dev if I get on the duty of showing you the proof then you wont be able to open your mouth after that,
De: look malika I swear I didn’t get your call. And why am I saying call look I didn’t even get a single message.

The rest who were looking at them where just looking at them amused. Kavya was just confused as why they were fighting and shivay was looking at malika and dev with utter confusion. He didn’t realise why he was pushed first and then why was he slapped. Rudy and ishu were looking at each other surprised. Om was even shocked. Finally, kavya getting fed up the cat and mouse squealed irritated and said.

K: top… it… aasi… ma… ma… (stop it maasi mama)

Dev instantly stopped and looked somewhere else. Malika just looked at kavya and then at dev. While rudra asked still confused.

R: well dev bhaiya… why didn’t you inform us all that you had even got married?
De: (Now this was surprising for dev. He just looked at rudy shocked and asked) sorry… what do you mean? And are your eyes intact… are you seeing my wife over here.
R: arre I am seeing na… she is right by your side. (pointing malika)
M: (it was her turn to get shocked. She just looked at rudra and then back at dev. She just pushed him away from her side. She asked annoyed) what the hell rudra? Have you lost it totally? For your information, we are not married. And yes, why did you think so?
I: (supporting her devar) amm I will tell it didi… you were scolding him like that only. I mean if anyone would have seen you fighting like the way you fought some moments before then anyone would have mistaken to think that you are his wife. That’s why you were fighting and answering him back like this.
M: (mocking her) like really ishana… why normal people not fight like the way we did?
O: (supporting ishana) no… not at least from the experience and the people we have met till now.
De: well guys nothing is there like what you are thinking. So, just stop over thinking.
M: yes exactly. As dev said stop overthinking you idiots.
S: (smiling) well not bad malika you are even supporting dev now. Good job.
M: (looking at him and coming to him) well shivay the slap which I gave dev was the one meant for you. so, you better take care of yourself before getting beaten up by me. this time the situation and time has saved you but every time your luck would not favour you. anyways, how is anika?
S; she is fine… just under sedatives… will gain consciousness soon.
M: and where is that one who is responsible for all this? Ranveer and daksh. I swear I will not leave them for doing such a stunt.
S: well this must be my line right. once anika gains senses I will not leave her for doing such a stunt of jumping down. I mean who does that. (in the mean-time om left from there with kavya.)
M: oh, common shivay she did what she thought was correct? I think she was not in senses right.
S: but still… I could I have lost her. once I have gone through the pain of losing her and now the same repeat I would have never been able to bear that.
De: (coming to him) shh…. Shivay please don’t talk like this…
S: please dev… I cannot bear this anymore. She has to understand that I can’t bear her leaving me and she has to stop doing such acts. Yaar she is my everything.
De: (hugging him he said comforting) I know that shivay… I know.

While inside anika is still sleeping very peacefully with all kind of equipment’s attached to her body. After sometime shivay came in after making everyone forcefully go from there leaving malika and dev as they were stubborn like him. He said getting seated beside anika.

S; I am sorry anika… I left you and kavya unattended… I should have been with you here. That incident wouldn’t have happened then. I am so sorry… now when everything is fine why are you still sleeping like this anika… please wake up. I can’t see you like this… this is not so you… you are the one who irritates me to the hell by your nonsense talk anika. and here you are sleeping without even uttering anything. You only tell me what should I answer kavya. She is asking for you and I can’t even handle her alone. what was the need for you to jump anika… yaa I understand that you were not conscious but at least in that semi-conscious state you could have thought of us. anika please wake up yaar… I can’t handle myself. Fight with me, throw water at me and do whatever you can to irritate me but don’t just sleep like this. I had lost you two years before too and today also you are making me face the same. Though you are here by my side you are making me feel vulnerable. Why are you doing all this anika? what do you get by making me cross through the path of pain again and again? Answer me something anika.

Saying so he just started crying while malika who had entered in to check anika was hearing all this. She saw shivay bending his head down close to anika’s hand and then crying his heart out. She could see the glimpse of that shivay whom she never wanted to see again. She knew that she should not disturb him but seeing the old shivay coming back she just stood there sad. The sight of all the machines and anika almost lying there lifeless all pale not responding to anything was enough for her to get teary eyed. And above that shivay was also losing his everything. She just left from there as she couldn’t take it anymore.

While shivay nor malika realised that anika though was unconscious was hearing and feeling everything. She was just trying to respond back but the sedatives were strong enough to strong that she couldn’t resist its power. She was in pain though but each words shivay told was paining her more. But she was again helpless the one which she felt when she was slowly being drugged to death. All that she could was curse her fate for again saving her and making her go through all this again and over with the same intensity of pain. She could feel the warmness of the tears which was falling on her hands but she was not able to stop it. She knew shivay was in pain and the same pain was killing her.

Throughout all this a lone tear made its way out from her eyes. And shivay also didn’t knew when he drifted off in between crying.

So, done with this part. I know you all are mad at me for delaying the posting of the ff from such a long time. I am sorry for that but I had compensated for this by writing a new ss on ishqbaaz itself called “sudden turn of events” which in case if you want can go through through the link i have provided in the beginig. This ff was in my laptop and it was taken back my brother and I got it only today so I hope you will forgive me for delaying the posting.

I hope you like this part and if you like then do comment. Any changes in track and any suggestion will be welcomed warmly. Just let me know it by your commenting. Sorry again for delaying and this is priya signing off for now. Bye and take care of yourself.

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