Till you come back… (ISHQBAAZ) part 28

Chapter: 28

Hello every one this is priya signed in with another part. Since I am late this time in psting the chappy I wont talk much so, here you go. I hope you like it.

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Anika just smiled affirmatively and shivay just looked down and huffed out some air and anika was smiling looking at him getting so nervous. She then said just to give him relief.
A: shivay if you want to tell something then go on… but don’t make me laugh at you by your antiques.
S: anika you can feel like laughing but I only know how much nervous I am. Now will you just shut up for some time.
A: (smiling) well that’s what I think I am doing shivay from the last few times. But shivay I don’t think that you will do something in the coming time so you better get up and don’t pain your leg by sitting in this position for a long time.
S: that’s true… and this position don’t suit me also…
A: (shivay got up and anika on hearing his answer asked in a confused tone) oh, really if this position don’t suit you then which position suits you bagad billa.
S: (smiling and then pulling her close to him making anika surprised. He said) hmm… this position is much comfortable for me.
A: (struggling to get free) shiv… shivay wh… what are y… you doing? Leave me.
S: (locking her hands behind her) shhh… (anika stopped in the mid and just looked at him) I know that I must have done this before only but you know me I am a bit late in understanding things and my feelings which I have. But now as I have understood I don’t want to delay it but this is not for the first time I have realized it. I wanted to tell you this in the last 2 years when you were not with me and the chances just went off.

Anika on the other hand was just looking at him all lost while shivay on finding her silent just smiled and continued.
S: anika I know that from the time we have met we have been fighting like anything and then even if we wanted too then also we met over and over again and again. Then after that whenever you came to me you just left like a hurricane disrupting my life upside down. You know what the weirdest thing that you have is your language which you use. I have to think for 10 minutes to understand what you just told and then finally grasp it.
Anika just controlled her laugh but it had become difficult seeing shivay so she just laughed out and shivay too smiled freeing her hand but still he held her close and after having a quantity of time he again continued while anika just looked at him with expectation and happiness.
S: then you again stepped into my life very unfortunate for me as my wedding planner and then whole OM became a land of Kurukshetra but from then on, I started falling in love with you. your presence always elated my mood and then your absence what you say in your language (he scratched his hair and then said) mich… mich… what was that?
A: (smiling) michmichi…
S: (smiling back) haan michmichi… I felt like I am missing something but at that time like you know I was dumb that I didn’t understand that it was you whom I missed. Then on the day when daksh got engaged to you I felt like I will punch him for taking you away from me, I didn’t know that why I was feeling like that. Then at the time of marriage when tia ran away the only person who came in my mind at that time was you but the I preferred that girl instead of you due to my name, blood and lineage concept. But to say again you again interfered in my path and made that girl run away and then I had to show the worst side of myself and I married you.
Anika just recalled the side of shivay which she had seen at that time and then the fake blast a layer of tear formed in her eyes. The way they married and all. Shivay could understand what was going on in her mind he just tightened his grip on her hand and anika looked at him and smiled with her eyes still wet. Shivay asked.
S: (rubbing her hand) are you okay… (anika nodded her head in agreement) initial days the misunderstanding created a rift in our relation but then when I understood my mistake I didn’t knew how to ask forgiveness from you, but I never knew that you will forgive me that easily and from then I again started falling for you again. And when I thought to confess my feelings for you, you met…

Shivay stopped in between and left her. anika knew that he was talking about the accident she came to him and held his hand to make him feel comfortable. Shivay too held her hand back and anika said.
A: shivay I am sorry I was just messed up with thoughts at that time and didn’t knew what and where I was driving too and when I realised that I was driving it was too late and all that happened you very well know. And when I regained consciousness I found dev and then we left for goa where I came to know that I was bearing a life inside me. anyways why am I telling all this you continue.
S: (smiling) haan… thanks for stopping. So, on the day I had planned to confess my feelings for you, you were left me for 2 years and now I am repeating the same today. The difference is today you will (holding her by waist and bringing her close to him) not leave.
A: (encircling her hand around his neck she said very innocently) don’t worry mr. proposing singh oberoy today I won’t run away.
S: well anika I know I am a bit weak in expressing things but from the day you have entered my life my life has completely changed. Before you came to my life I was like a living robot and the only important thing that I had in my life was business and omru, dadi and prinku. But then you entered my life turning it upside down and even you changed me from shivay singh oberoy to just shivay who had been lost. When you are near me I feel complete and you fill every kind emptiness which was there in my life. Anika… (she looked at him) I cannot promise that I will stay with you forever nor I can ever promise you that I will be able to keep you happy but I can promise you one thing… (holding her hand and rubbing it) till my heart beats and till my life exists in this world I will always be by your side and I want you to be by my side as my wife, friend and as my ASSO. And ups and downs will happen in our life which is going to come ahead and I might hurt you at times but I promise I will never leave you alone and I will do anything to make your mood better again.
Anika didn’t know that shivay could be this sweet in her life. She was just looking at him all lost in her thoughts and love was flickering in her eyes.
S: (continued) anika I love you and I don’t know till which extent I love you. But I will love you forever. I won’t say that you should also love me forever but I will do… and I know that you are bearing me from a long time but still I want to know are you ready to bear me and be my Jhansi ki rani forever…
Shivay was waiting for anika to respond but he found her lost. He thought.
S: oh, god this girl is lost in her own world… don’t know whether she heard whatever I told or not. If not then I don’t even remember what I told her and how am I supposed to tell the same thing to make her believe that whatever I told was true and how will I propose her in the same way. (He then looked at her again and found her looking at him with love) and I can’t tolerate this stare of her. it feels like I am drowning myself in her gaze. Anyways, I have to bring her out of trance else she will become a statue forever.
He snapped his fingers in front of her bringing her out of trance and said.
S: hello panika welcome back to the real world. Why did you get lost all of a sudden in your dreamland?
A: haan… nowhere… I was not aware that you could be this sweet shivay.
S: (smiling) so, now you have known it. Then I would be glad to know your answer for my proposal.
A: shivay I am at loss of words and you are expecting me to say something… (shivay just made an irritated face and anika smiled and pulling his cheeks she said) so, yes mr. kanji ankho wale bagad billa I am ready to handle you in the coming years too. But haan there is one condition I have to share my love to my daughter also as she is very stubborn like her father. So, if you agree with this condition I am ready to accept your proposal. (shivay smiled and nodded in agreement) fine then the great shivay singh oberoy I am accepting your proposal.
S: well I think the answer for I love you is something else. You know what anika you say I am having ego filled up inside me but if we see you are much more egoistic than me. you can’t reply to a proposal…
A: (shivay instantly stopped as she replied making him surprised) I love you too… happy now…
S: very happy… but still I need a gift for the long… long… things I said about you.
A: (keeping her hands on her waist) oh, really. Fine then what would you like to have.
S: (smiling with naughtiness) Mrs. Oberoy you very well know what I want.
A: (making an ‘o’ face) haw shivay you are becoming very shameless these days. Behave yourself we are in a public place still not in our room.
S: (pulling her leg) so, you will give my gift in our room fine till then I can wait. But you call me shameless so I can do what I want in public.
Anika looked at her mad husband bewildered and shivay started coming close to her. he pulled her close to him. This sent shivers down her spine and she instantly stiffened. Shivay smiled at her change in body language and tucked the hair strands which was falling on her face. anika started breathing heavily and closed her eyes. She could feel his breath tracing her face and she almost felt she was losing her senses. Shivay could feel her defending state and was about to kiss her when anika pushed him away and ran to grab some water which she gulped down within seconds. Anika was all red due to shivay’s act and shivay clearing his throat said.
S: well anika it is a high time that you have to stop blushing. Else if you go on blushing like this then all will get to know that in what situation you were.
A: (turning to face him) well shivay I promise to stop blushing when you stop doing shameless things. Anyways, shivay I think we must leave now kavya might have come by now and I don’t want pinky aunty say that I have snatched her son.
S: (smiling and nodding in a negative) well anika you must write a book on how one can disrupt romantic moments?
A: don’t worry shivay I will soon write one when the time comes… but now I am leaving if you want to come then come else I am leaving. Bye.
Anika left from there almost running and shivay letting out a sigh of relief looked at the room again and went behind her. after reaching home the youngsters left no chance to tease the couple. Finally, it had become difficult for anika to handle shivay as he would do the things which would make her nervous or he would either make her do things making her helpless.

After some days shivay and rudy had gone on a business meeting and were about to return after some days. All was well in mansion but one evening when om returned home from gallery he found the whole living room messed up with the things on the floor and ishana unconscious near the steps. He immediately rushed to her and tried waking her and after some attempts she woke up. Om asked concerned.
O: thank god ishu you woke up. What happened to you and why is this room so messed up?
I: (looking around and finding the condition of the house she stood up and was about to run when om held her back and ishana said in a frightened tone) omkara leave me… he has taken them.
O: (making her face him and cupping her face) ishu… ishu… calm down… and what are you talking about? Who has taken whom?
I: (holding his hand back and almost crying) om… didi… kavya…
O: (hearing anika and kavya’s name he got shocked and asked holding her hand) ishu what happened to bhabhi and kavya… and tell it clearly what had happened here? Each and every point.
I: since the elders needed to go for some family meet all the security went with them and didi and kavya were only left at home. After dance class when I came didi was fine and everything was also intact. After sometime I heard didi screaming and hearing that I came out to see two men I don’t know who they were forcefully taking didi and kavya with them. I tried saving her but he hit me and while all the struggling the room messed up like this… (ishu cried like anything and holding om she said shaking him) om… om… please go and save them. Kavya was having a mild fever also. Please om. (she hugged him and cried and in between said) I… pro… promise o… om… I tried my be… best to save the… them.
But then she fell unconscious and om called dr to come and the rest members too. Jhanvi at once went to take care of ishana and finally after some time ishana regained consciousness screaming didi and jhanvi rubbing her back asked her to calm down. Police took ishu’s statement and went for search. Om called rudy and rudra picking up the call said in his jolly tone.
R: oh, ho o is missing his rudy already. (rudra winked at shivay and shivay just slapped his little brother’s head.)
O: (in a serious tone) shut up rudra. I want to tell you something and you have to do accordingly.
R: (hearing the serious tone he asked concerned) is everything okay o.
O: (rubbing his forehead) amm shivay is there near you.
R: (getting confused and looking t shivay) haan.
O: (letting out a sigh) hmm… then do one try moving a bit away from him to a place where he can listen the least to what you are talking? (rudra was about to tell something but om said in a stern tone) rudy do as I am saying.
R: (getting really confused he thought to obey. He excused from shivay and went near the lawn and said) okay now I am in the lawn and shivay bhaiya will not be able to listen. Now tell o… is everything alright.
O: (he narrated the whole thing which happened and rudy was hearing everything shocked. Finally, om said) we are searching our best to find anika and ishu is also not fine.
R: but bhaiya what should I do now? Should I tell it to bhaiya.
O: no… no… no… not now. First you have to bring him here. Make any reason just bring him here and don’t make him feel that something has happened. After you come here we will handle everything.
R: okay… take care o and try finding them at any cost. (rudy cut the call and went in)
S: (looking at him) everything alright. Why did om call you?
R: (struggling to get something to say) woh… woh… woh nothing bhaiya. Amm he called to say that bhabhi… (he just stopped)
S: (concerned) what happened rudy anika is alright right.
R: (correcting) haan don’t worry bhaiya anika bhabhi is fine I was saying ishana bhabhi is not well. So, he called me to inform that. I asked him to take care of her and we will return back once the meeting here gets over.
S: no… how can you tell like that to him rudy. He needs us and that was the reason he called we will leave today itself. Get our chopper ready.
Rudy nodded in agreement and informed om of the same. On the other end anika was screaming at the top of her voice to leave her and the men pushed her in a room and anika said.
A: what are you doing ranveer? Why did you bring me here like this? This daksh is already a psycho case. I don’t get it why are you doing this.
Ranveer (Ra): because of you my dream to take revenge from Oberoy’s failed and you are asking me why I am doing this. Are you seriously this dumb anika?
A: haan so you could have only kidnapped me but why are you dragging this little kid in between our ego.
Daksh (Da): what do you think anika I will give a single chance to shivay stay in peace? I want to give him all the pain that he has given me by snatching you from me.
A: (putting a scared kavya who was clinging on to anika and was silent to a corner. Anika went near him and held his collar and almost getting angry) you know what daksh you will never learn from your mistake. This mistake you had committed earlier too and now you are repeating the same. But this time you have committed the biggest mistake by kidnapping kavya. He will not let you live after he finds out about this. (pushing him back) better mark my words. (looking at ranveer) I didn’t think that you will do something like this. Arre how can you forget that you are a police officer still and you have done this. Chi.
Ra: don’t worry anika no one will get to know that I have kidnapped you. but you better be aware as we will destroy you for sure.
A: oh, really ranveer just try it for once then I assure you that you will curse yourself for living life after that.
Ranveer and daksh laughed out loud and pushing anika back left from there locking her in. anika then turned back to see kavya sobbing silently and went to her and picked her up and hugged her close and kavya just started crying getting scared. Anika rubbing her back said to soothe her.
A: don’t worry princess mumma will not let anything happen to you. and mumma is here na calm down and I am sure papa will find us out. (Saying so she hugged her tight and said
in mind.) shivay I hope you will find us out. I can’t handle them alone please come fast.

Her eyes got moist but she knew that she cannot get emotional as she has to support kavya too. While shivay and rudy had started for OM.

So, done with this part. I know I am late this time. Sorry for that I was on a short vacation as my husband has come down to meet me after a very long time. I hope you like this chapter and if so do comment. Positive and negative are accepted. So, this is priya signing off. Till then take care bye.

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