Till you come back… (ISHQBAAZ) part 27

Chapter: 27

Well hello friend I have got some suggestions of including ishkara scenes and I will surely come up with that if possible… so I wont talk more today lets get to the ff and this is priya signed in with another part hope you enjoy it.

After omru, ishana and kavya left anika went to kitchen for arranging food for shivay. After sometime shivay called anika and anika instantly answered and asked.
A: shivay do you even realize what time it is now? You know what shivay you are becoming irresponsible day by day.
S: (smiling) sorry meri Jhansi ki rani I know I am a bit busy with work these days. But at least listen the thing for what I had called you.
A: no need shivay I know that you might have called to tell that today also you are going to come late.
S: well I must say you are a very good mind reader. Anyways, I am leaving for Lake View hotel for a business meeting and I might be having my dinner from there.
A: (irritated) shivay this is limits… well now tell me what should I do? No one is at home and who will have dinner with me.
S: oh, is it so… then you do one thing come to the place where my meeting is there then we will have dinner together.
A: oh, really… very great idea shivay. anyways, I am not interested in attending any of your meeting shivay and also to sit there ideally and get bored.
S: okay fine then as you wish have your dinner alone and sleep. Don’t wait for me.
A: (angrily) bagad billa kahin ke… (and she cut the call)
S: (smiling and looking at the phone) well I know that you can deny my invitation panika but you will surely come to the hotel and I know that…

Saying so shivay left from there smiling taking his coat and left for the hotel. After completing his meeting, he came to the reception when the attender came to him and said.
Attender (At): sir when you were in the meeting a mam came and now she is waiting in the food corner for you.
S: (smiling as he understood who it was and said patting the attender) okay fine thank you. (the person was about to leave when shivay called him back.) acha listen…
At: (facing him) yes sir…
S: I hope that all the arrangements are done as I had instructed you all to do. My guest has arrived so the arrangements must be finished by now.
At: (smiling) don’t worry sir everything is set. Now I will take your leave sir, have a nice day.
The attender left from there and shivay purposely went to the food corner as if talking with someone on phone and the person on the other side was none other than rudra. Shivay to gain anika’s attention said very angrily and loud.
S: what the wuck? How can you say like this haan? you must have at least told me told me earlier that there is one more meeting to be attended. Look at the time now when must I return.
R: (getting confused) arre bhaiya what are you talking about? I can’t understand a single line and which meeting are you talking about bhaiya. For your very kind information bhaiya I have not even stepped into your office then how can I know about your meetings. (saying this he almost became a cry baby)
S: (very rudely) shut up you idiot… (rudy hearing this made a crying face and anika looked at shivay but shivay behaved as if he had not noticed her and continued) I know that you don’t have a family to look after but you stupid I do have one to look after.
R: (like a cry baby and in a crying tone) bhaiya why are you scolding me? what mistake have I committed that you are scolding me like this. And which family are you talking about.
S: (getting irritated) what mistake you have committed? Now that also I should tell you haan. then listen the mistake that you have committed is you have become my manager.
A: (getting confused) with whom is shivay talking so rudely… and what was he saying he has a family to look after… (irritated) like really… he is thinking of it now and that too at this time of the day… and look at him he called me here and then he is not even thinking to enquire about me… obsessed singh oberoy kahin ke.

R: (almost on the urge of crying and even getting confused he said scratching his hair and even looking at the phone to confirm whether it was shivay only who was calling) bhaiya what are you saying I am not even getting a single thing. And bhaiya I am rudy not Mishra that you are calling me your manager.
S: anyways now leave that. If you want to save your job get the clients ready in 10 minutes. I am going to the hall ask them to get there. Did you get it.
R: (almost in a crying tone) bhaiya now from which heavens do you want me to arrange the clients… bhaiya what do you really want me to do?
A: (getting really angry) arre now this work obsessed SSO is going to do work. And what about me here I am starving and he wants to do a meeting. Oh, god what kind of husband you have given me.
Shivay without minding rudy’s words just left from there and anika who was already angry on seeing him leaving started following him angrily. Shivay smiled on finding his plan getting successful and while talking to rudy itself shivay instructed where he was going and he left to the floor and anika too followed him by getting into another lift. While shivay smiled, and said to rudy.
S: thankyou rudy…
R: (calming down) bhaiya thank god at least now you realized that I am talking to you and you were talking and scolding as if I am your manager. Well what were you talking bhaiya I was not getting a single thing. And you know what you almost made me cry.
S: (softly) well I was trying to burn anika so was doing this acting and why were you responding rudy. On one side, I was trying to show duplicate anger and you on the other side were trying to make me laugh. Idiot.
R: sorry bhaiya at least you must have told the same thing earlier before dropping bombs like those on a poor soul like me. anyways, bhaiya all the best.
Saying so rudy cut the call and shivay smiled and after reaching the floor he went to some room. Anika too reached the floor and saw him going to the room and followed him with anger clear on her face. anika was in a black gown with white embroidery on it with minimal make up and her nuptial necklace adorning her neck and a long simple earing. And her hand as usual having her moon bracelet and her bangles. The moment she stepped inside the hall she stepped 2 steps back on seeing the hall completely dark. She was really getting scared.
A: what is shivay doing in this room? Oh, god it is so dark… looking it I am feeling scared.
In the mean while the rooms’ door closed and anika just started breathing heavily. But to her surprise the same moment the hall lit up with light and beautiful decoration. Anika was so surprised by the decoration that she was wondering what was just happening. She looked around to find no one else in room. She was wondering around when she felt shivay’s presence and turned around to see him coming in smiling at her. he was not in his usual wear but was in a cool attire in a blue jeans and white shirt, with a very dashing look. Anika was looking at him from top to bottom with an extremely surprised look.
Shivay was smiling inside seeing her reaction and anika was just so shocked that she was not able to recover from it. She rubbed her eyes just to come out of dream but the fact was fact and shivay came close to her and pinched her for which she winced in pain and asked in pain.
A: ouch… shivay what was this for?
S: (half hugging her) nothing just to bring you out of your dreamland and making you believe that what you are seeing is for real.
A: (smiling but still in unbelief) that’s fine but shivay what’s happening and look at you your attire has changed completely. I mean I can’t believe that this is you.

S: oh, really then I think you need to have one of dose of pinching… so that you can come out of your dream land.
A: no… no… no… that’s fine… I am in my complete senses. But tell me what’s going on.
S: trying to prove someone that she is going to lose her bet today.
A: bet… (confused) what kind of bet are you talking about shivay?
S: (smiling and putting his hands around her neck) patience baby… you will get to know that very soon.
A: (taking his hands off from her and saying angrily) baby… bagad billa why do I feel that you are missing tia… that’s why you are using this word baby… Haina shivay baby…
S: (putting his hands in pocket and smiling) well anika I feel like you are digging into our past and you are missing tia very badly not me. (keeping a wild smile on his face)
A: (irritated) what is this smile doing on your face shivay?
S: nothing… well why don’t you accept anika that you are jealous of girls who try to get close to me earlier and even who try to come close to me even now. Well you know what I feel really great when I am surrounded by beautiful girls.
A: (getting really angry that she held his collar and pulling him almost close to her and said) you cheapde how dare you talk like this that too in front of me haan… let me also show you what kind of wife I am… and what did you say you like being surrounded by beautiful girls really then try to do that right in front of my eyes then I can assure you one thing you will never be able to step out of you room… (stopping a bit and then continuing) and why am I saying room I will make sure that you will never step off from the house. Did you get that Mr. kanji ankho wala bagad billa.
Shivay was looking at her surprised as he was seeing this side of his wife for the first time and that too a side where she is completely in her jealous mode. All he could do was just nod in a yes and held her waist and said teasing her.
S: not bad Mrs. Oberoy you are really proving that you are jealous and (pulling her close to him) a very possessive wife. Now at least accept it now.
A: (getting conscious of the closeness she said a bit calmly) of course I am like all other wives shivay. and I think I am more conscious than all others since you are my one and only one possession. Got it.
S: (with an amused expression) oh, really… so my wife is accepting that she is possessive for me. (patting himself) not bad shivay finally your wife has accepted her defeat.
A: oh, really shivay… then for your kind information all wives are like this only. Okay.
S: haan okay… anyways why are you here?

A: well that I must ask you what you doing here and why is this room so decorated like this. I heard that you were here for a meeting and I don’t think that a meeting can be done in a place like this and not even in the clothes in which you are.
S: (leaving her a moving back) I said patience lady… you will get that in some time.
A: (calmly and nodding in a yes) fine then let your suspense break off with time. And to make you remember that you had yourself called me here for having dinner. But pity you shivay your memory is so weak that you don’t remember a simple thing that you yourself said a few hours back.
S: oh yes, I remember that and anyways I don’t think that I will be able to attend any meeting now since my wife is here and the fact is I am starving very badly so let us first have dinner then I will break the suspense off.
A: great that you remember that you have hunger too mr. husband… but I am seriously starving please get the food. Acha but what about the meeting shivay. I don’t want people to tell that because of me you left your meeting unattended.
S: (cupping her face lovingly) don’t worry anika meeting is not important right now you are important. So, let us have food come.
Finally, after having dinner anika was relaxing and shivay had excused himself as he needed to prepare himself. Anika just went and stood near the window looking outside the traffic when shivay came back and saw her like this. He was seeming to be very nervous and said to himself.
S: common shivay why are you getting so nervous after all she is your wife and she is not going to eat you up if you are going to propose her. just tell her what is there in your mind. Common shivay you can do it.
Anika who had seen shivay like this lost in thought came to him and said snapping in front of him.
A: hello mr. bagad billa where are you lost? Why are you standing here like a statue?
S: (coming out of thoughts) nothing like that. I was just thinking something well how was the dinner.
A: good… well shivay why do I feel that you are looking tensed.
S: (almost murmuring) how can I tell that you are not feeling like that but in real I am tensed? (anika looked at him amused and shivay realized what he just said and found anika looking at him and said stammering) amm… it… it is no… nothing li… like wh… what you are thinking?
A: well did I seek any kind of explanation from you… then why are you explaining shivay. shivay relax. Anyways, what are we doing here still let us get back home.
S: (all of a sudden) no… (anika looked at him surprised and shivay continued) I mean I need to tell you something else. So, for some more time we will stay here.
A: (amused) okay so tell what you want to tell?
S: (fidgeting with his hands) but I don’t know how should I tell it.
A: (holding his hands and making him stop she said confused) shivay are you alright… why are you behaving like a lunatic?
S: (taking his hand back) I am not a lunatic okay… I am a very normal person.
A: haan that I can see shivay… how normal you are right now? (pointing his forehead and saying) shivay even in this airconditioned room you are sweating…
S: (placing his finger on her lips and making her quiet) shhh… you know what anika you talk a lot… can’t you just for some time stay quiet. At least people near you will stay in peace for some time.
A: (taking his hands off and saying irritated) what do mean shivay? haan you mean to say that I keep pestering people by talking then let me make you clear mr. that it is because of me only that you are like this now. Otherwise you would have remained like that old tadibaaz bagad billa for the rest of your life. At least be thankful for that.
S: okay fine… I accept meri ma… now will you do a favour to me by keeping quiet for some time.
A: arre but why should I keep quiet…
S: okay fine if you are not going to keep quiet all by yourself then I have many ways to make you quiet and in case if you are forgetting then let me remind you the hospital technique which I used can be used by me very gladfully right now.
Anika remembering the hospital incident and just shied and then moving some steps back said.

A: thanks, shivay… but I don’t need that therapy again. I am fine as we are right now and I will keep quiet and will only open my mouth when you ask me to do it. Is that fine.
But to her surprise shivay just smiled and bent down and sat down on one knee surprising anika and she just looked at him surprised and shocked. She could just say surprised was.
A; shivay… what’s going in your mind? And what are you doing?
Shivay just held he hand and indicated her to keep quite and said.
S: now for a few moments from now all you have to do is just listen to me and you better don’t interfere in what I am saying. I really don’t know what will be your reaction but for you I promise it will turn out to be one of the memorable moment. So, please cooperate with me. okay.
Anika just looked at him surprised and then like an obedient daughter she nodded her head in yes. Somewhere anika felt that shivay was going to do something special so to feel the moment she just gave up to his
request and stayed quiet.

So, done with this part and I hope that you liked it. I know I was just puling the same thing again and again. I am very sorry for that. If you liked it the do comment positive or negative both are welcomed. I was down with fever from last few days and I ahd typed this chapter in between that. Anyways, I won’t talk more. This is priya signing off… bye and take care of yourself. And have a nice day.

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