Till you come back… (ISHQBAAZ) part 26

Chapter: 26

Hello everyone well this time I thought not to make you all wait for very long. So, I have posted the chapter earlier this time. I hope that you like this part and if you like then do comment. This is priya back again with another part of my ff. enjoy.

After a few days malika called anika and anika smiling on seeing malika’s name attended the call saying.

A: hello malika what happened baba missing me already.
M: oh, common anika don’t consider yourself so special.
A: oh, okay so that means this call is not for me. koi nai. So, tell me why did you call me? anything important.
M: well it’s true that I didn’t call to ask about you but I had called to ask about kavya. How is princess?

A: acha… acha you have called to ask about her, so why are you asking me about her you ask her yourself?
Saying so anika put the phone on speaker and placed it in front of kavya and said ruffling her hair.
A: baby malika masi is on call and wants to talk to you. so, talk to her.
Kavya smiled and giggled and was just tapping the phone and clapping her hands on seeing malika’s photo on phone. Anika who was watching her reaction said smiling.
A: arre kavya she can’t see how happy you are on seeing her photo. Talk to her then she can understand how happy you are. Common… common talk to masi.

K: aasi… (she clapped her hands and giggled) aasi…
And then she started murmuring something in her own language and finally anika resumed talking to malika and said.
A: now happy after talking to kavya. So, I guess the purpose of your call has been achieved so bye.
M: (struggling to stop anika from cutting the call) no… no… anika listen I have not finished yet.

A: (smiling) oh, so you want to talk more fine then here you go.
M: anika… anika listen I want to talk to you about something very important.
A: something important to me. okay then tell.
M: (fidgeting) how… how are you anika?
A: me fine and haan before you ask about everyone else let me tell you all are fine here. And don’t worry me and ishu are taking very good care of everyone.
M: well did you talk…

A: (confused) talk about what? And to whom?
M: (fidgeting) did you have any contact with dev these days.
A: (smiling inside on hearing this thought to pull malika’s leg) dev… malika I don’t remember a person called dev. Well do you know someone who is having that name.
M: (irritated) anika stop… okay fine I am cutting the call.

A: okay… okay… fine well to be frank malika why are you asking about him haan… let me guess. Haan I got it malika you naughty girl. You are in love Haina.
M: (irritated) anika it is nothing like you are thinking. And haan let me make you aware you are thinking too much okay.
A: (laughing inside) acha I am thinking too much. Well if I am not wrong it was you only who had called shivay asking the same few days back and then had called rudy too two days backing for the same. Right.

M: (knowing that she had been caught) anyways… I remember that I am having an important meeting so will call you later.
A: (she burst out laughing and malika just blushed. Anika finally controlling her laughter said still with a bit of laughter) I am sorry malika I seriously couldn’t resist. Anyways yes, I had talked to dev yesterday itself and he is fine and doing good. Do you want to know anything else?
M: (smiling) nothing that’s it. Bye.

A: bye. Take very good care of yourself my dear bhabhi.
M: (in an angry tone) anika… stop it else I will kill you once I get there.
A: (laughing) well then, I will be humbly honoured malika… (smiling) bhabhi.
M: anika you…
Before she could finish off anika cut the call and all malika could do was smile foolishly. Anika then got busy in playing with kavya. The next day shivay was busy in running here and there and at time ordering someone on call. Anika who was viewing it whole day looked at shivay getting angry on the worker asked.

A: shivay what’s going on and why are you getting so hyper on him for a small mistake? (looking at the worker) you can go now. (the servant went and anika looking back at shivay asked holding his hand) shivay I think you need rest. You are not getting sleep since the day I and kavya have come to OM. Shivay please calm down.
S: (his phone rang and he looking at it said) anika it’s not like you are telling. I am fine in fact I am good. And haan don’t think that because of you and kavya I have started living my life again this family has finally become complete.
A: fine relax I was just saying. Well what is going on your shivay that you were madly lashing out at that poor guy.

S: nothing. Well where is my baby?
A: excuse me what do you mean by your baby she is also mine. Get that thing very clear in your head.

S: (acting like smelling something) well anika I feel like something is burning.
A: (irritated she beating his hand said) shivay how dare you make fun of me haan. and haan I have noticed that these days that you are not giving me any importance.
S: (circling both his hands around her neck) well anika it’s true that kavya is my first priority now. But you will always remain the first priority like it used to be earlier and even in future.
A: (in a very sweet way) awe shivay it is so nice to hear that. But don’t you think that you are telling very uncommon things and going out of your SSO zone.
S: (anika smiled sheepishly while shivay looking at her smiling scratching his brows said naughtily) oh so now I am going out of SSO zone. Then let me show you that still the old SSO is there in me.

A: (naughtily) acha then prove it. Let me also see what this romantic billuji can do to prove that he is the same old tadibaaz SSO.
Shivay smiled and let his fingers run across his hair and anika too did the same. Shivay smiled and started tickling her which was least expected anika. She started laughing and pushing him back started running through all the places she could with shivay running behind her. dadi and ishu had been playing with kavya and they were also viewing the talks between anika and shivay. finally, seeing them like this dadi had a cute smile on her face. ishu noticed this and asked.
I: wow dadi it’s so nice to see you smiling so cutely.

D: well I have all the rights to be happy ishana. After all this house has started breathing fresh air again. Look at the way these two are running around you might have not seen any other crazy person like these two.

I: haan voh toh hai. Now this OM never seems like a house otherwise when I came this never seemed to be a house here I had seen people breathing just for the sake of living but now the environment has changed upside down dadi. Anyways, dadi now after didi has come I am completely free because didi never lets me do anything she does everything by her own.
D: well you can see only one side beta and I can see my grandson back. Anyways why are we trying to dig into the past let us enjoy this scenario which is right in front of us.
I: well now I understand rudy’s words that we don’t need any external entertainment as these two are like an entertainment channel.

Dadi and ishu highfied each other while kavya just slapped her forehead seeing her parents running around.
In the evening, ishu was running behind kavya who was trying to crawl free. Omru who entered there found ishu like this and went to her. kavya on seeing them started crawling round and round their feet. This made ishana too walk round and round around them. Finally, getting fed up rudra held ishana and made her stop while ishana asked.
I: didi why did you stop me?
R: (confused) didi… (shaking her) bhabhi come out of your dream. I am rudra.
I: (freeing herself) you idiot rudy why did you stop me in my way. Now this little disaster might have gone.

R: wait a second bhabhi we had asked you to get ready but look at you, you are still in this dress.
O: haan ishu please go and change we are getting late.
I: arre but first I have get kavya ready. Then only I can get ready.
O: ishu… ishu listen we will get her ready.
I: (mocking him) really om… so sweet of you but do you even know how a frock looks like and how to make a baby wear it. No naa then mind your own business.
Anika who had come there saw and heard this. She came to them and asked.

A: hello you three what are you discussing?
O: look na bhabhi we had asked ishu to get ready but look she is still…
A: (cutting him off) okay… okay… okay chill om… and (looking at ishu) you better go and get ready.
I: but bhabhi… kavya…
A: so, I will get her ready. (realizing what she just said) wait… wait… wait so kavya is also accompanying you and none of you told me anything.
O: haan who there is a kids PlayStation inauguration in the nearby mall. So, we are taking her there.
A: okay so I will also come with you.

R: no bhabhi what will you do by coming there?
A: (confused) what do you mean by what will I do by going there?
R: (scratching his hair) amm bhabhi shivay bhaiya is not here and when he comes and don’t find anyone here then you know naa what he will do. So, one of us has to stay back.
A: yaa you are right so fine I will stay back and don’t worry I will get kavya ready. But at least tell me when will you all come back as the first thing that shivay will ask will be of kavya?
R: (innocently) don’t worry bhabhi bhaiya already knows this thing as this is planned by him.
A: (confused) excuse me…

O: (kicking rudy’s leg which made rudy realize his mistake. Rudy scratched his hair while anika looked at him crookedly and looked at the rest of them. Ishana just gave a faint smile and om said trying to cover the situation) amm bhabhi it’s nothing he was saying that shivay won’t be asking you anything as he knows that kavya’s chachu’s will take very good care of kavya.
A; (placing her hand- on waist) om why am I getting a feeling that you are saying something and in your mind, you are planning something else.

R: it’s nothing like that. Anyways bhabhi get kavya ready we are already late.
Anika nodded and went away taking kavya who was crawling beneath the table in the hall. While the rest heaved a sigh and relief and om on seeing anika gone slapped rudy’s head and asked.
O: rudy are you seriously dumb you had almost spilled the beans.
I: and haan because of you the whole planning might have got wasted.
R: (like an innocent kid) sorry o sorry bhabhi.

O: anyways leave that let me inform this to shivay. (calling him) haan shivay your work is done all the elders will come tomorrow and we will also leave in sometime and your hurricane wife will be fee in sometime. So, take your own time and you are free to do whatever you want. So, bye.
Saying so he cut the call and in some time, they left for mall and anika was left alone at the house. All she did was wait for shivay to come.

So, done with this part. I really don’t know where this story is going and I really feel that the story is getting really boring. Well thanks for reading and I hope that you have liked this part. And if you do like then do comment. If you are wanting any change then do mention if possible I will change it. So, that’s it for today. this is priya signing off. Bye and take care of yourself and have a great day.

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