Till you come back… (ISHQBAAZ) part 25

Chapter: 25

Well hello friends I am sorry I am making you wait for so long. This is priya back again with another chapter of the ff and thankyou everyone for wishing me and thanks for reading the ff so far. Anyways, I hope that you will like this part too. So, enjoy.

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The next day anika woke up to find shivay sleeping near her and he was sleeping in a very uncomfortable position. She smiled and got up but she held her head as it was paining a lot. She immediately winced in pain which made shivay wake up with a jolt and he said.
S: what happened… what happened has some thief got into our house?
A: (getting irritated) shivay not a thief but my head…
S: (lying back and trying to sleep) okay your head…. Don’t worry anika your head is still in its place. No one has stolen it.
A: (tapping his hand) shivay my head is paining I mean it seems like someone is beating big… big drums inside my head.
S: haan so what do you think you will have after drinking 4 full glasses of bhang.
A: (shocked) what shivay are you out of your senses why will I drink bhang?
S: yaa correct I knew that you will say something like this only. Well anika you can’t change the fact that you had drunk 4 full glasses of bhang.
A: (holding her head) shivay listen naa my head is paining a lot. Do something.
S: (very sweetly) look panika you had harassed me a lot yesterday and now don’t even imagine that I will help you today by any means.
A: arre how mean you are billuji how can you think that I will harass you. I mean you are not a college student that I will harass you by ragging you.
S: anika please let me sleep ask ishu to help you with this headache. And haan take kavya from her I am sure she might have vandalized their whole room.
A: you know what shivay you are very cruel and mean.
S: well thank you so much for the compliments anika, and good night.
Anika beating him went away angrily and while walking on the way to kitchen she bumped into malika very rashly and the both fell down. Malika rubbing her hand said sadly.
M: what mistake did I commit sweety that you made me fall down like this? Ahh it is paining it a lot.
A: (irritated) here I was having headache already and now you have gifted me this backpain also. I am very much thankful to you.
M: (getting up) oh so are having headache. Come I will help you in that… (helping anika get up too)
They both went in the kitchen and malika lended a glass of lime to anika which she gulped down in one go. Malika looked expectantly at anika but anika said a bit sadly.
A: I am really sorry to say malika the trick failed my headache is still intact.
M: as expected and how can you think the hang-over of 4 full glasses of bhang will go with this glass of lime. Don’t worry I have another trick too.
A: (remembering about the past incident when they were made drunk by rudy) yaa why not I am very well aware of your trick malika. And I am not interested in having it.
Malika smiled and without minding anika’s pleas she started making the drink and anika was making funny faces seeing malika breaking eggs and mixing it. Malika after making gave the glass to anika which anika kept back saying fussily.

A: eww it contains raw egg I am least interested in having it.
M: I am not here to listen to your no’s anika so better have it by yourself or else I will have to do it by myself.
Anika tried leaving from there but malika pulled her back and despite of anika’s struggle to get herself free malika closing anika’s nose made her drink the juice. After it was finished malika patted anika’s back while anika was making awkward faces. Malika smiled and said.
M: very good anika… see you could have done this all by yourself. Why did you made me do this hard work?
In the mean while ishana entered the kitchen in a messed -up condition. Anika and malika looking at her could guess that she had not slept at night. Anika coming to her said lending her a glass of water.

A: ishu are you all right.
I: yes, didi I am fine just couldn’t sleep…
M: and the reason might be kavya right.
In the mean-while, kavya came there crawling and ishu just sat down on the chair next to her. kavya came and sat next to anika’s feet and started playing with her shawl. Anika picked her up and said tickling kavya.
A: kavya why didn’t you let chachi sleep… haan…
Kavya just clapped her hands and then started laughing. Ishu said making anika look at her.
I: didi can I ask you one thing. (anika nodded in a yes) didi how do you handle kavya. I mean she is…
A: I understand your question ishu but she is after all a mix of me and bagad billa so she has to be like this.

Anika smiled and malika just sat next to ishu and rubbed her hand. While anika just smiled, and placing kavya on the slab started to prepare breakfast. While in shivay’s room omru entered to find shivay sleeping very peacefully. They looked at each other and said.
O: look how peacefully he is sleeping.
R: correct o and how can he sleep so peacefully after snatching our sleep.
O: (coming and calling shivay) shivay… wake up it’s 9 in the morning wake up.
S: (irritated) shut up om first anika had not let me sleep and now when I am trying to finish it off you are disturbing me.
Omru smiled and said.
O: so bhabhi had not allowed him to sleep. Fine then rudy since he is sleeping let us also sleep with him.

R: haan o after all we might not get a chance to sleep together.
Saying so they slept beside shivay with rudy in the centre cuddling on to both shivay and om. In the kitchen malika was cutting the vegetables and ishana was sleeping by keeping her head on the table. Kavya who was playing with anika’s shawl got entangled in it and tried a lot to get free but she couldn’t. She looked at anika who was busy cooking and tried speaking for the first time.
Kavya (k): m… ma… mu… ma…
This made anika and malika look at each other surprised. Then they looked at kavya who was again repeating the same thing and kavya on finding anika looking at her continued looking at anika’s shawl.
K: mu… up… tta… do… (i.e. mumma free this shawl.)
Anika just had a thin layer of tears formed in her eyes and she was confused whether she should smile or cry. She just came to kavya and said holding her face.
A: what did you do now? I mean tell again the thing you told.
Kavya just looked at anika blinking and then made an irritated face and drew anika’s attention on the shawl by making angry squeal. Anika freed kavya’s hand and again said holding kavya’s face.
A: baby what did you call me now?
K: (angrily shrugging off anika’s hand and murmured) mu… m… ma…
Saying so she crawled off from there. Anika just looked at malika and said in a happy tone.
A: malika she has started talking.
M: yes, I saw it anika… anyways congratulations. Finally, I can go to London with a satisfaction that kavya has started talking.

A: well let me give this news to shivay… (malika nodded in a yes)
Anika woke up ishana and then went behind kavya who was trying to crawl beneath the dining table and picked her up. Ishana was walking still in a sleepy condition so she was swaying simultaneously. Finally, they reached shivay’s room and ishu’s sleep vanished into thin air. she just rubbed her eyes and looked shocked at anika. while anika was also having a sweet smile on her face. She said.
A: so, finally obro’s are together after a long time. They are looking very cute together Haina.
I: (surprised) didi you are finding this cute. I mean look at rudy he is sleeping as if he will suffocate bhaiya and om.

A: (smiling and half hugging ishu) you are feeling like this because you are seeing them sleeping like this for the first time. Well before we came into their life they used to sleep like this so no one is going to get suffocated here.
I: anyways you are very bad didi…
A: (she left kavya by shivay’s side and looked back at ishana confused) arre what did I do that you are feeling that I am bad.

I: I was sleeping very peacefully in the kitchen without disturbing anyone. You woke me up and now seeing this scenario my sleep just got vanished.
A: anyways let us go to your room I will massage your head so you will get a good sleep. Come.
Saying so they left from there and after making ishana sleep anika came to room to get kavya but found her sleeping on shivay sucking her thumb and shivay was holding her protectively so that she doesn’t fall down and omru were also sleeping very peacef
ully. She smiled and patting kavya left from there. Malika seeing her coming alone asked.
M: anika where is kavya?
A: she is sleeping with shivay and her chachu’s.

M: great anyways… (looking at time) so I am leaving for the airport in sometime.
Anika smiled and nodded. In the evening shivay, anika, dev and kavya had come to the airport for seeing off malika. Kavya was pulling and playing with malika’s hair and had made her a mess. Anika tapping kavya made her look at her and said.
A: what are you doing baby? Look at malika’s condition. She looks more like a first standard kid rather than a flight traveller.
M: no, it’s okay anika I will manage myself before boarding the flight.
S: well call me when you need any help with any kind of work after reaching there okay. And haan now don’t try to do any stupid thing like you did by leaving your work there just for the sake of showing a house. Okay.

Malika nodded in a yes. After sometime malika went in and the rest left for dropping dev to railway station. While on way shivay noticed, dev sitting calm and quiet. He looked at anika and tapping her asked her via action what has happened to dev. Anika nodded in a no and shivay asked.
S: so, dev why are you silent? I mean this is not your way or a this is not you.
D: nothing it’s just… leave it. (Taking kavya from anika and talking to her) well kavya baby mama will miss you badly.
A: (smiling) well kavya baby mama is telling a lie to you he is never going to miss you and… (looking at shivay she said naughtily) the person whom he is going to miss might have boarded her flight by now.

S: haan right and anika don’t you think that he is sitting as if his life has gone away.
D: (shivika smiled and highfied each other while dev getting irritated said) stop it both of you. it’s enough haan… arre you are pulling my leg from so long and that too without any reason. And haan I don’t have feeling for malika.
A: (trying to pull dev’s leg) look shivay how the thief got caught and that too he surrendered by himself.
D: (getting confused) anika don’t jumble the phrases. What do you mean to say?
S: (smiling) simple dev… as far as I remember we both didn’t mention malika’s name and you just confessed…

D: (cutting him off) wait… wait… wait… now before you say something hilarious let me tell you one thing I am confused right now. And I feel that I am not the right person for malika.
A: yaa correct. So, mr. dev from when did you become antaryaami… well how can you say that at least spend time with her and then judge yourself.
S: haan at least talk to her and then propose her and if in case she reject we will see that thing at that time.
A: look at the person who is saying this… dev take it as a free advice don’t go by his words… (beating shivay’s hand) he himself has not yet proposed me.

S: arre but proposal and all is done before marriage right. and when we both got married the only thing which we used to do was fight with each other. So, how will I propose you at that time.
A: haan… tell me mr. bagad billa who told you that one can only propose a girl before marriage.
D: yaa shivay you can… I think you must propose anika at least now.
A: (with a confident tone) leave it dev I am very sure that this bagad billa cannot propose me, not at least in this birth.
Kavya who was silently watching this fight muttered in an irritated tone.
K: mu… m… mu… ma… up… (k: mumma stop.)
Anika instantly stopped while shivay and dev checked their ears to check whether this thing was in real. Shivay asked confused.
S: dev did you also hear kavya talk or is it just my ear beating.

D: no shivay even I heard.
K: (again getting irritated) p… pa… up… (k: papa stop.)
S: (smiling and merrily he looked at anika) anika princess has started talking.
A: (in an ignoring tone) I know that she has started speaking and from the time she has started speaking she has permanently zipped up my mouth. So, congratulation mr. shivay singh oberoy your daughter is your exact Xerox copy.
S: well anika what will you do if I propose you.
A: ha… ha… ha… shivay just forget that I know you cannot do it.
S: (narrowing his eyes) oh really, don’t you try challenging me anika.
A: excuse me… what do you mean haan? don’t even think that you will win the challenge as you have always failed in winning challenges we have done till now.
S: anika if I win this time you will have to do what I say.
A: fine done but I know that I will again win this time.

D: (shivika continued their fight while dev said to kavya slowly) well baby now only you can give me company as your mumma and papa are busy with their fighting. (kavya laughed and clapped her hands. While dev said to shivay) well shivay (shivay stopped and looked at him via mirror) I am not saying that you should stop your fight with anika but make sure that you drop me at the railway station only not at any casualty ward okay.
A: (arching back and beating dev) shut up you idiot.
K: (hearing the word idiot) id… ot… (she giggled and clapped her hands)
A: (stressing her words) exactly kavya your mama is an idiot.
Kavya just giggled that her mumma was agreeing with her while shivika were avoiding each other. And dev was just playing with kavya.

So, that’s it for today. I hope that you all have enjoyed this boring chapter. I know I have made you wait for so long but thanks for the patience of waiting for the update. You all know my condition and again thanks for wishing me. anyways this is priya signing off. Have a great day ahead.

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