Till you come back… (ISHQBAAZ) part 18

Chapter: 18

Hello everyone, this is priya back again with another part and since I am running sort of time I am not able to reply back to your comments but I am really thankful to you all for such overwhelming response. And to answer one of the question asked by one of you I am from Kerala and there is no offence in asking anything to me. I am ready to answer anything. Anyways the ff is below enjoy the part.

After everyone left all assembled in the hall and anika was standing along with shivay and sahil. Pinky overcoming her shock asked.
P: oh, my mata… why on earth is this girl’s evil spirt not leaving over lives?
J: shut up pinky… something good is happening and you are using words like this.
P: (in an angry tone) you double shut ups jethaniji. (holding anika’s hand in a rough way and in an annoyed tone) what are you doing here and why did you come back to our lives after two years haan?
S: (getting anika out of pinky’s clutches and said in an angry tone) mom don’t you dare talk like this to your mom.
A: (facing shivay and said in a calm tone) shivay relax. She has all the right to ask this and I have to be answerable to everyone out here.
S: but anika no one has the right to talk to you in this tone.
A: (in a stern tone) shivay I said just keep quiet.

P: (making anika face her again) what? How dare you command my puttar haan… now you will only talk to me and answer all my question.
A: (calmly) haan auntyji I understand your feelings. But you don’t need to be this much angry. And I won’t run away now so you can loosen your grip a bit as it is hurting me a bit.
P: (pushing anika back) why have you come now?
A: (folding her hands to her chest) amm actually, aunty I got to know that my divorce was not registered and I tried finding shivay many times but he was not there in Mumbai so, I decided to wait and then I came to know that he was here so, I came.
P: okay then, you will get the notice in few days and then you will never come back again in my son’s and DIL’s life.
A: fine then but before I will leave I will remove all the (eyeing tia) evils in this house and then making sure that you all are safe I will go away forever.
S: (in an angry tone) anika are you even making sense of what are you talking about.
A: (facing him) I very well know what I am talking about shivay, and what’s wrong in that? Look we will talk about this matter afterwards and (looking at tia) you better watch out tia. 2 years ago you created a very planned game and saved yourself but now as I am back again I (coming near her and in a soft tone) swear I will destroy you.
T: (smiling) oh really anika let’s see who will win.

A: (with a mocking smile but with a stern tone) better get a place to safe yourself as I will destroy you in a way like no one has done not even with the criminals.
P: anika I am standing in front of you and you are talking to my bahu like this.
A: (smiling and standing in front of her) well you will get to know the real and unknown face of your so called bahu… and that too in a few days, and I truly wish that you don’t regret your decision to bring her back here at that time.
P: acha what will you do?
A: you know what auntyji I have learnt many things from you and the biggest thing that I have learnt from you is creating suspense, so why don’t we keep this as a suspense too. (she looking at the time said) anyways I am getting late now so I guess I should leave.
P: haan, haan go. And also, do a favour never return back again.
S: mom… just stop it.
A: (holding shivay’s hand) it’s okay shivay. (looking at pinky) and don’t worry auntyji I promise I won’t come back in anyone’s life and not even shivay’s. (smiling) take care aunty.
She looked at shivay and he just looked at her with an angry look. She just nodded in negative and come to omru. They just looked at her with a blank face. She just smiled and said.
A: what why are you looking at me like this? Arre are you still not able to get over the fact that I am in real or not…
O: (cutting her off in between) no… no… no… bhabhi it’s not like that.
A: (smiling) haan then behave normally.

R: (holding her) but bhabhi where were you? and how did you escape.
A: it’s a long tale and it needs time to get explained. So, I will tell you once we get a time to talk. But I am really getting late so, I guess I must leave.
O: but where… I mean this is your home and you must stay here.
A: (rubbing his hand) I know this is my house om… but still there are some people who are not willing to accept me as a part of this family, and once all members of this house accept me I will stay here only.
R: but bhabhi choti ma is like this only…
A: rudra calm down I am not going to leave you all and do you think that your brother will leave me that easily…
But before she could finish she felt someone holding her from behind. She turned to face the person and found it was dadi. She just smiled and took her blessing. Dadi holding her asked.
D: I knew that my billu’s faith will surely win and look you are finally here. But puttar were we all so cruel that you never returned to us.
A: (tears glistened her eyes) no dadi how can you even think like that. You all are so good and I am sorry for not retuning back. Just think that…
D: (smiling) your situation forced you to leave us.

A: (nodding in a yes) but don’t worry dadi I will surely return you your old tadibaaz billu before going away from here.
D: (slightly slapping her) chup khotiya… acha where are you staying?
A: at a very safe place dadi. And there are people to take care of me and to be taken care off. So, I am leaving.
Anika left from there followed by shivay. ishana coming to om asked in a confused tone.
I: om is she a super human?
O: (looking at her confused) what are you talking ishana?
I: no I mean she made choti ma shut up… since the time I have been in this house no one has even made her like this except shivay bhaiya but now didi.
O: (smiling) when choti ma is like this and shivay is also arrogant then anika has to be also like that only so there is nothing to get surprised in it.
I: om I have a wish…
O: don’t tell me that you want to meet and talk to anika personally.
I: (smiling and pulling his cheek) you are so sweet om you can even understand things that too without my telling, very good… and plz fulfil my wish naa.
O: sorry but I can’t. I don’t even know where is she staying.
I: god at what moment did I imagine to get married to a duffer like you. arre the way bhaiya left behind didi I am sure he might have gone to drop her so, just follow him…
O: (shocked) are you mad ishu. You want to get me killed that too this early stage of my life. If shivay gets to know that I am following him he will eat me alive.
I: (making a michmichi face) yew om why will bhaiya eat a human like you. there are much better things apart from you to eat in this world. (om was about to tell something but ishana stopping him in between said) arre I was telling that trace his phone and get his location.
O: arre why didn’t I think that before.
I: (smiling and mocking him) that’s because you are number one idiot.
Back outside the mansion anika was just going without minding shivay. this made him very angry that and he just held her hand and forcefully made her face him. Shivay said in an annoyed tone.
S: what were you telling inside? (tightening his grip) better get it in your mind anika you are not going to leave me and who asked you to come here? At least you could have called me before coming here.

A: shivay why are you reacting like this and what is wrong with the thing I told. Even on proving tia wrong if pinky aunty doesn’t accept me then I have no reason to stay here.
S: and what about kavya? I am not going to leave her alone.
A: (smiling) well shivay these two years I was alone and was taking very good care of kavya so I can take care of her ahead too.
S: (holding her with both her hands) shut up and don’t even dare to talk like that again. And as far as mom is concerned I am sure she will accept you.
A: great then let your wish come true. And since we are talking about kavya. Then let me make a move she might have made the house upside down till now. But before that billuji be careful while holding anyone like this again. (holding his hand) it’s hurting.
S: (he just left her and she smiled. She turned to go but he asked.) where are you going?
A: (confused) what do you mean by where am I going? I said that I am having a choti bagad billi who is waiting for me and I have to get back to her.
S: haan so I will leave you…
A: thanks, but no thanks shivay I will call dev he will pick me up.
S: anika I am not going to listen to a word now. You have talked a lot from beginning and now you will listen to me.
A: but shivay…

S: you will not listen right. (anika nodded in a negative) fine then you have finally forced me to become the old SSO again.
Before anika could figure out something shivay picked her in arms and started walking. Anika struggled to get down but shivay being shivay was not letting her go. Finally, anika calmed down and they left for malika’s home. All the way they were fighting and shivay was just pulling her legs. But they were unaware of the fact that omru and ishana had traced them. Malika was trying to solve shivika’s fight but the doorbell rang bringing them out of the trance. Malika opened the door to find omru along with ishana. She asked surprised.
M: hey… how are you, what a surprise and what are you guys doing here?
R: arre malika didi will you do all your questioning by making us stand outside. At least welcome us in.
A: (getting surprised on hearing rudy’s voice she said) rudra… but what is he doing here?
S: (realising that kavya was also in the house) kavya where is she?
A: (irritated) arre how will I know we were fighting till now and I was with you so, how will I know.
But before they could tell anything further voice of omru stopped them. Om said.
O: well shivay can you plz get a room. Why are you romancing in open?
S: (looking at him and in an angry tone) shut up om… and what are you three doing here?
R: arre wah bhaiya you have started becoming like o… and you have started telling his special line.
S: rudra… shut up and I think I asked you something.
I: woh bhaiya actually I asked them to trace your phone and from it we got to know that you were here.
S: what you tapped my phone?
I: (in an apologizing tone) sorry I am asking from there side too.
Anika looked at ishana and she too looked back at her. Ishana smiled and anika to smiled but she was confused as who she was, she tapping shivay asked in a confused tone.
A: amm shivay who is she?
O: she is ishana… my wife.

A: (surprised) wife… really om when did you marry?
O: some months back. Anyways apart from shivay malika also knew that you were alive. Right.
I: oh, fo omkara why are you investigating her, we can talk about this afterwards.
Anika and ishana were talking with each other and the boys were discussing something. The same time kavya came out from the one crawling and chasing a ball. On hearing kavya sound shivika looked at each other while omru stood rooted on their spot on seeing her there. Om remembered the temple incident and just caressed his hair. Rudy scratching his hair asked shocked.
R: o isn’t she the same girl who had created a hurricane in handling her.
O: (looking at rudy) haan rudy she is the same, I still remember the incident when she was pulling my hair. God rudy she had totally messed me up.
R: haan but what is she doing here?
Both looked at shivay and anika too looked at malika confused. Kavya was just busy playing with her ball and jumping in happiness on seeing it rolling. She would either squeal and then chase it. Then on seeing omru she started laughing and came towards them crawling. But she stopped the midway hearing dev calling her out. She just sat with a thud on her place looking here and there from where the sound was coming.
The same time dev came out from the room but he stopped the midway seeing omru and ishu there. Anika just slapped her hand on head and said.
A: phail gaya raita this stupid dev had to come out now and he cannot even handle her for some time. Don’t know what kind of mama he is?
Dev just looked at shivay confused and he looked at anika. rudra on seeing dev asked confused.
R: how rude malika didi why didn’t you tell us anything?
M: (getting confused on sudden questioning) what are you telling rudy? And what didn’t I tell you?
R: that you are married to this guy and you are having a kid.
Malika just started coughing on hearing it while dev just stood shocked on hearing it. Shivay looked at malika and dev and anika lended malika a glass of water. Dev overcoming shock said.
De: I am sorry to say but you are misunderstanding the situation mr….
R: (smiling) rudra…. Rudra singh oberoy.

De: oh, so you are shivay’s brother. Anyways I am dev.
M: (coming to rudy and beating him.) what did you say and how can you say that? Me and this idiot to be married.
O: so, who is this kid and if she is not your kid? Well, what is she doing here?
M: om from which angle do I look like a mother… and haan for your information she is not my daughter but she is these two (pointing shivay and anika) daughter.
Omru: what? She is shivay/bhaiya’s daughter.
De: and to answer the question you asked (coming and kneeling in front of kavya who started playing with him) all kids stay with their parents. So, what do you expect her to do somewhere else.
M: haan and I would better marry some donkey rather than marrying this chimpanzee.
R: (hiding behind shivay and in a scared tone) chimp… chimpanzee… where is it?
De: rudra relax she is talking about me.
O: (looking at shivay) well shivay would you mind elaborating things now.
I: haan bhaiya the recent knowledge has already confused us more and before we become totally mad get us out of this mess.
S: okay fine I will tell you this thing if you promise that you won’t tell about kavya to anyone.
O: fine… I will make sure that the secret remains within us.
Everyone sat on in the hall while kavya was just jumping up and down in shivay’s arms. She was the centre of attraction as she was just squealing and laughing on seeing new people in her house. The same time she was busy messing up with anika’s shawl which was in her lap.

So, done with this part. I just hope that you will like it. And I assure that I will remove tia’s track in the next part. Anyways if you like this then do comment and even if you don’t like then too comment. Well there was a suggestion from one among you to change kavya’s name since she found it to be old fashioned. So, I am giving that job to you all suggest any name whichever you like I will pick up one among them. But I assure that her character in ff will remain same. So, I guess you all will suggest me names whatever you like. So, this is priya signing… see you all next time till then take care.

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