Till you come back… (ISHQBAAZ) part 17

Chapter: 17

Hello friend this is priya back again with another part and I am really thankful to you all for the loads of comment. Anyways lets get back to the chapter. So, enjoy.

The next day shivay returned back to OM. Jhanvi and om on seeing him asked.
O: good morning shivay… where were you whole night?
J: (looking at the bandage on his hand) shivay what happened to your hand? Why is it bandaged?
S: haan voh yesterday in room I broke a glass and its pieces hit my hand so, I just bandaged it.

Sahil who had come there had heard what shivay said and he said to himself.
Sa: this jiju… don’t know how anika didi managed to bandage his hands and he is taking all the credits on himself.
O: but shivay that’s alright you didn’t answer my question still.
S: haan actually, malika landed yesterday and I had gone to pick her up. That’s it.
At the same time pinky came down. She looked at shivay and then came to them. Shivay on seeing her coming looked somewhere else. Om on seeing the uneasiness of shivay looked back to find what was bothering him to find pinky. Jhanvi came to shivay and said in a soft tone.
J: shivay relax plz try distracting your attention. Just don’t take this matter seriously. We will try to solve what is happening very soon.
Pinky coming to them asked in an angry tone.
P: shivay is this the way to go out of the house without informing anyone. Where were you all night?

J: (facing her) pinky he is grown up now. He can come and go whenever he wants.
P: haan try using your logic with your kids jethaniji. I know how to deal with my son. So, don’t interfere in mine and my sons talks.
S: (getting angry and on the top of his voice) okay stop it. Mom you don’t need to worry I have the stability to handle myself.
Tia who had come there on hearing his voice said distracting everyone. Shivay clenched his fist in anger and om just left from there.

T: what happened shivay baby… why are talking with mom like this?
J: (in angry tone) tia why don’t you mind your own business. Just stay out of our personal matters.
P: jethaniji she is also a part of our family and she has all the right to talk in our matters.
T: (coming to shivay) shivay baby what happened to your hand? (holding his hand) did you meet with an accident?
S: (taking his hand back) tia I am fine. And when the biggest threat is already residing in the house itself why would a mild accident disturb me.
P: (understanding that he was taunting tia) shivay why are you talking like this. Talk nicely to her.
S: (in a totally annoyed tone) mom when I used to make you understand my feelings you never understood it and now plz don’t try to force your opinions on me. Just let me be what I am.
Dadi was hearing all this and came down. Shivay and pinky who were arguing had not seen her coming. She clearing her throat said bringing them both to a halt said.
D: what’s going on here?
P: look na mummyji the way he is speaking to me and how he is talking about tia?
S: mom I am just….
D: billu get back to your room.
S: but dadi….
D: billu I said get back to your room. (sternly) NOW.
Shivay left for the room without saying anything further. Dadi looking back at pinky said.
D: pinky what’s all this why are you irritating billu. Just leave him on his own. He needs to adjust with everything and you are forcing him.
P: time mummyji how much more time he needs. I have decided I will do his wedding with tia as soon as possible.
D: pinky I swear you will regret for your decision. I just wish it doesn’t get too late for you to understand.

Dadi left from there and pinky just looked at tia and faked a smile and left from there. For few days, pinky tried making shivay understand but he would either lash out or would leave the mansion. Sahil was very much worried to see shivay like this and he just used to call anika and inform her everything. One day pinky barged into shivay’s room who was doing something. Shivay on seeing her stood and asked in an angry tone.
S: what happened mom? You are not at all in your senses and now you are planning to scare me.

P: shivay is this the way to talk to your mom.
S: mom plz if you have to come to irritate me then plz leave as I am no mood to destroy my current mood right now.
P: shivay accept the thing which I am telling you. tia is a very good girl and I really don’t know what magic has anika done on you that you are always against what tia does. So, I have decided to make you married to tia very soon.
S: mom we are done with this topic so, you better don’t dig the same topic again.
P: okay fine anyways do whatever you want? But shivay I came to tell you that tomorrow there is a Pooja in our house and it has to be done by wife and husband. So, tomorrow you and tia are also going to perform the Pooja together.
S: (getting irritated) okay fine, do whatever you want and plz favour me by leaving right now.
Pinky was about to tell something but shivay throwing the file went away from the room. Sahil who was listening to this followed shivay. shivay who was standing near the car and letting out his frustration on feeling someone coming relaxed himself. Sahil standing near him said.
Sa: so, eased your anger or do you still need something to break.
S: sahil what are you talking about?
Sa: haan… haan… now change the topic. For your information mr. bagad billa I was hearing all what was happening in your room.
S: (looking at him) okay fine. I am fine now.
Sa: (nodding in a negative) well I know that your anger might have still not calm down so, I am having a better idea to relieve your pain. (shivay looked at him confused. Sahil smiled and said) why don’t we go to malika di’s home.
S: no, that’s not needed I am fine.
Sa: well it might be not needed for you but I want to meet didi. So, frankly I want to go there. And you mr. tadibaaz will take me there.
Shivay just smiled and they left from there. After reaching there sahil just went straight to anika and hugged her. anika on getting hugged all of a sudden asked confused.
A: arre sahil, have you gone mad at least alert me before hugging me.
Sa: haan like everyone do give alert signal before hugging.
A: sahil… well what are you doing here.
Sa: nothing I was missing you and jiju was to stressed so I thought to come here.
A: acha so, your jiju is also here but where is he.
Sa: amm with dev bhaiya. You know na that same usual thing. Business and its talk.
A: hmm… (lending him glass of juice) here you go, have your juice. I will go and meet him.
Sa: amm where is choti tadibaaz…
A: she is in room with her toys and her usual stuff. But before going there finish off your juice and then go to her.

Sahil smiled and anika left from there. She came to the lawn and saw shivay and dev talking. She came to them and stood near them for a long time thinking that they will notice her but she was wrong. She finally getting irritated pushed shivay into the pool. Dev just backed off on seeing it in shocked. Shivay who had not at all expected this took some time to adjust himself. Malika burst out laughing on seeing shivay. shivay came out and said in an irritated tone.
S: what the hell anika have you gone mad or what?
A: (in a tone as if she is not knowing anything) what did I do now?
S: you idiot why did you push me in the pool.
A: haan so what do you expect me to do? Tell me one thing do you even know from when I was standing here.

S: you might have come in a minute or two.
M: (coming to them) you are absolutely wrong. She was here since last 15 minutes.
De: really but why didn’t you tell anything then.
M: haan so mr. fool she was looking for some moment for you and shivay to stop to tell something but guess what she only had this way out.

S: really, and (looking at anika) you panika you are going to pay for this. (anika looked at him with a look of do whatever you want to do. Shivay looked at malika and then continued folding his sleeves) dev don’t you want to settle the score.
Dev remembered the clay party event and a smile crept on his face. Malika looking at dev smiling she felt that something was fishy. She said in a confused tone.
M: what are you talking about shivay? which score? And why on earth are you looking at me and talking to this chimpanzee.
S: no, it’s just like that. And you will understand about which score I am talking about.

Malika and anika looked at each other confused. Shivay winked at dev, and he smiled back. The girls were not at all in a state to understand anything. And before they could react the boys pushed the girls in pool. Anika and malika both supported each other to steady up. They just gave an irritated look back to them. Finally, they all went in surprising sahil. He asked in a confused tone.
Sa: well did it rain now.
De: amm no… why?
Sa: then why are these three wet like this.
De: actually, they pushed each other in pool that’s it.
But before he could complete the sentence shivay sneezed making all look at hm. And then he was continued by anika and malika together. Dev slapping his forehead said.
De: chalo the thing I was afraid off is finally happening. And (looking at the three of them) before you three spread this cold to all. Get yourself changed. I will prepare kadha for you all.

The 3 nodded and went to change. Sahil laughed on seeing the three of them like this. In room anika was adjusting her hair and shivay came after changing and just stood rooted on his spot on seeing anika like this. He came from behind and hugged her, anika who had not expected it just started breathing heavily. Shivay was noticing the change in anika’s behaviour and he was smiling. Anika asked stammering.
A: shiv… shivay… wh… what a… are you doing?
S: (pulling her leg) what am I doing? Amm romancing with my wife.
A: (she just got shocked by the response) shivay leave me… there are people outside this room.

S: haan so… (in a calm tone) after all I am romancing my own property.
A: (getting shocked on hearing it said turning to him) property… really shivay property…
She started beating shivay and pushing him backward. Finally, shivay held her hand and locking it behind her, anika again became nervous while shivay was also losing his control. He was coming close to kiss her on lips but there was a loud bang on door which bought them both out of their trance. Anika pushed him away and went and opened the door. Malika and dev were standing there with a grin on face. Dev asked poking.
De: we are sorry to disturb you, but what was happening here that was talking you so long to answer the door.
A: amm actually, I was changing and shivay was…
M: (cutting her off) was romancing with you.
Shivay started coughing on hearing it while anika just looked away not facing malika. Dev and malika highfied each other and they said.
De & M: aa haan blushing mode on. Anyways sorry.
M: (lending her the tray of kadha) amm here you go we came to give this and take time to have it…
De: and continue with whatever you were doing. Malika let’s leave.
Dev and malika left from there smiling while anika just threw the powder bottle on shivay, he just muttered sorry and she just went away taking her glass. The next day, the whole OM was all set for Pooja. Elders were busy talking with people, while omru were running around to do the last-minute purchasing. Ishu was welcoming everyone and shivay was busy trying to run from there. But pinky was not allowing him to not even move.

The Pooja started and as ritual all the couple did Pooja and shivay was called but he was hesitating to do Pooja with tia. The pandit asked pinky to call his wife to do the Pooja, and pinky obliged and went to call her. she came after sometime with tia and asked her to join shivay, but shivay was looking somewhere else as if he is not at all interested in it. Tia was about to come to shivay but someone from behind joined shivay making tia confused. Shivay understood who the person was and asked in a soft tone looking at her.

S: anika, what are you doing here? When did you come?
A: (in a soft tone) arre why are you reacting like this after all this Pooja has to be done by husband and wife. And I am your wife so, I came. Why do you want tia to join you? then I will leave.
S: (holding her hand) I swear I will kill you if you will leave.
A: (smiling) fine then let’s concentrate.
Though shivay was happy that anika was with him the rest family looked at them shocked. Omru just muttered bhabhi while they looked at each other shocked. Rudra asked shocked.
R: o can you pinch as I am dreaming to see bhabhi over here.
O: (slapping rudy’s head) stupid she is right over here and you are not dreaming.
R: but o… how can she be here.
Dadi looking at them talking came to them and said smiling.

D: that’s because my billu’s faith won.
O: and seems like shivay knew that anika is alive from a long time.
R: haan and that’s the reason why he is not seeming surprised.
While the rest looked at anika in surprise. Sahil was smiling contently and anika looking at him thanked in action. Sahil raising his collar indicated that he is actually great. Anika and shivay completed the Pooja. Tia looking at them fumed in anger and she holding anika made her face her and asked.
T: how dare you take my place… you road side thrash.

A: (smiling and holding tia’s hand very rashly and taking it off) oh, ho my sautan is feeling hurt. So, sorry for that but what to do this Pooja is meant to be done by husband and wife.
T: (in an angry tone) and when you knew that how dare you come in between me and my husband.
A: (in a calm tone) wait… wait… wait… what did you say your husband? (looking around) but tia I am not able to see robin here.
Tia became silent on hearing robin. Shivay was looking bewildered at her as he had never seen this side of her. tia making out words asked.
T: but you died 2 years ago, right.

A: (smiling and pinching her) arre my sweet sautan I think this pinch will help you come back in this real world. When I am standing in front of you alive how can you think me to be dead.
T: how did you escape that accident and where were you till now?
A: don’t worry sweet heart I will surely answer all your questions. But just not today. And we all are meeting after a long time… (clearing her throat) well darling if you don’t mind then can you get me glass of water to drink.
T: (shocked) what I am not your maid. If you need water help yourself.
A: (smiling) yaa sure I forgot that you are my sautan and not my maid. I am sorry if you felt like that. But what to do tia cheapsters like you will feel like this only.
The youngsters were smiling seeing tia’s condition. Shivay was happy that tadibaaz anika was back. Anika looking at tia said.
A: anyways I need water… (she started moving but stopping in mid-way and holding tia’s hand very rudely) and why don’t you accompany me till kitchen sweet heart.
T: (confused) but why me?
A: (smiling) because I want to keep my husband safe. Anyways come let’s go.
Ishu who was viewing all this came near omru and said.
I: wow yaar what a dashing jethani I am having. Truly I am shocked.
Omru: (looking the direction where anika was going they too replied shocked) even we are shocked.
I: now I understand why dadi always used to tell that bhaiya and didi are takkar ki Jodi.

The rest everyone stood rooted to their spot and just looked at shivay in confusion. While shivay just looked at sahil and nodded in a negative with a smile and he let out a sigh of relief.

So, done with this part. I hope that you just like it and if you did then do comment guys. And even if you don’t then too do comment. I know you are now tired of reading so I wont bore you more so, this is priya signing off…

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