Till you come back… (ISHQBAAZ) part 16

Chapter: 16

Hello everyone. As requested by you all I am posting next chapter today. I just hope that you all like this part and if you think that I am boring you the tell it openly. Anyways, this is priya back again with another part. enjoy

In room shivay just tried controlling his anger. He got some water to drink but he just clenched his fist very tightly that the glass broke in his hands itself. While in malika’s home anika was surprised to find an unexpected continuous knock on the door. She just went and opened the door to find malika standing there with her luggage. She was looking so tired and muddy. Anika looked at her open mouthed and asked in a confused tone.
A: malika did you play football. You are having mud on you from head to toe.
Malika just pushed anika away from the door almost making her land outside the door. Malika went in and just sat on the sofa with a thud. But the surprise was not over yet. Anika felt someone patting her shoulder and she looked back at who it was resulting her to arch back in shock. It was a man who was fully drenched in mud and his face was not clear due to sticking of mud. She asked stammering.
A: wh… who… a…. are… y… you… mr.?
M: (from inside in a tired tone) what are you asking him? Ask me, leave it I hate suspense. Anika get dev clean and let him in.
Anika on hearing dev got shocked again and looked at him. She just cupped her mouth. She just looked at him and stepped two steps back. Anika overcame her senses and asked in a shocked tone.
A: what happened dev you are fully clad in mud like this?
De: (irritated) hello madam can you just keep your questioning aside. Let me clean up else I am sure I will get stuck with dry mud on me.
A: (he was about to get in but anika stopped him) wait… wait… wait… where are you going? First get yourself clean and then come in.
De: (confused) haan so that’s what I was going to do? Move.
A: (he marched further but she just pushed him back) I said there is a tap outside. Clean yourself and then come in.
De: but I need help.

A: (confused) why? And what kind of help do you need?
De: (in a childish tone) arre I don’t even know where and all the mud is there on me, your stupid friend didn’t even give me a chance to figure out.
A: sorry but I am helpless dev. I am sorry to say dev you will have to help yourself.
De: (smirking) really do you think so? (anika nodded in a positive) I am saying again think again.
Anika looked confused at him. Dev just smiled and before anika could think anything he just hugged her, for which anika got the greatest shock. She just frowned for what dev did while dev just laughed. Anika pushed him away and said in an irritated tone.
A: dev have you totally lost it. What have you done?
De: hmm now you are also in the same situation like me, now come and help me.
He just left from there. And anika looked back at the room and stomped her foot and joined dev. After sometime all the three got fresh. Dev was playing with kavya while malika was helping anika, anika asked cutting vegetables.
A: now will you tell me what are you both doing here?
M: I don’t know. Ask this idiot. He brought me here.
A: (looking at dev) dev what’s going on.

De: amm I was missing princess. So, I came here. And I was gradually not knowing the address of this place and had called her to ask the address but she offered that she will accompany me. so, that is what is going on.
A: fine malika and dev who will handle your office works back in London and goa respectively.
M: excuse me. (irritated) can you just stop boring me. your husband used to bore me with the same stuff. And now you don’t need to take his place.
A: (defeated) okay I give up. (looking at dev) anyways dev what would you like to have.
De: (confused) would I like to have for what?
A: (mocking him back) for breakfast…
De: (confused) breakfast. Seriously, I mean you have not even made dinner which is for today and you are planning about tomorrow.
But before anyone of them could tell something door-bell ringed. Dev went and opened the door. He saw shivay and asked surprised.
De: shivay you here. What a surprise?
S: (in an off-mood tone) hai dev.
De: (feeling something suspicious) shivay are you alright. I mean you are sounding well.
S: (getting in and in a calm tone) amm I need some water I will get it.
Dev wanted to ask something but shivay left from there. He straightly went to room and dev left for kitchen. Malika who was having carrot looking at dev confused expression asked.

M: hello… mr. confused and irritated person. Will you tell who was on the door?
De: (coming out of his world) amm shivay… (anika looked at him while he continued) and he just went upstairs.
A: haan so what’s so shocking you dev. He usually comes at this time and stays for some time and leave.
De: no but anika he was sounding disturbed. Anika I think you should meet him.
Anika didn’t wait for dev to finish off and went upstairs. Malika looked surprised and looked at dev. And he just looked back at her. while in room shivay was just pacing around like a pendulum. Anika came and stood in his path making him bang with her. he looked at her and asked.
S: I am sorry I was… (holding her) are you fine. I mean did I hurt you.
A: (holding him back) shivay I am fine. What happened to you? dev was telling that you were seeming tensed.
S: (thinking about the thing which happened in OM he just said calmly) no, nothing. I am fine.
A: (looking at his hands which had blood stains) really do you think so, well I can see something has happened which has hurt you a lot.
S: (confused and leaving her) I don’t know what you are talking about.
A: (holding his hand and finding cut marks in it. She asked pointing it.) what do you think this is shivay.
S: (taking his hand back) amm its nothing. I think something hit me, that’s it.
A: (making him sit and going bringing the first aid kit) so, did you break a glass or a window or a car shield. Tell me which thing had the honour to die with your hands.
S: (finding no way to escape he finally confessed) a glass…
She just let out a sigh and sat next to him. She took his hand and removed the stains with water and she was about to apply medicine on the wound. But shivay being shivay was not letting her to even touch it. He would at times arch his hand back. Finally, anika getting irritated said.
A: stop it shivay, behave like a grown up.
S: (childishly) but it hurts anika. (taking his hand back) leave it I am fine I don’t want to do medication.
A: (highly irritated) shivay keep your mouth shut and sit quietly. Let me apply the medicine else it will get septic.
S: no anika its fine.
But anika just held his hand tightly. She didn’t mind his tantrums and applied the medicine. He was wincing in pain and anika on seeing him asked.
A: if it pains you a lot then why don’t you show your tadibaazi with something which don’t hurt you.
S: (realizing that he had seen dev he asked) well if I am not wrong I saw dev.
A: (patching up the final work of the dressing) you are not wrong. Dev is here.
S: really when did he come?
A: few hours back. And malika is also with him.
S: oh so, that was why her phone was not available.
A: so, would you mind to tell me why did you try to hurt yourself?
S: (going out) nothing some issues of the house.
Anika just nodded in negative seeing him leaving. Shivay came to kitchen and malika on looking him sat erect. She gave him a frustrated look and he asked confused.

S: what?
M: thank god that I got to see you finally. I thought you forgot everything after getting back to your wife. Shivay I had asked you to look after all the work by staying here but no, you didn’t even listen to it.
S: okay… okay… relax malika I admit it’s my mistake. But how come you suddenly land here.
A: (coming in there) simple dev was missing kavya so he came here and malika accompanied him to show him the place.
S: what? Malika, are you mad you could have told him the address what was the need to come.
M: hello your wife is here na then talk like this with her and not me. and I was missing home and wanted to meet my friend and kavya. So, I came.
A: and you know what shivay you must have seen the way they both came here.
De: shivay I must admit you are really great to bear this idiot.
S: (confused) dev of whom are you talking about.
De: yaar this malika made me a football and was tossing me around in mud. Half tank of water got finished in cleaning me up. Haina anika.
S: (looking at malika in disbelief) seriously malika what was are you a kid.
M: haan so what. This idiot made me wait for one hour and didn’t say sorry. And above that on seeing his face I feel like I am looking at a chimpanzee. So, I threw mud on him.
De: acha so I look like a chimpanzee then you know what you look like a rabbit. Who goes on eating carrot without any reason.
Malika just threw the onion which was near her on him but it hit shivay. he just looked at her angrily while she just poked him and continued eating her carrot. Kavya looked at shivay and then making sounds which drew his attention on her. he kneeled down and started playing with her. since his hand was hurt he was having a bit difficulty in picking her up. Kavya found some uneasiness in his hold that she just looked at him confused. Shivay looking at her asked.

S: what happened baby why are you looking at me like this?
She just blinked at him and gave looked at his hand which was bandaged. She patted the place and made some angry but confused squeal. Shivay looked at dev and he raised an eyebrow question what was kavya doing. Dev smiled and said.
De: amm she is asking you what’s this thing on your hand.
Shivay looked at kavya and smiled at her. he tickled her and said.
S: amm it’s nothing kavya. Papa just got hurt. There is nothing serious. So, you just relax.
Finally, dev and shivay played with her. Anika served the dinner and asked everyone to join to which all complied and while having food kavya was just sitting on the table and peeping in all the dishes kept on it or near her, she would at times look at shivay and then tried snatching the spoon from his hand. Malika clearing her throat asked.
M: shivay dev said that you were sounding tensed when you came so, tell us what’s the matter.
A: I tried my level best to make him tell the thing but he didn’t tell a word.
De: shivay still you are seeming tensed. What’s the matter?
S: (in a calm tone) tia is in OM. Mom brought her back. (anika just started coughing on hearing the thing. Malika helped her calm down. Shivay continued) and she wants me to get married to her.
A: but shivay…
S: I know you are surprised hearing it anika, and I know that you don’t want to hear this. But I am sorry, as the time has come for you to do the thing for which you have come here.
A: (tensed) shivay but how…
M: don’t worry anika we will see when you need to be presented before the family.
A: malika it is not that easy like you are thinking. She is very dangerous and I mean if Mrs. Kapoor can do cheap acts like failing breaks then tia is her daughter and she is not less. She can do anything.
S: anika relax. I am there with you and even dev and malika is with you, don’t worry. You will be fine.
In the mean-while, kavya who was playing with the dishes kept around started crying bringing all attention on her. Kavya had put her hand in one of the curry and then rubbed it on her face. The chilly which was there in the curry irritated her eyes. Shivay took her and tried to calm her but she was not even stopping. Anika tried to wash her face but kavya was not letting her to even touch her face. But with lots of efforts they managed to make her calm. She was not even leaving shivay for a second and was just clinging on to him.
After a lots of efforts shivay made her sleep and anika tried taking her back but the slight movement would make her sob in sleep. Dev finally looking the situation said.
De: shivay I think it would be better you stay back as she is not going to leave you.
A: but that’s not possible dev. He has to get back.
M: haan so what do you want… make kavya cry whole night.
S: it’s okay anika I will make some excuse. I am staying back.
A: okay then as you all wish. You go to room and rest I will come.
Shivay and dev left for their respective rooms. Anika after helping malika left to room to find shivay patting kavya who was in sleep. She sat beside him and said.
A: shivay its late why aren’t you sleeping.
S: amm I was not getting sleep.
A: shivay leave the thought of tia and her doings. We will face her together.
S: (calmly) haan we will.
She just smiled and silently placed kavya on the bed and shivay just looked at his hand. Anika patted his hand and smiled at him. He too smiled back and placing his head in her lap he slept.

Precap: anika in OM.

So, done with this part. I hope that you like this part. Then plz do comment. And if you feel like I am dragging then do mention that too. And to you all out there take care and enjoy your day ahead.
This is priya signing off. Bye.

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