Till you come back… (ISHQBAAZ) part 15

Chapter: 15

Hello everyone, I am sorry as I didn’t update yesterday. I know I am disappointing you all by delaying the update like this. I am sorry as yesterday I was down with cold and headache was not allowing me to take strain. So, I am sorry for that. Hope you like this part. So, this is priya back again with another part. Enjoy.

Shivay nodded in negative on seeing the situation and called anika, she just attended the call and said all tensed.
A: shivay phial gaya raita. Kavya…
S: (without letting her complete what she was saying he asked in an angry tone) what is she doing with the rest of the family?
A: (surprised) what…. (stopping for a second and then continuing) how did you know that? Are you… (she peeped to see where shivay was and found him standing near the steps) shivay now what should we do?

S: (mocking her) oh, what a great question? Well you are very genius sweet heart try to find a solution by yourself.
A: (irritated) shivay… find a solution and it’s not a time to joke.
In the mean while kavya saw shivay and started to squeal happily. Shivika simultaneously looked at kavya and the rest looked in the direction where kavya was looking. Omru looked at him surprised while he just smiled at them. He just looked back at anika and cut the call. Om asked loudly bringing shivay’s attention back.
O: shivay why are you standing there like a post? Come na…
S: (he nodded and came to them) haan so what were you saying?

R: (looking at kaya’s excitement he just asked confused) bhaiya does she know you? I mean she is just not controlling her excitement on seeing you.
S: (finding something to say) yes… (the rest looked at him shocked he realised what he said and scratching his forehead and asked) okay I mean to say n…. (stopping for a moment he said scratching his temple) amm no. (in the mean-time anika called him. He just looked to her and gave an angry glare.)

D: (dadi looked at him staring somewhere and not even attending the phone tapped him and asked) billu where are you lost. Attend the phone.
S: (looking at her and smiling and nodded. He attended the phone) haan… hello (he asked angrily but in a calm tone) what now?
A: what. What shivay? and why the hell are you standing like a pillar? Get kavya and bring her to me.

S: (he just looked at kavya and the rudy just raised an eyebrow. Shivay just smiled back and replied back to anika) oh, hello idiot. The thing which you are telling me to bring is not a toy. Okay so, just wait for some time. And the problem is created by you so, better you try to correct your problem by your own.

A: (protesting) shivay I swear do something. Else I will come in front of all.
But before shivay could protest something kavya threw her hands in front of him and started making sounds and giggling. Dadi found something was really there with them. Omru looked confused. Shivay just smiled and took kavya from rudy. Kavya happily went to him and started playing with her regular toy. Shivay smiled at her and asked.
S: what baby did you find your toy to play with? Haan…

Hearing this kavya just started jumping up and down in his arms. She just made happy sounds and started laughing. She then started playing with the handkerchief. Dadi was watching the way kavya knew everything about shivay’s possession. The places where the things were kept and all that. Rudra who was seeing all this asked tapping om.
R: o, wasn’t she the one who was making us go mad a while ago. Now see what has happened to her, look at the way she is behaving with bhaiya. She is looking so happy and she is not even pulling his hair nor his pocket.

O: (confused) haan rudy. She just met with him and she is already laughing. I mean there is something fishy.
R: (excitedly) Haina… I was also thinking the same. (patting om’s hand) om did you notice we are agreeing for the same thing for the first time.
I: hello you both idiot brothers are you finished with your talking’s, just go and get the car we need to leave.
O: haan I will go and get the car.
D: (omru leaves for getting the car. Dadi looking at shivay) billu.
S: (looking at her) ji dadi.
D: tell me one thing very frankly… (shivay nodded in agreement) do you know this baby?
S: (stammering and he just coughed and continued) amm… voh… voh… (looking at kavya and seeing her smiling) why did you ask so?
D: (smiling) no, just like that. She is very happy in your company.

S: might be she is just finding me friendly so, she is behaving like it.
I: (looking here and there) arre but bhaiya where is her mom?
D: haan puttar she is with us from long, might be she is looking for her.
S: (looking at the tree behind which anika was hiding) ishu why don’t you do one thing… (looking at her) why don’t you take dadi till car I will return this baby to her mother.
I: are you sure or I will do that you take dadi.
S: no… no… no, it’s okay. You leave. I will come back.
Dadi and ishu left. Shivay came to anika and holding her by her hand said annoyed.
S: are you mad or what anika. goa wasn’t enough for you to leave kavya unattended that you are leaving her unattended like this again. Anika grow up this is a temple what if she would have got lost.

A: arre shivay, why are you getting mad on me? I had left her near me only but you know her she never sits at one place. And I was not even knowing that dadi and all were going to come here.
S: really anika. (understanding that anika will not listen to anything which he would say he said irritated) leave it. It’s just waste of time to talk to you. don’t forget I am not dev that I will not scold you for a matter like this. So, you better understand and get it straight into your mind never ever leave my daughter unattended.
A: (answering back) oh, hello mr. bagad billa she is also my daughter.
S: haan so what do you think like you she will also capable of taking care of herself.
A: haan billuji she is capable of taking care of herself.

S: have you totally lost it anika. she is just a kid, look just don’t even try to leave her unattended again.
A: (letting out a sigh) okay so I give up. Both daughter and father are the same. Both will make their thing agree by hook or by crook. Anyways leave now else omru might come here searching you.
S: (he smiled and giving back kavya. Kavya looked at him confused and he just smiled and continued) okay so, baby papa is leaving. And don’t ever leave your mumma again okay. Will come to meet you soon. (kissing her which made kavya frown. She just rubbed the place where she was kissed. Shivay smiled and looking at anika) so, kavya’s mumma wants to tell something.
A: (smiling and replying back) no, billuji leave. And take care.
Shivay half hugged her and left. Anika just smiled and looked at kavya who was looking at shivay leaving. She then started murmuring something in her own language sadly and then pouted. She too left from there. In the evening pinky was on call and was telling.
P: so, I guess this is the right time for you to come back. Shivay seems to have moved on and he is also seeming to listen everything which I will say. And above that he is also not planning to go back very soon. so, you better come back soon. okay then bye.
In shivay’s room, the youngsters were talking and making fun of ishu. She getting irritated yelled at the top of her voice.
I: okay just stop it. Else I will not leave a single one of you.
R: but bhabhi, really you are behaving like an aunty these days.
S & Sa: no… no… no… she is not behaving like aunty but she is behaving like a mom. Who goes on scolding for petty reasons.

I: (getting angry that she stood up and keeping her hands-on waist) stop it… (looking at shivay) bhaiya look I am not that old that you start calling me mom and rudy you better watch out before calling me aunty. Okay.
O: (in pain) ishu if you are done with your scolding would you mind stepping down from my hand.
All, looked at om and found ishu standing on his hand. They smiled seeing om’s painful face and ishana kneeling down and holding his collar said in an annoyed tone.
I: what haan… you only care for your hand and you are not trying to stop anyone from teasing me.

O: arre but they are saying the truth na… you are behaving weird these days. So, anyone will call you that only.
I: (mocking a smile) oh, really. Then also get the result for not helping me. (he looked at her confused) so, mr long hair oberoy, you are honoured to vacate the room which you are using as (very sternly) you are strictly prohibited from entering that room.
O: (shocked) what? (the rest burst out laughing on hearing it. Om gave a death glare back to them.) okay fine ishu but tell me where will I sleep then.
I: (pushing him back) I don’t know stay wherever you want.
Om just looked defeated at ishu. She just sat back on her place and looked somewhere else. Om looked at shivay but he innocently said.
S: sorry om my room is full. Sahil is with me so…
Om gave a nothing can happen wala look. He looked at rudy and rudy acted to be busy with his phone. Om then said angrily.
O: haan… haan, you be like this only. You are really worthless people. And you know what I don’t need anyone’s help I will find a room for myself.
S: (pulling his leg) but om where will you stay?
O: shivay if you are forgetting we are having guest rooms here. I will stay there.
R: (scratching his hair) but o, the rooms are closed from many months. So, it will be dusty.
S: haan rudy is right you will get sick if you stay in dust.
O: haan so what’s the big deal in it? I will clean the room and stay. Since my both brothers are useless…
Om couldn’t finish. They heard dadi calling shivay and they looked at each other. Shivay stood up and said.
S: why is dadi calling me? let’s go and check.
They left and saw dadi facing the door and calling everyone. Shivay came to dadi and in the mean-time the rest too came down and shivay asked concerned.
S: what happened dadi? Why are you sounding tensed?
O: (in an angry voice facing the door said) what are you doing here?
J: tia what are you doing here? Why have you come back after two years?
Hearing the name tia shivay just freezed. He looked back at the door to find her standing there all smiling. He clenched his fist and just gave her an angry glare. Tia just stood there smiling and pinky going to her said.
P: arre beta why are you standing here? Come in.

Shivay looked at pinky while rudra said all angry.
R: lady baba we are asking you something. Why have you come back? Haan…
P: (looking back at them) and why should she answer you all. After all she is shivay’s wife even now. She has all the right to come back. (looking at shivay) and shivay since anika is not there in your life it would be better you marry her soon and make her your legally wedded wife.
D: pinky have you not understood yet. Look billu have come back a few days before and now you are planning to make him leave forever.
P: no, mummyji because of that road side girl my son went away from me and now since he has come back it’s my right to give him all the happiness he needs.

D: (protesting) but pinky…
P: (without letting her complete) no mummyji you will not stop me now. And my decision is final. (looking at shivay) shivay you have decided what you wanted to do with your life in these two years now that’s enough. Now you will have to do what I want.
Shivay gave an angry glare back and then left from there. Omru tried to stop him but shivay just pushed them aside and left. He went to his room and locked him inside. Sahil looked at tia and gave her and angry look. Ishana said.
I: don’t know what all is going to happen now. Bhaiya might not be in control now. Choti ma must have not done this.

She just looked above and prayed to get everything settled very soon, all left from there leaving pinky and tia alone. tia just stood there smiling with a victorious look.

So, done with this part. I just hope that you like it. I was down with cold so I was not able to update yesterday. Plz forgive me for that. If you like part then do comment else even if you don’t like then too comment. So, this priya signing off. Till then take care.

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