Till you come back… (ISHQBAAZ) part 14

Hello everyone. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY and here I am back again with yet another part of this ff. I hope that you like this part and if you don’t then tell me frankly. So, enjoy this part.

After some days, shivay and sahil were in car. Sahil was getting irritated as shivay was not telling where they were going. He said in an irritated.
Sa: jiju where are we going?
S: (smiling) arre sahil have some patience you will get to know where are we going once we get there.
Sa: (calmly) jiju but why are you creating so much suspense.
S: (smiling and pulling sahil’s cheeks) oh, fo my angry young man. Chill even if you ask me again the same thing my answer won’t change.
Sa: (looking at him from top to bottom he said turning and sitting facing shivay) jiju what had happened in goa when you had been there last time?
S: (confused) nothing. But why did you ask so?
Sa: no, actually you have changed a lot after coming from there. Did you get something precious from there?
S: (smiling and ruffling sahil’s hair) yes, something similar.
Sa: (looking at shivay and then giving an unbelievable look. He then looking out said) hello bagad billa if I am not wrong then this place leads to malika di’s home.

Shivay nodded in agreement and before sahil could tell anything further shivay stopped the car and got down. Sahil too got down. He looked at the house and said scratching his hair.
Sa: malika didi has also come to india. Why did we come here? To meet her, but she could have also come to OM to meet us.
S: (in a stern tone) sahil, what will you take to keep your mouth shut? (sahil was about to protest) zip up your mouth and get in.
Sa: (poking him) why aren’t you coming?
S: I need to make a call you carry on.
Sa: fine. (murmuring in anger) tadibaaz needs to remain in his tadi always.
Shivay looked at him angry and before he could say something sahil ran off. Shivay smiled and said to himself.
S: I know that I have always been secretive to you, but today you need to get your family back. Like I know the thing that anika alive and you being her only family you must also know it.
While sahil just ran straight into the house. Anika was arranging the sofa and was facing her back to sahil. He just ran looking back whether shivay was coming or not. He just banged into anika and without looking at her he said.
Sa: I am sorry malika didi. Voh I was looking behind and running that I did not notice you.
Anika just looked at him and he too on not getting answer from malika looked up just to find anika standing in front of him. He just backed off and all he could say was anika didi. Both had tears in their eyes and anika just kneeled down in front of him. She hugged him and both shared a sweet hug. After sometime sahil asked leaving her.
Sa: didi you here? So, jiju was correct you were alive. (but crying) didi, why didn’t you come back earlier? Where were you?
A: (wiping his tears she said smiling) sorry sahil I was just sacred to come back. I won’t repeat it. (catching her ears) I am sorry.
Sa: didi where were you till now?
A: amm somewhere far from here. Which I guess was safe for me to hide for some time?
Sa: wait a second was jiju knowing that you were here.
Anika nodded in a yes, and stood up. That was the time she realized that sahil was not having clutches. She found him standing by himself and tears started flowing from her eyes. Sahil looking at her crying asked.
Sa: didi no one is cutting onion here there you are simply crying without any reason.
A: sahil your leg is completely fine. How?
Sa: oh, fo didi jiju had taken me to London to get me treated and then we settled there. You know what didi you are still stupid… you are crying for this small thing.

Kavya came there crawling and threw the ball on sahil. Sahil rubbing the hit part looked back and saw kavya sitting there. She just giggled on seeing sahil hit. She just clapped her hands and sat there all smiling. Shivay walked in and saw kavya clapping and laughing looked amused at anika. sahil asked looking confused at kavya.
Sa: didi who is this?
A: (not knowing what to tell she just fumbled) amm voh… voh…
Anika just looked at shivay and he looked at her back. She raised an eyebrow of what to answer. Shivay smiled and walked up to kavya and kavya just smiled and started jumping sitting on her place. Shivay kneeled down and started playing with her. Sahil just looked at them specially shivay bewildered. Shivay then asked to kavya.
S: so, did my princess miss her papa. (kavya just blinked at him) haan…
Hearing it she just laughed. Sahil just got another shock hearing the word papa. He looked at anika and all he could just say was.
Sa: (in shock) papa… (confused) didi am I dreaming. No, now I get it my jiju has become mad.
A: (confused) haan what do you mean?
Sa: actually, didi the thing is after coming here jiju is not going for work so might be all the work stuff is getting accumulated in his head that he is considering this girl as his daughter. And above that he is talking nonsense.
A: (slapping his head) oye, how dare you speak like this about your jiju. Were you like this only these two years?
Sa: (innocently) haan… (anika gave him a death glare but sahil smiled confessing) didi if I had not become like this na then your bagad billa might had been not like the one you are seeing now. Well if you are dome changing topic then can you tell me who is this girl.
A: amm she is kavya… (stopping for a second) our daughter.
Sa: are you serious didi? Or are you trying to make me feel that it’s a joke.
A: (giving an irritated look) sahil do I look like I am joking with you. arre baba if you want to believe then believe else don’t. anyways take a seat I will get something to drink.
Sahil nodded and anika went away. Sahil smiled seeing shivay so happy after a long time and come to him and sitting down near him said.
Sa: so…
S: (raising an eyebrow confused) so what?
Sa: when did it all begin?
S: arre sahil finding your didi doesn’t mean that you will start circling things like jilebi. Tell it straight what you want to tell.
Sa: (nodding in positive) fine then. Let’s get it straight. When did you get to know that didi is alive and kavya is also a part of your life now? And who else knows this apart from you?
S: okay so apart from me malika also knows this. And I met her one month before in goa. At that was the time when I got to know about kavya.
Sa: okay so, the change in your behaviour was because of this little punter and didi. (slapping shivay’s hand) and why didn’t you inform me earlier about this.

S: simple because I wanted to give you a surprise.
Sahil smiled and started teasing shivay, anika came there with drinks. She looking at shivay and sahil and then said.
A: so, what talks are going between you both BIL’s.
Sa: sorry didi… boys talk. And you will not understand it.
A: (getting shocked by the response) haw that’s not fair. And sahil you have become secretive.
Sa: (pulling her leg) haan since you are secretive and because of you my sweet jiju also became secretive. I will also get the same inheritance.
A: (shivay just laughed on hearing it and anika faking an anger said.) acha inheritance. Let me show you what all your didi can do now.
Saying this she started tickling sahil. All, started laughing including kavya who then slowly became close to sahil. In the evening, both shivay and sahil returned back to OM all smiling and playing. Ishana on seeing them coming says breaking the talk which shivay and sahil were doing.
I: welcome… welcome… welcome boys. (sternly) have you seen the time. Is this the time for both of you to come back to house?
S & Sa: (making a pouty face) sorry mummy.
I: (making a shocked face on hearing them call mummy. She made an ‘O’, she asked angrily) haw bhaiya seriously mummy. You are calling me mummy. Do I look so old?
S: (making an innocent voice) arre when you will sound like a mom then we will call you mummy only na… Haina sahil.
Sa: (looking at shivay and then blinking one eye) haan jiju. You are correct and ishu di, you really sound like a mom right now.
I: (getting irritated) stop it… stop it… stop it… else seriously you will not be allowed to cross the area where you are standing. Do you get that? (relaxing and continued) okay so where were you till now.
S: (smiling) and why do you expect us to answer it?
I: (smiling and still in a stern tone) as you are refrained to enter the house without answering the question asked.
Sa: okay so, ishu mom we had gone to…
I: (getting irritated) again how dare you sahil you call me mom?
Sa: (making a child face) arre you are question like a mumma then I will call you that only and that’s final. And don’t worry we had gone to spend some time. Since, my jiju always remains in his khadoos mode I only get a quality of time to spend with him.
I: (smiling) but do the place don’t bare any name.
S: ishu relax we had gone to meet his friends and some-one close to him.
Sa: (in a murmuring tone and elbowing shivay) someone close to me or someone close to you jiju.
S: (in a low voice, rolling his eyes in anger) sahil shut up.
Sa: (smiling and still in low voice) haan… haan… I will shut up now.
I: (clearing her throat loud enough to bring them both out of their talks) bhaiya sahil, done with your talking then would you mind stepping in plz. I need to shut the door.

They both smiled and complied. After some days shivay had gone to office and dadi along with omru and ishu went to temple. Shivay was asked to come there by dadi immediately after his meeting will complete. Dadi and ishu were praying inside while omru were talking outside. Rudra was asking.
R: o don’t you think that bhaiya has changed a lot?
O: haan rudy… I think shivay is planning something huge.
R: (scratching his hair) but what will be that o.
O: (slapping his head) duffer if I knew that then why would we do this kind of discussion by standing over here.
R: (rubbing the place where he was slapped) ouch o. it hurts.
O: (smiling mockingly) do it rudy. I am sorry I didn’t know it. (slapping his head again)
But before rudy could respond something he felt someone playing round and round his legs. He looked down to find a cute little baby playing and he said tapping om who was looking somewhere all defeated.
R: o look a baby.
O: (thinking rudy was making him he said without thinking anything further) shut up rudy. I and ishana are not planning a baby very soon.
R: (beating his own head he said irritated) shut up om. Who told you that I am talking about your baby? Arre look down.
O: (confused) why should I look down? And then whose baby are you talking about.
R: (get got hell angry and forcefully made om look down. And he said) my stupid long hair creature I was talking about her.
Om looked at him and smiled. They both kneeled down and om started playing with the baby. The baby smiled and she was none other than kavya. Omru were just mesmerised seeing her and they just looked at each other. Om took kavya in arms and she started giggling and laughing. Omru stood up smiling at kavya. Kavya started playing with the pen kept in om’s pocket. She would at times laugh and then make weird sounds, rudy smiled and said.
R: o, she is so cute right. She is having the same blue eyes like bhaiya.
O: haan yaar.
R: but what is she doing here alone?
O: shut up rudy. Don’t become dumbbell oberoy again. How would I know that what is she doing here alone?
Anika who came there after doing the Pooja saw kavya with omru. She stood shocked not knowing what to do. She just banged her head and murmured.
A: phail gaya raita what an idiot am I, I left kavya unattended. God how am I supposed to get her back?
In the mean while the pen with which kavya was playing fell down and she started squealing in an annoyed voice. She started pulling om’s hair with her small hands. And at times beating him. Om tried to make her calm but she was not at all calming down. Dadi and ishu who were coming out saw this and found rudy laughing on seeing om’s state. Ishu coming there said.
I: (smiling on seeing om’s messed up state) arre… arre what is happening here. Om look at you… you are looking more messed up than this baby.
O: (giving her a death glare and mocking a laugh) ha… ha… ha… very funny. Ishu if you are done will you plz take the pen fallen down else my state will become much worse than the beggar.
Ishu just smiled and took the pen and gave it to kavya. Kavya stopping her anger and took the pen and started smiling again. Om just gave kavya to rudy shocking rudy. He just started complaining.
R: what o why are you giving this disaster to me?
D: (om started setting his hair and just ignored rudy. Dadi slapping rudy’s hand said) arre puttar she is such a sweet kid and you are calling her disaster.
I: (making om face her) om you looking like a 4-year-old messed up kid. And I like your this look. It quite suits you.
R: bhabhi plz can you handle her else I am sure she will tear up my pocket. (kavya was pulling rudy’s pocket.)
Anika looking at dadi just got freezed and she then hid herself so that they don’t see her. In the mean-time shivay came there and he just got shocked seeing kavya with other’s and he looked here and there for where was anika, and all he saw was her hiding.
Precap: tia back in OM.

So, done with this part. Hope you like it. If don’t then also do comment. Anyways thanks for reading and have a happy valentine day ahead. This is priya signing off. Take care.

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  6. Awesome gift on a beautiful day(valentine)…..wink wink…..just kidding….it was splendid and light drama after long time. Plzzz bring Mallika back in the next episode missing her. And update soon. Happy Valentine’s day Priya!!!

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