Till you come back… (ISHQBAAZ) part 13

Chapter: 13

Hello everyone, I am sorry for being late. This part may be boring but plz do bear with me. I am seeking forgiveness for this stupid chapter. Anyways, I am already late so I won’t waste time. So, this is priya back with another chapter. Enjoy.

For one month shivika missed each-others presence. It had become very hard for malika to handle shivay, he would pester her a lot and made her insane. At times, she would just ignore him and then she would either curse herself for forcing him to come along with her to india. Finally, one month passed and shivay was so excited to get back to india. He was just going on smiling and all the staff was looking at him amused. Malika was discussing something with one of the staff and she was just going on looking at the file and asking something. But she was not getting any response back. She just looked at the staff and said.
M: henry I am telling something to you… respond something. (she just patted his hand and he looked at her.) what? Where the hell are, you lost? We have to submit this file today evening.
Staff: amm nothing mam I was just wondering something. Sorry my concentration went somewhere else.

M: (getting irritated) what are you telling have you gone mad?
Staff: (confused) mam is there some kind of function that shivay sir is happy so much.
M: (looking at shivay and then at the rest staff members she just nodded in negative and said in an angry tone.) shut up and just concentrate on your work. (in a stern voice) just finish off this file and I need it on my table in two hours.
She just banged the file on the table and grabbing shivay’s hand dragged him along with her to her cabin. Shivay just asked confused.

S: oh, hello what the hell are you doing?
M: (bursting out) really what am I doing? Shivay what do you think you are doing haan.
S: (confused) what do you mean? What did I do now?
M: (calming down) shivay just control your emotions. I know you are very excited to meet anika but plz behave yourself. This is office shivay and the staff is looking at you like you have got mad.
S: (looking around and then finding the whole staff looking at them. He said scratching his hair) I am sorry… you know na I am so excited.

M: (smiling) shivay just control your happiness okay. You are going to go to OM alone alright. First let things get settled down. Then get happy like this.
Shivay nodded in agreement and then held his ears and said sorry. In goa, the situation was also not the same. Anika had got on nerves of dev. She was just going on irritating dev by repeating the same thing again and again.

A: dev will everything be alright. (shaking him she said pleading) tell na dev why are you silent.
De: (irritated) will you just shut up anika. you are repeating the same thing again and again.
A: (almost on the urge of crying) dev here I am getting nervous and you are lashing out at me.
De: (calming down) anika relax. Okay fine if you are not comfortable then I will talk to shivay and delay your travel. (anika looked at him confused) and then when you get comfortable you go there. Will that be fine?

A: (hearing that her face fell. She just slapped her forehead and said in a worn-out tone) why on earth am I not blessed to remain happy? Whenever I feel like everything will be fine this life again brings me on a pinnacle of suspense which again leaves a big question mark. (tears fill her eyes) then at last blank… no answer at all.
De: (holding her hand and rubbing it) relax anika, everything will be fine. Look I am serious if you are not comfortable then we will delay your…

A: (cutting him in middle) no dev I can’t, shivay almost became inhuman. Now I can’t afford to let shivay be like this anymore.
De: (letting out some air) then let whatever may come. Everything will be fine. On one hand, you don’t want to make shivay inhuman and now you are getting confused.
A: (relaxing herself) you are right. Future is not in our hands. I will see what will happen next. (wiping her face) okay fine when is the train tomorrow.
De: morning. I will drop you till station. All I need you do is just get ready on time.
A: (looking at him) excuse me, what do you mean?
De: no as far as I know you take a lot of time to get ready so, I just warned you. That’s it.
A: (in a stern tone) are you serious. How dare you talk like this?
De: (smiling) what madam you are always like that only? Whenever I ask you to get ready you take two to three hours to get ready.
A: dev just stop else I will surely kill you.

De: why are you feeling like I am pulling your leg Ms. late latif?
Anika just folded her fist and then got up to beat him. But dev seemed to guess what was her intention and then started running all around with anika behind him. Then the next day shivay and anika boarded from their respective places. Sahil had accompanied shivay, anika was just looking at her mad daughter who was going on doing crazy things. But to anika’s bad luck the train just got late. Shivay came to OM in the evening surprising everyone. The more surprising thing was he was just looking relaxed. Omru were just looking at each other surprised as they had seen not seen shivay like this when he had arrived earlier.

While anika was just getting angry for the train to get so late. And above that kavya was irritating her, she would crawl around on the seat. To which anika would just pull her back and made her sit on one place. Kavya would just give her an angry squeal. Anika just angrily murmured.

A: don’t know why did I have to select to travel by train. God it’s so suffocating. And that tadibaaz might have reached by now. At least call me and learn where I am but no why will he do that after all he is the king of this world. And he definitely needs to remain in his tadi always. (kavya was just in her world and doing some or the other thing which would irritate anika. looking at her she continued) and this little creature she is getting on my nerves. (pulling back kavya and making her sit she said angrily) sit here and don’t move.
Kavya just frowned and then ignoring the warning started crawling back. Anika just looked out and was murmuring angry talks. In OM after leaving sahil in room omru arrived to shivay’s room and asked in a confused tone.
O: shivay are you alright.
S: (looking at him confused) what do you mean?

R: actually, bhaiya you seem to be surprisingly relaxed what happened?
O: haan and you came here without informing. Is everything okay?
S: (smiling at their stupidity) guys relax. And why are you questioning like this? I am fine. And am I not allowed to come home now?
O: no, it’s not like that. We were just wondering.
S: om why are you behaving weirdly.
R: leave that bhaiya why did you come suddenly.
S: I just thought that it has been a long time no…
O: (confused) long time for what.

S: arre let me finish om. Why are you firing before the gun is loaded?
R: (just looking at om and indicating that he will never change. He said calmly) haan so bhaiya you were saying.

S: (smiling) arre wah rudy you have become intelligent. Anyways I was saying that I have been away from so long and I know you both might have missed me so much. So, I thought to return back. Eventually those people over there are not like us. They always go on speaking English and English only.
Omru looked at him confused. While sahil who had been passing from there heard that and he said in an angry tone.
Sa: really jiju you are telling this. (omru looked at him and shivay just gave a defeated look back) when I used to say the same thing you would just ignore my talks.
S: (in a stern tone) what are you doing here sahil? I had left you to sleep right.
Sa: so, what do you think I was doing, in the whole flight jiju? Sleeping right. Then I am not getting sleep right now. What should I do? Eat sleeping pills like you.
S: (sternly) sahil…
O: (shocked) you are taking sleeping pills shivay.

S: (confessing) haan it was just for those last 2 years but not recently. Now I am normal.
Sa: haan I am agreeing with it. One month before he came here in india and then he has changed a lot.
R: (surprised) bhaiya you came to india and didn’t inform us.
S: arre yaar I had not come on a picnic trip rudy. I had come for a meeting. I was in goa for five to six days then I retuned back.
O: okay so what happened there shivay that you changed so much?
S: (learning that the situation will get out of hand) guys I am tired can we talk after sometime (looking at sahil) and you better leave for your room and do something which saves your time.
Sa: (irritated) jiju you always say the same thing can’t you just change the tape now.
R: (ruffling sahil’s hair) arre sahil o has not changed his tape till now and you are expecting this tadibaaz to change his tape.

Om slapped rudy’s head. And rudy just bit his tongue for fro the word he used. Shivay just smiled and said.
S: no need om. You don’t need to beat him. Even on warning too anika didn’t stop calling me stupid names. Then why would my brother do that. Anyways leave. I need rest.
Omru looked at each other surprised. They left from there. Shivay closed the door and then thought to call anika, he dialled her number. Anika looking at the dialler murmured.
A: haan now he is thinking about me, but now I am not going to mind him.

She didn’t pick up the call and shivay called her two to three times more. Finally, anika picked up the call and he said angrily.
S: what the wuck? Why weren’t you picking up my calls?
A: (in a calm but annoyed tone) I was playing soccer and was busy bowling so couldn’t answer your calls.
S: (confused) soccer. (thinking something) but there is no soccer ground in malika’s home.
A: (irritated) and who told you that I am in malika’s house?

S: what’s the need inform that? I mean your train might have arrived right.
A: (in a harsh tone) haan… and why not? (on the top of her voice) mr. SSO I am still in train. It got late. (she then looked around and found everyone looking at her. she just smiled at them and saw kavya too looking at her confused with her hands still in air as she was playing something. Anika just smiled at her and held her hand and kavya regained back her play. she continued) shivay me and kavya are still in train.
S: (angrily) why didn’t you inform me earlier?
A: (answering back) oh, hello mr. absent minded oberoy. Just check your phone I have called you many times.
S: (realizing that her calls were there. He said confessing) fine I am sorry. When will be, your train arriving?
A: amm somewhat 1-2 hours.

S: okay I will be there.
A: (shocked) what? No, I will get home myself.
S: (angrily) shut up anika. I said I will pick you up. (anika was about to something.) I am saying I will come and (sternly) that’s final.
A: (relaxing as she had no point in arguing) fine then as you wish.
After sometime shivay just rushed out of OM leaving omru surprised again. But they felt to ignore and let him go where he wanted to go. Anika had reached the station. And she was waiting for shivay to come. While kavya was just busy jumping in anika’s arms to let her go. Anika looking at her said.
A: kavya can’t you just sit quiet. Baby mumma is tired now.

Kavya just nodded in negative. Anika just gave her a blank look back. Kavya then started beating anika and anika finally letting her down making her said on the luggage said.
A: fine there you go. Crawl over wherever you want. Then make your dad get mad on me.
Kavya just giggled and then started playing with the chains and threads of the luggage. Shivay came there and said in an annoyed tone almost surprising anika who was looking somewhere else.
S: anika what is kavya doing down? Do you think that this place is hygienic?
A: (almost overcoming her shock) shivay she was not listening.

S: (taking kavya in arms) what was she not listening?
Kavya just started laughing on seeing shivay after so long. Shivay to smiled back and then she took the goggles which was there on shivay’s shirt and started playing with it. Anika smiled on the thing and said.
A: I think she was getting restless as she was just seeing me, now she has got new companion.
S: (smiling and kissing kavya’s hair) anyways let’s make move. You must be tired.
Anika nodded and then left. After reaching malika’s house anika went to get fresh and shivay was in the kitchen preparing food while kavya was playing around with all the vegetables around her, anika came there and looking at the atmosphere said.

A: shivay I would have done that? Why are you taking strain?
S: (smiling) even if you would have done it would still be the same which I am doing now.
A: (looking at time) shivay you must leave. I am sure you must have left from OM in a hurry and must have not informed anyone. So, get back home.
S: (changing the topic) anika will you get that jug of water.
A: (defeated she lended him what he needed. She then said making him face her) shivay what are you planning to do?

S: (holding her) to be frank I don’t know. (cupping her face) don’t worry everything will be fine anika.
A: (smelling something burning she said smiling) shivay I feel your dish is burning.
Shivay looked at her and then at the dish. All he could do was switch off the gas and say sorry. Anika smiled and said taking of the vessel.
A: well this was why I said that I will handle. Anyways shivay will you do a favour. (shivay nodded and she continued) I want to meet sahil. So, can you just… (she stopped)
S: fine. I will bring him tomorrow. (he just half hugged her and anika smiled)

Kavya looking at the situation patted shivay’s leg and he looked down and kneeled down. Anika continued with her work and shivay started playing with her.

So, done with this part. I know I am boring you now. I am sorry for that. I will try to make the next part better. If you like, then do comment. So, this is priya signing off.

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