Till you come back… (ISHQBAAZ) part 12

Chapter: 12

Hello friends… this is priya back with another chapter. I hope that you like this part and if you need any change you can tell me frankly. Don’t feel that I am offending anyone but guys I don’t know what should I give in precap as I am not even knowing what will come up in next chapter. So, plz do bear with me… anyways, lets continue with this chapter so, enjoy.

After sometime shivika stood up and kavya was now looking at malika with fear and anger. Dev and shivay were smiling at the look on kavya’s face. Anika was looking at her confused as she was not behaving normally. Malika looking at the faces around her and then she looked at kavya and said in an annoyed tone.
M: what’s that look at your face you little creature? (to this kavya just looked away from her, malika then looking at the rest and said totally angry) shivay dev just get that hell annoying smile off from your face and anika plz behave normally.
A: (looking at malika and then said in more confused tone) arre what did I do now? I am standing silent even after getting two slaps from you, why are you getting mad at me?
M: god anika plz you have already made me mad now stop. (anika was about to tell something but malika stormed out) I said keep your mouth shut.
Anika zipped up the next moment. Dev just giggled on seeing anika’s condition. He just looked at malika and she looked at him and gave a murderous smile and the next moment dev’s smile vanished and he started looking somewhere. Shivay then looking at the time said.
S: oh shit… I am so sorry malika.
M: (looking at him) sorry for what.
S: (making a sad face) we missed our flight.
M: (making a very pleasant face) oh god thank you shivay for at least remembering it now. I thought that you might not remember it.
S: (in a sad tone) amm I am really sorry…
Malika just smiled at him and he to smiled back. Later after having lunch they gathered back again front of the resort and shivay said.
S: so, anika are you still going to stay back.
A: well shivay I have too as I have still few more work to finish. I have taken some assignments which I have to finish by this month.
De: it’s okay anika I will manage the work here.

S: no, it’s okay dev let her stay here. After all she will not come back so simply. She needs to come back with a bang.
M: (coming and half hugging anika) well shivay is correct she needs to be back in OM with a bang. After all she has to join up the family which had broken in her absence.
A: but how will I come back.
S: (looking straight at her) you will come back when tia comes back.
The rest three: what are you dumb?
A: (in disbelief) shivay are you kidding me. You mean me and tia face off. Sorry but I am least interested.
S: well you have been the guardian angel of our family and for your information tia has disappeared from last few months and I am sure the way I have left her she might have planned something huge to destroy me.
A: but shivay no one believes tia now…
M: there is a correction anika pinky aunty still has connection with tia.
A: (in disbelief) are you serious. I mean even after all this she still has touch with tia… (under her breath she said murmuring) disgusting.
De: but shivay tia might be dangerous for anika… and now kavya. What will you tell about her?
S: (smiling) don’t worry dev anika might become a protection for the rest in OM but I will be her protection and save her from everything. And as far as kavya is concerned she is my daughter and one who will try to harm her must first face me. and still no one can say against my wish in my house so everyone will accept kavya with love and respect.
A: but shivay… how will everyone react on seeing kavya?
S: don’t worry anika we will make everyone understand and all you have to do now is to finish off your work here and then return back to Mumbai after 1 month.
A: (smiling and mocking him) really shivay… and where will I stay? On foot path. (calmly) if you are forgetting then let me remind you, Mr. SSO you had sold my house.
M: (smiling on the thing said by anika) oh, hello madam my house there in Mumbai is not crowded that you won’t be able to stay there. And for your information it is completely empty you can stay there as long as you want and haan even on the time when you and shivay fight.
A: (smiling) well thanks for the last statement I will surely take that into consideration.
Shivay just gave a death glare to anika and he looked at malika like he will kill her any moment. Malika smiled back at him. Then they left after bidding bye to both dev and anika. the next day shivay and malika were at airport to catch their flight. Anika came there along with kavya to bid them bye.
After getting information from the counter shivay was going on pestering malika. And malika was just looking at him and was getting angry but happy at the same time. Shivay said.
S: (in a pleading tone.) malika plz na…
M: (getting irritated she shouted at him) what plz shivay… behave yourself you are not a kid anymore and above that you are having a daughter now.
S: (with a puppy face) can’t we delay this flight plz. I mean we can stay here for some more days.
M: shivay what do you mean? I have already delayed many meetings now we can’t afford to do that. We have to leave.
S: how mean you are malika I mean anika and I patched after two long years and you are taking me away from her?
M: (getting irritated) shivay… (calming down) fine you stay here as much as you want I will go all by myself.
S: (thinking that malika was serious he said all happy) really malika… you are so cute…. Thank you so much….
M: (not letting him complete she said with a stern tone) but then don’t return back to London. I will sue your firm which has collaborated with my company.
S: (shocked) what?
Anika who had come there on was hearing the last thing told by malika and shivay just burst out laughing. Shivay turned to her and said in an irritated tone.
S: what so funny panika?
A: billuji don’t spoil my name.
S: (pissed off) don’t call me that.

A: (in an annoyed tone.) oh, god why on earth did I patch up with you? arre your CD still gets stuck on one place.
S: (in a confused tone) you started again. Now what did I do?
A: (she looked at kavya who was tossing her head from her dad to mumma as she had never seen her mumma talking like this. Anika calmed down and said) shivay what did I call you all off a sudden that you said that thing.
S: stop calling me that thing… (anika was about to tell something but he interrupted) stop calling me bi… bill… billu…
A: (laughing) seriously shivay… look at you, you are looking so cute and worn out. Your anger is overshadowed by the cuteness.
S: fine then stop teasing else I will start calling you panika…
A: (irritated) no…. no…. plz you don’t have right to spoil my name.
S: (arguing back) so, do you mean to say that you have all rights to spoil my name.
A: shivay stop it else I will pour a whole bottle of water on you.
S: (backing off on hearing the thing of pouring water) no… plz… I won’t repeat that again.
Anika and malika looked at each other and smiled. Shivay looking at them grinned and took kavya from anika, she gladly accepted him and started playing with him. She started laughing on finding the handkerchief missing from his pocket. Shivay too smiled at her and she started telling something in her child language. Anika looked confused as why was kavya laughing and she was just looking at shivay and got surprised to see him smiling. Shivay broke the ice off.
S: what happened kavya? Your toy is missing hai na…

Kavya smiled at him and then pulling the pocket where her toy was usually kept made some squealing noise. Malika was just smiling on the father and daughter duo. She was happy to see shivay finally back. All she just did was hug anika who was already standing confused by seeing shivay and kavya got even more confused. Shivay smiled and then said in a apologising tone.
S: sorry princess… I forgot to keep your toy…
Kavya made some angry squealing voice. Malika left anika and anika asked pointing shivay and kavya.
A: what is happening in between them? I mean kavya is not so friendly with strangers.
M: (resting her hands on anika’s shoulder) who told you that they both are strangers.
A: haan because they have never met before.
M: this is their fourth to fifth meeting I guess. And the first day itself she became close to shivay, he just felt some sort of connection with kavya from their first day of meet. And I had seen him come back to old and just shivay form after the day he met with kavya.
A: oh, but what is the toy that he is talking about.
M: amm he usually keeps handkerchief in his pocket she always gets fascinated by the texture and colour of that thing. Every time she is with him she just tries to grab it. So, as it is missing today she is asking for it.
Anika looked at kavya and found shivay talking with her, she just smiled. While kavya was beating him with his small hand and she was squealing in anger. Shivay smiled at his daughter antiques. Malika looking at kavya annoyed state said to anika.
M: she is just like shivay naa…
A: mostly, you know what malika this punter with all her innocent antiques has kept me close to shivay all these 2 years. You know in her presence I never missed shivay.
M: but there is one thing which she has gained from you… (anika looked at her confused. Malika patted her hand and continued) she is very determined and loves to play with the natures thing like mud and all…. If I am not wrong. (anika smiled. Malika looking at shivay said) stop annoying her shivay, give her what she wants.
Shivay smiled and took out the handkerchief and gave it to kavya. She looked at him wondering from where did her toy come from all of a sudden. She looked above then at the door and then looked blinkingly at shivay. he then asked.

S: what happened baba didn’t you like that colour? Then give it I will get another one.
Shivay tried taking the thing back from her but kavya held it tight. She then started laughing on the cat fight which she and her dad were doing. She started jumping up and down in her arms. Then after spending some more time announcement for the boarding came. Shivay looked back kavya just to find her playing. Anika looked at them and then took kavya. Malika went to collect the ticket. Kavya squealed for disturbing her she just started beating anika, to which anika continued.
A: baby papa has to leave… you can play with him as much as you want once he come back. Okay. (kavya looked at her and then blinking stopped beating anika. she just sat there silent) kavya don’t get sad baba.
S: (anika looked at him defeated. He then cupping kavya’s face said) I promise to return back soon. okay till then take care of mumma haan… and if she doesn’t allow you to do something then tell me okay. I will give her punishment.
A: (her mouth became perfect ‘O’) haw how fast you changed in between the party shivay, you are taking kavya’s side and not mine.
S: (acting like smelling) I think something is burning.
A: (she tried to smell but didn’t find any burning smell.) well I am not feeling so. (on finding him smiling she understood that he tricked her. she hit his hand and continued) Mr. shivay singh oberoy I am not jealous at all.
S: and my wifey kavya needs to change the party now as she had you in her team all these 2 years and now it’s my chance. Let her also get fresh and new team members.
A: (with a serious tone) shivay do you really think that all will accept me back.

S: (half hugging her and rubbing her hand) relax anika no one can tell no to my happiness. And my happiness is with you and kavya. So, you just ready to come back to our house. Whatever will happen there I will handle and above that you have to meet some new members too.
M: (Malika coming from behind. She then said coming in front of them.) well if you are done romancing shivay lets make our move.
Anika just blushed at her comment and came out of shivay’s hug. Kavya was almost asleep by now due to the work that she had done. Shivay looked at anika and then at malika and gave her a deadly glare. Malika smiled back at him and then hugged anika and left to the check point with her luggage. Shivay finally let out some air and then kissed a sleeping kavya. He then smiled at anika and kissed her forehead said.
S: take care. (she smiled back) bye.
A: (to cheer up his mood) bye kanji ankho wala bagad billa.
S: (looking at her annoyed) anika…
A: relax shivay I will be fine… (looking back behind him) go now… bye.
Shivay hugged both anika and kavya and then taking his luggage left. While anika just waved bye to him and left from there. Tears brimmed her eyes as she was also not wanting shivay to leave. She the kissed kavya to which kavya frowned, but then slept calmly. Anika looking back for the final time took a cab and left from there.

So, done with this part. I hope you guys like it and thanks all for giving such lovely comment. And again, if I am saying if you like this part then do comment. I know this part was lengthy and don’t worry I won’t tell that I will cut short the ff’s length. Anyways I won’t bore you more. All kinds of criticism are allowed just say it openly. This is priya signing off…. Take care….

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