Till you come back… (ISHQBAAZ) part 11

Chapter: 11

Hello everyone, I am back again. And first of all I am really thankful to you all for the enormous support that you have given me. And to the readers out there and specially SALO… I will only be able to update this ff once in every two days. So, plz do bear with me and I just hope that you will be fine with it. If not then also you can tell me openly. Anyways I won’t waste more time so this is priya back again. Enjoy.

Shivay who had come there looking for the phone just got shocked. Anika looked back at him and saw him looking at her with questioning eyes. All shivay could do was reminish his moments with kavya. He overcame the shock when he saw kavya trying to get down the table. He immediately came to her rescue and let her down. The feeling of protection overtook him when he saw her almost falling off in the process of getting down. Anika too looked back on what shivay was doing. Kavya looked at him and smiled and murmured something in her language and then crawled off. Shivay stood up and making her face him asked in asked in a shocked tone.
S: what did you say just now?
A: (behaving as if she didn’t know anything) I was silent till now.
S: (closing his eyes and relaxing himself. He held her by arms and asked calmly) anika who is she? (pointing kavya)
A: oh she, she is kavya. Why did you ask so?
S: anika is she our daughter. (she didn’t face him and didn’t answer his question. He shook her and asked in anger) anika answer my question.
A: (pushing him back) its none of your business. Go and make your move to London.
S: (pulling her close and holding her hand behind her. he asked in anger) anika tell me who is kavya. Is she our daughter.
A: (struggling to get free) shivay leave me. I need to go. And you don’t need to worry if she is our daughter or someone else’s.
S: (relaxing himself a bit) anika you are getting on my nerves. Can’t just answer to the questions asked to you.
A: (pushing him back with all her strength) shivay… (telling it very sternly) what do you want to know? You want to know who is kavya right. Fine then she is our daughter… no… no… no… there is a small change in that. She is only my daughter (stressing her words) only mine. (sighing out some air) Happy now leave.
S: what do you mean by only your daughter?

A: shivay before I say something which I don’t mean at all and it hurts you, (showing him the way out) just leave.
S: anika I had met you few days before. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?
A: what do you mean by tell you everything? What should I tell you that kavya is our daughter? Shivay you never respected our marriage. And never even considered me as your wife. Then what should I expect from you that you will suddenly accept kavya as our daughter.
Shivay didn’t know what to tell. He just stood there shocked. Dev who was viewing this came and stood behind them and said.
De: well anika I think you must talk to him. And listen what he wants to tell you.
Shivay and anika turned at the same time. They looked at dev. Anika took some steps away from shivay, shivay looked at dev and asked in some rough tone.
S: excuse me. What are you doing here?
De: (coming and standing in front of him) relax shivay, you don’t need to get this hyper. (forwarding his hand) hello I am dev. I guess you might know me as the owner of this resort. Because as far as I know anika, she might have introduced me as this only.
S: (shaking his hand with him. He said calmly) oh, hi. I am shivay. So, you were the one who saved anika that day. Thankyou.
De: (smiling) no need say thanks. It was after all my duty.
A: well dev how was your meeting.
De: it was good anika, but today you are not going to change the topic. Since, 2 years you are doing the same thing. Let’s get this thing sorted now.
A: (getting really angry) dev plz this is my life and my decision. Plz stay out of it.
De: okay fine I won’t interfere. (looking at shivay) Then let shivay interfere, he is after all related to you and above that to kavya, as she is his daughter and I think he has equal right on kavya like you have.

A: dev plz… (with a pleading face)
S: leave it dev she won’t listen to what anyone will tell. She is after all my wife and she has to be stubborn. (stressing the last words.)
A: (looking at him angry.) excuse me. How many times have I told you that I am not your wife. Why don’t you get it registered in your mind? Have you got amnesia or anything sort like that?
S: (smiling) well I guess when you have caught amnesia and are forgetting things so easily and you are thinking that I am the one who has caught it. Then okay I am ready to accept just for your sake.
A: (getting angry on the statement) shivay why are you dragging our past in this matter. Try to understand I am not your wife anymore. Just get that in your mind.
S: (sternly) and when I am not ready to register that thing in my mind why don’t you accept the thing which I am telling.
A: (almost on the urge of breaking down) shivay why are you doing this? Why don’t you get one simple thing? (tears finally escaped from her eyes.) shivay plz try to understand I am not your wife anymore. We were divorced two years back.
S: (holding her and making her face him. He wiped her tears, she couldn’t bear it more. She just hugged him and cried. Shivay comforting her made her face him again. And said) anika I know that you were not in a state of mind to listen what I wanted to say earlier. (she just looked at him with pleading eyes. He calmed her down and then said) anika now will you listen to what I am saying. Or do you still want to play the same old CD which get stuck on one place that you are not my wife and all.
De: (patting her back) I agree with shivay. (she just looked at him) anika I think you should listen to him.
A: (facing him and in a fierce tone) really dev and what should I listen to him. The same thing that he has been repeating from the last few days. That come back anika. haan… (pushing him back) answer me dev.

De: (holding her by shoulders) anika calm down. (she just closed her eyes and some tears escaped from her eyes. Dev letting out a sigh of relief continued) well all I want to say is, at least listen to what shivay wants to say. And after that too if you want to stay back then the decision is yours. And I will make sure that your past doesn’t interfere back in your life again.
Shivay just looked at dev like he will bury him alive any moment. Dev too looked back him and just gave him a faint smile. Anika just looked at both of them and then wiping her tears made a steady face and then adjusting her voice said.
A: fine shivay, you have 1 hour. Just finish off with whatever you want to tell.
S: okay then. But before I begin you will have to assure that you will listen to all what I am saying till the end. (she was about to protest. But shivay said sternly) without interfering in between what I say.
A: (looking at shivay in disbelief and then at dev. She just gave a blank look at him. Dev just indicated her to be calm. Thinking and then said calmly) okay shivay. I am ready. Tell whatever you want to tell.
S: So, the thing which I was trying to say from last few days was all that you are getting all things wrong, and to be frank you are assuming things.
A: (in an annoyed voice) really do you want to tell that we are still married.
S: (before she tells anything he said almost cutting her off) the divorce papers which you signed was duplicate and I had never signed those papers. (anika looked at him shocked. She just backed off and dev held her) I had made those papers just to make mom calm down as I felt that she was getting too much hyper. And I had no other option left other than making you forcefully sign those papers. As you were not even ready to even listen to me. Anika I know that I did a big mistake by hiding this thing. Anika even if you believe or not you are still my wife.
A: (still not able to digest the fact) but shivay what about everyone back in OM. Do they know about the thing you just said now?
S: amm to be frank I didn’t stay at OM after your accident and all that stuff. I just went away from there to London without informing anything to anyone.
A: (confused) what do you mean? You must have come back to meet everyone.
S: (nodding in negative) I just came here once, before three months. When dadi was admitted in hospital… and after that I came few days back.
A: (listening about dadi) what dadi was admitted in hospital? What happened to her?
S: (with a calm tone) relax anika, she is fine now. Just some family issues she got high BP. And all that. I am getting daily updates from OM all are fine now.
A: but shivay why did you leave OM and didn’t come back.

S: well after your accident I was totally devastated. And I didn’t know what to do. At that time tia’s truth came out. That she was trying to blame robin’s kid as mine.
A: wait… wait… wait… you said tia’s truth came out but how.
S: (smiling) you are forgetting that like you only I am having a very good BIL.
A: (remembering about sahil. She asked confused) sahil… but what did he do? I mean he was not even having a proof other than the conversation he heard which had taken place in between me and tia.
S: (smiling) in this matter he is much clever than you, without yours and tia’s notice he had done a recording of the talk which had happened in between you and tia. The night of the tragic day he gave me the recording. And then I tried making mom understand the thing but she didn’t listen to even a single thing I told. So, I had no other option left other than leaving the house.
A: and tia. Where is she now?
S: (making a stern face) well she is there only where she has to be. And where she deserves to be.
A: (in a shocked tone) you mean jail. Shivay how can you do that. I mean for telling a lie you sent her behind the bars.
S: (smiling) this is the thing which I was telling till now. You just presume things. And because of this only the talk which could have finished few days back or say few years back is still remaining like this.
A: but shivay as far as I know you, I am pretty sure that you might have done something like this only.
S: well I am not denying that I wasn’t heartless earlier but it was just after your arrival I completely changed. I started living my life again. And I am not that ruthless to put a girl along with her unborn child in jail. I just ruined them and gave a court notice to them. I left them in a worse condition than you were before you came in my life as my wife.
A: (she couldn’t get anything more now. So, she just asked.) but shivay now as you know that I am alive can’t you just return back at least now.
S: (smiling) not till you come there along with me. I am not going to go back there.
A: but shivay pinky aunty I mean your mom will not like to see me back.
S: anika mom’s ignorance and hatred is not much bigger than the feelings and owning that I have on you.
A: I am sorry shivay I just can’t come with you. plz try to understand my situation too. Everyone might not accept the fact that like the way you accepted of me being alive. So, it’s better that we forget this meeting.

S: but anika how can you say like this. At least think before saying.
A: (keeping a big weight on her heart. She adjusting herself said.) shivay how do you expect me to think that the thing which you told is true or not.
S: (he was just taken aback on what she just said. All he could just say was) anika…
De: (making her face him) anika are you in your senses. What did you say just now?
A: (with pain but calm tone) yes dev, I know what I am saying. After all I am saying the truth only. He can also lie just to get me back. He is like this only. He can do anything to get his work done.
De: (getting hell angry and almost raising hand to slap her) anika…

Anika knew that what was coming. Shivay was totally broken on the thing told by anika, he was not in a state to react anything. But before dev could slap her malika came from behind and held his hand. He just looked at her and then took his hand back. Anika looked at malika confused. Malika first looked at shivay and then at dev who was trying to relax himself. She then turned to anika and before anika could figure out something a tight slap landed on her face. And that was gifted by none other than malika. Anika just looked at malika whose anger was seen reflecting in her eyes.

Both the men were shocked and all they could do was just look at each other. Anika held the place where she was slapped. She just had tears shining in her eyes. Malika then holding her tightly by shoulders and said in an angry tone.
M: want to know the reason why I gifted you this precious thing. Haan… (anika just looked at her with blank face. She was not able to react. Malika calming a bit said) well this is for becoming like shivay. (slapping her again) and this is for supressing your own emotions.
Shivay just looked at malika as he had never seen her like this before. He just looked at her confused and so was dev. Kavya who had come there crawling had just seen her mumma getting slapped twice. She just sat at her place and was wandering what was happening. Shivay was about to say something when malika signalled shivay to stay quiet. Malika continued.
M: (pushing anika back) anika I know how shivay have spent these 2 years. He was the only one living with a single hope that you are alive somewhere, when this whole world including me considered you as dead. You don’t even know how I and sahil had struggled to maintain him alive till this moment. Anika I know I am no one to interfere in your matter.
S: malika enough…

M: no shivay today she has to know and you know I won’t stop on anyone’s telling. (looking at anika) Anika from the way he lived this 2 years I can clearly say that his world revolves around you, I have seen him dying in front of me. And after this two years when he finally found you, you can’t even imagine how happy he was. I had seen him living his life again after 2 years. Arre he had left his family just because you and you are telling that he is telling a lie. (holding her again from shoulder but this time gently) now is this proof enough or you still you want more. Because if you need more then I am ready to give more.

Anika just sat down crying. Malika looked somewhere else to ease her anger. Dev just looked at malika as if she was some alien. He had seen a lot of girls but he had not seen someone like malika. Shivay just looked at malika in disbelief and then looked at anika and kneeled in front of her. anika just looked at him and all she could do was cry. Shivay couldn’t bear to see her in tears and slap marks were visible on her face. He rubbed her cheeks and this made anika cry even more. She just managed to say this much in a low tone.
A: I… I… m… am… so… sorry.
Shivay nodded in a negative and wiped her tears. She just hugged him and cried. All the while kavya who was looking at the things happening crawled and came near anika. she then sat there wiped her hand on anika’s shawl. But anika was not even aware of it. Kavya who had expected her mumma to complain didn’t find and reaction from her. She then looked at shivay and then patted shivay’s lap. And shivay looked down to find kavya. She was looking at him confused.
Shivay smiled and held her hand with his free hand. Kavya smiled and then looked at anika. she then looked back at shivay, and then sat back silent. Shivay patted anika’s back and said in a calm tone.
S: anika look if you go on crying like this then for sure kavya will get more confused. Look how she is looking at us.
A: (looking at him confused. While the rest two turned to them. They both looked at kavya and a smile crept their face. Anika asked confused) haan what do you mean?
S: (making her face kavya. And saw her looking at them confused. He said calmly) anika just get normal else I am sure that kavya will also get mad and now in this situation I don’t think that I can handle both of you.
Anika beat him on hand and then smiled. Then she looked back at kavya and took her in arms and smiled. Kavya too smiled back and started playing in her arms. The rest smiled and shivay hugged them both. Today he felt complete and felt as if he got his whole world back. He just thanked malika by action and she just smiled back.

So, done with this part. I hope that you liked this part. I am really glad that you all liked the ff so far and I just hope that I will keep on entertaining you like this. Keep commenting and this is priya signing off… take care all and have a great day ahead.

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