Till you come back… (ISHQBAAZ) part 10

Chapter: 10

Hello everyone I am really sorry for the delay. I know I am super late this time. So, today I won’t waste your time by saying long lectures. Thank you for reading so far. This is priya back again with another part.
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Shivay tried his level best to try to talk with anika, but she would either walk away or ignore him. Finally, shivay had to leave to London so he decided to at least meet her for the last time. He and malika came to the resort. They enquired about anika and they were asked to wait. Shivay was walking around dejected while malika was just looking at him sad. Malika was busy watching shivay when she felt someone pulling her pant and she looked down. A smile crept on her face and she kneeling down said drawing shivay’s attention.
M: (smiling) hello baby… how are you?
Kavya just smiled and started playing with malika’s hands which held her. Shivay looked at them and then he just stood there to watch what was kavya doing. Malika was playing with her and making her laugh. At the same time kavya turned back and looked at shivay and squealed extending her hands to him. He just smiled and took her in arms. Kavya giggled and then started playing with shivay’s tie. Shivay then asked.
S: so, kavya what are you doing here? (looking around to find no one he asked) where are your parents baby?
Kavya just blinked at him first and then giggled. Shivay looked at her amused and she then returned back on the mission of getting his kerchief which was in his pocket. The red colour was attracting her that she was just going on pulling it. Malika just patted kavya’s back and then smiled. Then she said a bit concerned.
M: well she is so cute na… that day also she was roaming around like this. Don’t know where are her parents.
S: hmm I was also thinking the same. (looking at kavya) well I don’t know why I feel some kind of connection with her.
M: well I too felt that. I mean she is having the same anger which you have. And she has also become so close to you…
He nodded in agreement. In the mean-time anika came to the play area where she had left kavya. On finding her missing she just said all defeated.
A: oh, god this girl she just can’t just sit at one place. Now where should I go and find her. (she looks around) just to find her nowhere. And above that someone has come to see me. (thinking to first meet the person.)

Here malika and shivay were busy making kavya play. She was getting very irritated due to some disturbance. So, she was frowning at times. Shivay made her sit on the table and sitting on the chair asked.
S: let me check what is disturbing you.
Kavya just pouted and started scratching her hand. Shivay looked at her and then taking her hand removed the plastic thread that was let loose from the embroidery. Kavya then smiled and then started playing with the lines in shivay’s palm. He said.
S: so, are you feeling better now.
Kavya just giggled with the question asked to her. Shivay too smiled at her antiques. Malika asked standing behind shivay.
M: so, little princess where are your parents I mean mumma.
Kavya just looked at her and then frowned for disturbing her for such a stupid question. She just squealed and made angry sounds. Shivay smiled and then asked malika in a complaining tone.
S: why are you pulling my princess leg malika.
M: (hearing this malika’s mouth turned into an O) haw shivay that’s not fair. You are my friend or hers.
S: I once used to be yours but now (looking at kavya and tickling her) she is my new friend. (Kavya who was earlier frowning started laughing. She then pointed the ground asking shivay to put her down. Shivay nodding in no said) no princess I am not going to leave you down.
Kavya started making pouty face and shivay was just nodding in a negative. She made a pleading face and shivay said.
S: no kavya I am not going to leave you down baby. There is lot of dust down there. So, just sit here.
Kavya started squealing and did some patting on shivay’s hand. Then on finding no positive response from shivay she just looked defeated at malika. Malika just looked at kavya who was looking at her expectantly at her, she then looked back at shivay and picked up kavya surprising shivay.
S: (surprised) excuse me. What the hell are you doing?

M: (placing kavya down. Kavya just smiled and started playing and then crawled off. Malika dusting off the mud from her hand looked back at shivay standing up) well for your notice shivay she is just a baby and she has to grow like this only.
S: (looking at kavya crawling off) look malika she is crawling in mud.
M: so, what shivay? look she is gone now. Let her play like a kid not like a big business man who goes on taking on stupid medicines, just to get rid of slight fever.
S: you know what malika you are just impossible. Anyways (looking at the watch) god, this girl cannot come on time. She has not even changed in this matter. (Malika smiled at his statement. Looking at her smiling face) what? What’s so funny?
Malika started laughing looking at him getting angry. She pulling his cheeks said.
M: haw shivay you are looking so cute in this possessive angry face.
S: (taking her hand away) ha… ha… very funny.
He started to go away from her. Malika was trying to stop her. Anika who was coming to meet them was also coming in the direction shivay was coming. Shivay who was busy ignoring malika didn’t notice anika coming. They both just clashed into one another. Both were unaware of this coming. Anika lost her balance and shivay supported her by stopping her from falling down. Malika just smiled seeing them in that state. Anika had tightly kept her eyes close and was holding shivay’s shirt. Shivay looking at her said.
S: anika you are safe. Relax you can open your eyes.
Anika slowly opened her eyes. She looked at shivay and just got lost in his blue eyes. Malika on finding no movement from them cleared her throat. This brought them back to real world. They both parted and shivika adjusted themselves. Malika said smiling.
M: I didn’t see anything. Well if you guys are done then can we talk.
A: (shivay gave malika a death glare. Anika stammered) you a… are get… getting it wrong malika.
M: haan… haan try to escape baby.
S: (getting annoyed) malika… can you stop talking nonsense plz.
Malika smiled she got some call and she went from there. Anika asked looking at shivay.
A: so, what are you doing here.
S: amm I had come to tell good bye to you.

A: (confused) good bye… what do you mean?
S: (smiling) I thought that you might get happy on hearing this. (she looked at him annoyed) I have to go back anika. I have a work there.
A: okay. (shivay smiled while anika felt some pain on learning that shivay will not come now. She just said sad) so, shivay all the best for your work and have a safe journey.
S: thank you, well can we talk for some time.
A: so, you were the one who had come to meet me.
S: haan so can you just tell me why don’t you look in front while walking.
A: (scratching her hair) amm I was searching someone and you…. (remembering that he too hit her) hello you were also the one who hit me. (getting angry) can’t you just look in front and walk.
S: (angry) haan now blame me. You know what this is all your fault. That day too you came and hit me from behind and splashed all the water on me. That day too you didn’t apologise. And today also when the mistake is yours you are blaming me and scolding me.
A: haan I forgot you can never change. You are still the same tadibaaz SSO who get stuck to the past and then keep on clinging on it then blame the other person for the mistake committed at that time.
S: hey I have told you many times not to call me by those names.
A: (confused) haan which names. (trying to remember what she just told) sorry I don’t know what you are talking about.
S: (getting annoyed) really anika. Take this as my advice. Eat almonds daily so that you will get a powerful memory. And you will remember things for many days.
A: (pointing a finger at him and advancing towards him) you Mr. kanji ankho wala bagad billa. Better keep the advice that you have given to yourself. I have a better memory power than you.
S: excuse me….
A: (she cut him off.) you know what shivay you only know how to use your brain in business only. Not in personal matters. Shivay better keep your logics with yourself.
S: (holding the hand which she was pointing. Looking at her.) anika I am repeating again stop calling me names.
A: (taking her hands back. She argued back all angry) oh, fo you are telling the same thing again and again. I am calling you by your name only shivay. (murmuring) stupid singh oberoy.
S: (he looked at her with a WTF look. He said controlling his embarrassment and anger) okay fine… don’t call me that….
A: (annoyed) that… what that… haan, shivay why do your train gets stuck on one place?
S: (closing her mouth by keeping hand. He said calmly) you talk too much. Let me finish first.
A: (taking his hands off) haan so you are telling the same from few minutes. Tell na… no one stopping you from saying.
S: arre yaar you are standing here like a cat ready to pounce on its prey. How do you expect me to tell something?
A: (calming herself.) shivay finish off what you want to say.
S: amm I was saying… (stammering) call… me just… shivay, and now stop calling me that tadi…. Tadibaaz…. And kanji…. Kanji like whatever.
Anika burst out laughing on hearing it. Shivay felt a calm relief seeing her laugh after a long time. Anika holding her stomach said calming down.
A: amm this was the thing that you wanted to tell…
S: yes… (nodding in positive)

A: okay fine I won’t repeat it again. But what to do shivay it just comes out in the flow when I talk with you.
S: (to himself but it was audible for anika.) well that’s what I missed in these years. I am glad that at least I can see you smiling after this long time.
Anika just looked away. She was also feeling relaxed after a long time. Shivay too felt awkward for what he told that time. Shivay looked away. Malika came there was seeing the fight of these two. She came to them and said.
M: well I guess I am the luckiest today as I got to see a live reality show for free.
Shivika: sorry… what do you mean?
M: arre shit man I could have recorded the fight scene which was going on here. So, that I can rewind it again and again and laugh my heart out.
S: malika (sternly) grow up.
A: yaa he is correct. Grow up malika.
M: (pulling her leg) looks like someone is supporting one’s partner in crime.
A: malika seriously grow up. Else I will kill you for sure.
M: well the great shivay singh oberoy couldn’t do anything of me so how do you expect me that you can do something of me.
S: don’t worry malika I can stay in my limits. But anika is much dangerous than me.
A: (making him turn by holding his shirt) hello what do you mean haan? am I a Hitler haan that you getting so afraid.
S: I am not meaning it but I am submitting that you really are a Hitler.
M: (anika was about to answer back but malika held her back.) okay guys. (looking at shivay) shivay its time for us to leave.
S: haan I know so, (looking at anika he asked a bit concerned) are you sure that you are not going to come back to Mumbai. (anika looked back at him and then letting out some air nodded in no. shivay got sad but he composed himself and said.) anyways take care of yourself. If you want to came back, then I am just a call away.
Anika nodded in a positive. Shivay looked back at malika and he just smiled and left. Malika rubbing anika’s hand who was looking back at shivay leaving. Both just smiled and hugged. Malika left and joined shivay, anika looked at them leaving. She then remembered that she had come there to find kavya too… she looked around to find her coming all crawling with mud all over. Anika took her in arms and kavya started squealing in anger beating anika, she said.
A: arre baba… you are hurting me. (hearing this kavya instantly stopped.) look at yourself. Your dress is full of mud.
Kavya laughed on seeing her mumma complaining. She just squealed and started jumping in anika’s arms. Shivay while walking was constantly searching something. Malika on seeing this asked.
M: what you searching shivay?
S: amm my phone. I guess I might have left it back. You carry on I will go and check and come.
Malika smiled and left. He walked back to resort. Anika was smiling looking at kavya’s antique. She then said tickling kavya.
S: haan… haan… now show tadi. You and your dad show the same tadi. After all, you are his daughter only. The same inheritance will come automatically. (kavya just smiled and giggled on what anika said. She started making weird sounds. kavya started throwing hands and legs in air. Anika smiled and said pulling her cheeks.) like papa… like daughter.
Kavya squealed more and then crawled on the table. Shivay who had come there to take his mobile just got the greatest shock of his life. Anika on feeling someone’s presence looked back and just stood up shocked on seeing shivay, all shivay could do was just look at kavya playing. He looked at anika and she just closed her eyes on her fate.

So, done with this part I just hope that you all like it. I am once again sorry for the delay. I will post the next chapter today only if possible. Do comment guys either if it is positive or negative. For those to whom I am unable to reply I am sorry I am bit busy with work. So, pardon me if possible. Anyways, I won’t bore you more. This is priya signing off…. Have a great Sunday.

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