Tied together by Destiny…swasan and ardhika…promo


Hi drs ..bear my late updates ..I am struck between my internals ..
this is a small promo of future episodes ..

……Ardhika …….
Arjun and Radhika has become opposite poles .
They never look at each other ..they don’t hate but stopped showing love .
Radhika has light changes in her looks .
Ap and dp are walking corpses .
sumi has lost her trust on everything ..she just breathes and eats and lives .
shekar has started becoming ruder than ever ..
Swasan no that’s no more ..sanskar ..a very popular business tycoon who failed to catch his love and to care it ..

swara is seen in an unknown place with a stranger..not so happy but not also sorrowful .she lives. ..yes just lives ..

what happened to these happy and chirpy birds where does all the beautiful wings go .are they burnt .

¿¿¿¿¿¿¿mystery ?????????

keep waiting love you all .

Thank you so much ..
I will not reveal u secrets now or soon ..it will get untied later ..
feel free to comment

🙂 harani 🙂

Credit to: Harani

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  1. wow…an update after a long time with a mustery….excited

  2. Wat ??????? Plz b soon waiting to know what happened…………:-):-):-):-)

  3. something might had happened to swara….and maybe no one was there to helo her at that time

  4. I can even bear a late update but don stop aardhikas romance they jus kissed in last episode

  5. Yov last u updated on the 6th back to back n u told aardhika romance anna athukula promo la ur putting aardhika no love

  6. Jo bhi ho jaisa bhi ho arjun change kaisa hosaktha hein yaar

  7. Hey dear….updating after a long time…..I just can’t wait after reading the promo…..plz update next part soon….

  8. Pls….pls…..update soooon na…..pls????

  9. hai harini…..iam sry if i hurt u….but…..i will read ur fanfictions if am frustrated….. i had find pease in it….all the writers ff…..r really nice….so itz a humble requests plz..dont make it painful…..

    1. sorry guys if I had hurt u but it’s just a matter of two episodes even I can’t hear so much pain between my leads ..just pls wait for some days…just two more exams I will update regularly drs . love u all .

  10. please update soon……

  11. pls wait for ur friend

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