Tied together by Destiny…swasan and ardhika…(chapter 9)…the new founded relation…


Hi friends this is chapter 9…

Arjun was pacing in his room like a cat .he was having a parcel in his hand ..he was waiting for swara but there was no sign of her presence anywhere ..so he decided to meet his bride at her place …

Radhika was sitting in her room alone looking at her family pictures ..all ladies were down ..guests didn’t arrive yet..

Arjun knocked at the door ..Radhika asked to come in .but she was shocked to find arjun there ..she who quickly closed the door asked him the reason for his arrival..

Arjun gave her the parcel and asked to look at that …Radhika very fastly opened it and was surprised to look at the very elegantly designed pink sari ….with matching ornaments ..

Radhika :this is so beautiful ..but mom had already bought me one she asked to wear that only na…then why this new one …

Arjun:hey just breath yaar ..this is not my mom’s selection…

Radhika :then …who bought it .

Arjun (dumbo ) I bought it for you .

Radhika (thought to tease him):but why did you but me this ..I already have so many dresses Arjun ..don’t waste your money ok

Arjun: became sad …and started leaving from there …ok Radhika ..(he takes the dress in his hand ) no problem ..I will give it back ..he started moving …

Radhika :she ran to him and blocked his way ..and said …r u angry

Arjun :No nothing like that ..I should have asked you before itself …I will give it back to them don’t feel bad ..bye ..

he tried to move but was stopped by Radhika ..she held her ears asking sorry to him and said sorry to him …

Radhika :sorry ..sorry sorry ..Arjun pls give me that sari pls …I was just kidding ..That is my fav colour too u know …(I think now u got to know y the secret house of Arjun was all pink :-))

Arjun smiled at her act and have her the sari ..she forwarded her hands and half his hands and said thank you for this beautiful gift..

Arjun was very happy and he went from there ..he was continuously looking at his hands and kissed it …

————Mehandi day —————

Radhika was dressed in beautiful red lehanga ..and was sitting in the mandap..Arjun was standing at a distance and was watching his Queen …swara who came there …came near him and closed his mouth and said that ..bhai how many to tell you that we r not ready to die bcz of the flood created by your waterfalls …Arjun looked at her with anger and twisted her ears …sanskar who was standing there was clapping at this act…Arjun and sanky gave hifi to each other …

swara went from there and sat near Rads …a lady was putting mehandi .swara also showed her hands ..the lady asked rads her husband’s name ..rads blushed and told it’s Arjun …swara was smiling at her bhabhi and when the lady asked her husband name to swara she told it’s sanskar …no one heard it except three. .swara rads and sanskar …swara who was embrassed by this didn’t look at anyone and was looking down ..rads was shocked but inside somewhere she is happy ..

sanskar was on cloud nine bcz this is the second time he got confirmed abt swara’s feelings for him …

they both acted as if they didn’t hear it…swara then completing the work went to her room .rads and all were downstairs..Arjun was sitting looking at his mob for some business works..

orhees were already into the arrangements for haldi tomorrow.arjun and rads were as usual stealing glances ..

at swara’s room..

when swara entered the room suddenly she was caught by two hands which pinned her to wall..she didn’t shout bcz she was sure abt the person .

sanskar came near her and was standing very close to her and asked her to tell her husband’s name ….swara blushed at his question and lowered her eyes

sanskar held her chin up and they had a lovely eyelock …suddenly ….

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precap: swasan cute moments and haldi ceremony

Credit to: Harani

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