Tied together by Destiny…swasan and ardhika…(chapter 5) …The mystery man

Hi my sweetie pies …love you all with each cell of my heart …this episode is full of one person and his point of view ..I hope u shouldn’t note u ALL…comment needed drs..

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A man was walking through the woods with a box in his hand .He was walking like a king .His arms which were moving rhythmically with his walk was making him look more not with his toned biceps..aww he was nothing less than a hot,handsome and heart stealing hero of adventure novels ….His car was parked at the entrance which was far from that house …oops sorry that castle.yes it was similar to a castle of kings.His castle was disturbed by guards .He entered into the castle ..It was painted all pink ..(u can think what a weird taste …but there’s a secret :-))…

He climbed the stairs and went to a room ,freshed himself and went to the room at terrace with a box in his hands ..He entered the room ..The room indeed was very beautiful with so many beautiful interiors and pictures …yes…that room was almost filled. with pictures …our hero was smiling lovingly at those pictures …all those were the pictures of a girl …an angel we can say …there some paintings too even she was occupying it…her angelic smile can make anyone go mad behind her .She had left her spell on this Greek god who is smiling at her photos.He opened the box .oh god again it’s another new photo of that angel..now she is wearing a red Salwar with a bun and was seriously searching someone …I hope you guessed her …yes it is our queen RADHIKA ..
The man caressed her cheeks and again placed this photo in a new place …He was looking at all places ,at each and every photo and was admiring the beauty of his Queen …
He was thinking about the past happenings which made him fall very deeply for his Queen..

Before three years …
He saw her at a literary event .she was receiving prize for her first short story …she was very happy …her smile .her face ,her innocence everything was attracting him…Everything started here …He begun to follow her activities ..She was very caring .He used to follow her either directly or by making his pa follow her..by this he came to know that she cares for everyone .That room was full of photos taken during those moments …His eyes were not showing possessiveness but they show his intense love for his Queen …Finally after three years of long journey he made her his bride ..it was not his plan …it’s Destiny’s decision . when his parents told about proposal he nodded and decided that he will tell that girl whom he is going meet about his love but that girl turned out to be his Queen ..what does he need more ….yes it is our Arjun ….He is gonna make his love life happy with his Queen. ….He is eagerly waiting for their marriage after which she will be entirely his own …He have promised her to be her friend and he is very hardly trying to be in control bcz it was his three year long wish to make her his own…

But all these were not known to anyone ….this castle was even a secret place …not even his sister know abt this …This is the place where he is going to take his Queen after she. accepts his love to make her the queen of this castle …..

He looked at her photo and smiled ..He then started towards his house …

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love you all sweeties ….hope I didn’t bore you …I am sorry I have been loaded with so many assignments and projects ..I will update as fast as I. can…Pls comment drs 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. nice….

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  2. Harani!! It was cute!! But so small… It’s k…. Arjun loved Radhika!! Omg!! He’s her stalker!! Omg… But it’s cute!!

    Concentrate on assignments… Don’t worry.. We’ll wait…

    Love you ??

    1. Thank you shree ..I hope u ALL will be with me throughout my ff bcz ur comment is like life saver dear …love uu too…

  3. Hey harani dear !!!! Its not boring yaar iam egarely waiting who is the person , its not villain , its our hero * Arjun* iam happy pls update soon , have nice Sunday, tc .dear…..

    1. Thank you dr …I will update soon Dr take care

  4. Super harani …. Its very interst continue writing tc

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  5. Wowwww what a twist dr finally he is our arjun only

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  6. Dear harani..it was superb…..

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  7. Superb yaar. So he’s arjun…..really nice.

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  8. Omg arjun first falls for radhika . Wow yaar nice castle . Really pretty . Nice update. Update soon waiting for the next one

  9. super dr

  10. Thank u Dr I will update soon 🙂 🙂

  11. harani it was amazing dear….
    thanks for updating dear…

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  12. Awesome episode. 🙂

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  14. Omg i can’t believe this… It was awesome

  15. harani… this one is so damn awesome yaar 😉

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