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This is my 22nd chapter ….
Acting that has become swara’s only way of escaping those sympathetic glares she get ..She hate that .so she started acting …like how she was at first ..Acting right ,left ,front and back .no way to escape those stupid gossips. She is really pissed off so much with her life ..now her only happiness is her family ..There was no engagement news of sanskar ..Radhi bhabhi never spoke about that to her …It had been a month .everything in her life changed but her love ..how could that change ..

@Gadodia mansion ..at hall
Shekar : sumi darling where is the magazine ..Give me a cup of tea
Sumi : it is your fourth tea shekar and the magazine is right before you .offfo will you never do your things on your own ..
Shekar : ahh..what can I do dear …when I have a beautiful wife then how will I stop asking her all these ..just to see your face..
Swara who was watching all these giggled..ahem ahem ..you both can romance in your room na mom and dad ..see bachuu like me are here ..you and your son are …all same ..
Dad she winks at him and says look now how much ur son is good in running ..
Swara : Radhi bhabhi …shouts ….what happened to you ?
Arjun within in a fraction of seconds came running down to look at Radhika .Radhika who was working in kitchen also came to see ..
Swara gave hi fi to shekar and said ..see na dad ..I told you right ..my brother can even beat Hussain bolt ..if you held bhabhi at the ending line 😛
Arjun who was confused started chasing her ..Rads and sumi was watching all these happily .
Shekar was reading the magazine..suddenly .he shouts swaraaaaaa….
He throws the magazine down .Swara takes it in her hand and was shocked to see her pictures with sanskar which they took on their first date ..
Everyone were shocked to see that .Before swara could tell something she was stopped by shekar .who told to her that he never want to listen to her .just tell it is true or not .as swara nodded in yes …shekar slapped her hard ..
Sumi: what is this swara .are these the values we have you .what will the society talk about you .even sanskar is going to get married .how these pictures came on magazine .
Before shekar could slap her again Rads came in stood before her .Arjun held shekar and asked him to calm down…Swara was sobbing continuously ..Rads was consoling .
Arjun immediately contacted the editor of the magazine .After talking to him (a serious conversation) he told shekar that the editor is speaking lies .
Shekar: Arjun just tell me what he told .?
Arjun: papa.he told that it was swara who have him photos and asked him to publish it in his magazine .He also told that he has even contacted her yesterday .
This made shekar angry.he took swara’s phone and looked at dialed calls .his eyes turned red on finding the editor’s number in her mobile .without giving her time to explain he slapped her hard several times .Before he could slap her more sanskar stopped him by holding his hands .Shekar became more angry in seeing sanskar.Arjun held him and made him sit .Before sanskar could say something they see Swara becoming unconscious.Before she could fall down sanskar hold her in his arms .tears were falling continuously from his eyes .They took her to hospital .Doctor told them that She is sick due to so much of stress ..
Sanskar was standing there watching his Swara lying there in bed like a snow princess very pale and weak .shekar was sitting there with so much of tension .Radhika pulled sanskar and slapped him continuously .Arjun stopped her .but she jerked him and continued to slap .sanskar was standing there without saying anything .Arjun held Radhika hard and asked her to stop it .Sanskar asked him to let her slap him .he deserve it ..
Arjun : Radhi he is your brother. Did you ask him the reason for his silence .
Radhika was baffled to hear the harsh time of Arjun .Before they could speak further doctor called shekar in and told that swara is conscious now .She is sleeping .Every one saw her and came out .at last Arjun pushed sanky inside ignoring rads struggles and shekar’s anger .
Sanskar went inside .His heart ached to see Swara like that.He slowly watsat down near her .He took her hands in his and kissed them .He looked pale than her .He caressed her cheeks and she slowly responded to his touch .His eyes were continuously pouring out the saline drops .He stood up to move out but was surprised when he heared swara’s talk .she was talking in her talks .actually she is pleading.
“sanskar don’t leave me .pls don’t go .”with this she again sleeps .His heart gets stabbed by the effect she had in these two months of separation .he kissed her eyes and came out .He asked Arjun to come with him .They went to the editor’s office and pulled him out .And they took him to a secret place .There they tied him to a chair and made him tell the truth .on hearing it they then went to sanskar’s office .
Sanky took hold of his pa and pushed him down .he slapped him hard who I u made blood ooze out of his lips .The pa told that one of his business rivals bribed him to publish those images on magazine to make your reputation fall. The pa then pleaded him not to fire him .Sanky never waited and asked him to get out as never reach again .Arjun hugged sanskar ..
Scene ended in their Hugging and emotional face ..what happened in these two months .what will happen next …

Precap : the real truth and mystery behind sanskar’s sudden disappearance….:-[

Sorry darlings …two days there were so much work …so many ‘renovations took place in our home…sorry for the late updates…love you loads ..pls don’t forget to comment ..love you loads 

Credit to: Harani

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  1. Harani…..its awesome….. How much I missed it though it was only 2 days…..

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    1. I am fyn sweety …Thank you so much for such a good comment ..love you too 🙂 B-)

  3. awesome episode…………

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  4. Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

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  5. Good one bt hw sanky got disappear??

  6. u r too gud harani!… instead u r the best! the epi was awsm… filled wid emotions!

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