Tied together by Destiny…swasan and ardhika…(chapter 21) ”’The touch of love”‘

Hi sweets .this is my 21 st chapter .

Recap : Dp telling about Sanskar’s alliance with kavitha .Swara became determined .
…….confrontation it’s not needed ..Swara never wanted to see him again .The way he stood there with heads down she know he loves her still but not ready to move beyond his father’s words .She laughed at the strength of their love .She was heartbroken but was not ready to show that …she has made herself very busy in her gallery. She never look out other than her world surrounded by paintings .She one day looked at the magazine .Her eyes pooled at seeing the news .
Wedding engagement of sanskar Maheswari …She got to know that her family had hid this news from her .The engagement is going to take place in a week .She threw the magazine away .She was happy at least they didn’t put their photo .her helplessness has turned into frustration .She was painting all day and night .no gap .No one dared to call her once .She then left this news go off because there is no use .Sanskar never came to her not even once …this proves that Their love was not that strong .let it go her mind said .But her blo*dy heart said…..he is ur sanskar swara … .her heart was flowing with emotions .She then planned something making her busy in its arrangements.

She called Arjun and asked him to come to his secret house ..he was shocked at first because only he knew this knew this place .Swara asked him to come there without wasting time .
Then she called Radhika and asked her to follow Arjun to get the biggest shock of her life .rads immediately followed Arjun .reassembled with satisficatiom.She have made every arrangements needed for the upcoming event .

The house of Arjun where all his three years of following was laid .Radhika came silently following Arjun .no one stopped her as everyone know her .But she didn’t know anyone .She thought what Thai Arjun is doing in Thai lonely place .She with so many questions followed him into the mansion .

She was awestruck to see a complete pink coloured mansion .he was still moving forward .he enters into the room where the photos of Rads are filled .Rads stealthily enters the room .But was about to fault seeing her pictures all over .her eyes were moist on seeing them ..Arjun hugged her from back and kept his chin on her shoulders ..

Rads turned to him with teary eyes .She hugged him ..
Arjun : Don’t waste your tears my love ..I don’t like u spending ur salty drops ..let them stay there .
Radhika: achu ..you loved me this much na .But why didn’t you express me or came to me at least once ..I was mad searching you all around when you were very close to me …
Arjun : I felt that I can’t bear if u reject me so that I maintained a distance and never showed up .

Radhika hugged him really tight sending shock vibrations all over his body .Blood was heating up.He was trying very hard to control his emotions .

Arjun : Radhi ..move please ..
Radhika with a playful smile ..But why achu ..She looked straight into his eyes ..and winked
Arjun : I can’t accept the blames you load upon me after my uncontrollable actions .I can’t control more Radhi please don’t tease me .
Radhi : Make me yours achu …I don’t want to be separated from u even for a minute .just hate the feelings of being away from u .
Arjun who stood still by her words ..he slowly moved forward and she took steps.backward ..She stood there when she got hit by the wall …Arjun stood very close to her so that even air Don r dare to touch his radhi.Radhika was breathing heavily by his proximity ..

He was still maintaining that small distance which made her irritated .She with our wasting time cupped his cheeks in her hands and striked their noses making Arjun smile …Arjun then slide his hand near her waist and squeezed it .Rads closed her eyes and hugged Arjun .he held her chin up with his index finger …then he pressed his rough lips against her rosy and soft ones ..he sucked her hard making her moan..Her every move makes him lose his controllers by little. ..Rads pushed him and tried to run but he held her pallu in such a way that if she moves then her pallu will be torn ..he pulled her towards him .he pulled her by waist and touched her bare belly sensously leaving her breathless.he kissed her neck and bite her making her moan..

he then kissed her collar bone which made her go weak in knees ..he looked into her eyes for permission ..She just batted her eyelids ..he took her in his arms .She clenched his shirt .he laid her in bed and went upon her …..:-)

Lights off ..he marked her as his lady only his ..moon closed her eyes with white clouds to give them privacy …
@gadodia mansion ..Swara managed to tell sumi and shekar that ardhika went to temple and return by morning ..all said ok and went to their room ..She patted her shoulders and praised herself fr the talent ..suddenly she got teary eyes remembering sanskar and her days together .She then shrugged her shoulders and went to her room .
@ AR Mansion .

Rads woke up and was happy about last night .She was sleeping in her man’s embrace .She kissed his forehead ..when she turned to go Arjun suddenly pulled her on him …she looked down due . To shyness .

He doesn’t leave her even after her so many trials ..they again made love there …they woke up at afternoon ..this time rads ran to bathroom as she needed a warm bath ..Arjun woke up by the phone call of Swara ..
Swara : enough of your romance and come home fast ..I can’t control mom who wants to see her dil sorry daughter soon then tell them you want to temple …

Arjun : yes boss..he chuckled and cut the call ..Rads came out of the bathroom and was wearing a deep red Saree with light borders ..it was all his collections ..She got it from the cupboard …his three year long collection .

He hugged her from back and kissed her neck ..She turned to him pushed him very romantically but before he could notice she had pushed him into the bathroom and bolted it …she laughed at his actions ..then she noticed the love marks given by him .she lives them though they pained …She wear the Saree by hiding them ..then after Arjun came they both moved to home .
@Gadodia mansion .

Swara ..here comes my bhabhi and bhai ..they enters and took blessing from sumi and went inside ..Swara came back of them silently ..as soon they enters the room Arjun back hugged Radhi .
Swara jumped in saying …harahara mahadeva …
Ardhika separated from each other and stood embrassed..

Swara: Bhabhi ..no problem ..I can understand but please. Bolt ur coordinators romancing ..small kids are here ..
Arjun : searching around …
Radhi ..what happened achu ..

Swara ..ohh achu huh …please stop romancing in front of me ..bhai I know u r searching for the child to give me nose cut ..But sorry that didn’t work ..She ran out ..But before going out told ..I accept there is no kid but I want to see one soon calling me bua ..She winked at them and ran out ..But her eyes were moist ..trying to move on in life …
Arjun and radhika stood hugging each other ..yeah the door is bolted 

…precap …Everyone misunderstood Swara …her sudden move …the truth …

Pls comment drs …love you all 

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  1. Its awesome Harani…..plz upload next part today itself…..

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  2. Please upload next part today itself

  3. And we don’t want swara forgive. Sanskar easily

    1. swara won’t forgive him that easy ..I give u surity Dr ..and today there are some renovations going on in my house so I will definitely post today ..pls sorry Dr :-[

  4. How romantic episode…iloved it…but sad for swara..pls soon make her fine…upload next one soon…

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment ..Will certainly make Swara happy soon ..:-)

  5. awesome episode yaar…….finally radhika know that arjun’s mad love…..but sad for swara…please update next one soon….tc

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  6. Awesome episode. 🙂

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  8. hey harani… I guess tat u must have forgotten me but I…missed ur ffs a lottt… I was busy wid my exams tats y I did not read any of ur ff… but, I must say… they all are tooooooo gud… actually better than before…
    ur ff is the best… I assure!

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