Tied together by Destiny…swasan and ardhika…(chapter 20)

Hi drs .I am back with my 20th chapter ..love u ALL. .
Recap : ardhika small fight and swasan in room .
Swasan were standing still not knowing what to do. Before they could think something they were startled by another knock .Swara made sanskar go out by window ..She immediately came out .For her surprise it was Arjun who was standing there .He pulled Swara by her arms to the hall .there everyone were gathered. Shekar and sumi were sitting on the cushion .whereas Radhika was standing there with a worried face.swara could sense tension everywhere but she doesn’t wand to her caught easily .
Shekar : swara answer my questions truly ..we all know the truth …do you love someone .?
Swara (shocked ): dad….
Shekar :just answer my question .don’t waste all our time .
Swara : yes dad .I love sanskar dad .
Arjun and radhika was standing there without facing each other.sumi was looking at these two with worried face .
Shekar : what is this Swara .was this the values we taught u .who gave you rights to select your partner when we are .
Swara was standing still to see her dad boiling in anger .Rads tried to talk but Arjun held her hands tightly and nodded his head in no .
Shekar : We are not here to talk about ur love .we are tomorrow going to talk to my friend’s house to talk alliance for u .get ready by morning .
Swara tried to say something .But shekar stopped her from talking further.There everyone dispersed to their rooms .Radhika tried to go to Swara but was asked by Arjun to sleep now .Radhika who was in frustration bcz she couldn’t htell her nanad .not for her brother but Swara was like her twin sister .But this Arjun stood by door not allowing her to go .She in anger went to the couch and slept there .Swara was crying bitterly holding the image of sanskar in her hands .
Swara thinking ..was we not destined to be together .was our love not true .why all this happen only to me sanskar .my first love ..She was weeping and slept hugging sanskar’s photo .
AP and DP have already discussed this .But Dp took a form decision which shocked ap .sanskar who doesn’t know any of this was sleeping peacefully with swara’s dreams ….

Next day morning .
Swara got ready in a very simple Salwar .Radhika and Arjun were not talking to each other .
Shekar asked swara not to behave childishly there .sumi ,Swara and Radhika sat in back seat where as Arjun and shekar sat in front .Swara didn’t even open her eyes .She laid her head on radhika’s shoulder .Rads and sumi got tears bcz the girl who used to make them laugh is now no more happy .the car stopped Swara didn’t open her eyes because she doesn’t wand to die soon .the thought of not being with sanskar killed her .But those who were open was happy .rads was indeed in cloud nine .because their car have stopped in front of Maheshwari Mansion.Rads asked swara to see what’s in front of her .Swara never turned up .She just got up and went behind them without uttering a word .
Radhika caught hold of Arjun’s hand and punched him hard for the drama that held .He winced in pain even then his Queen was happy .He laughed at swara who was looking at ground and walking .They were all welcomed by ap and dp .they all sat in sofa.
Shekar : ji we are here to talk about something important .Before he could say further he was stopped by dp who said he will tell an important news .When he was telling this swara who was watching all these with astonishment and happiness watched sanskar getting down foreheads down and red eyes .She sensed something wrong in that .he didn’t even look at her once .
Dp: I wanted to tell this good news to u first .we have fixed alliance for sanskar with my younger sister’s daughter kavitha .
On hearing this everyone including Radhika was shocked .Swara felt as if the ground below her is rotating .Arjun held her hand with teary eyes .shekar didn’t say a word .
Sumi : oh when is the engagement. Have sanskar agreed for that ?
Ap : yes sumi after getting his approval only we got this alliance fixed .
Swara looked at sanskar who was sreading like a statue there .
After a few time all gadodias started to their home .Swara was actually taken by Arjun .Radhika for the first time saw her brother with sharp eyes that will pierce his skin nit he was not ready to look at her .…sanskar ran to his room disheartened thinking about what happened in the morning .

Dp : son ..promise me one thing .
Sanskar: what is this for dad .why are you so serious .
Dp: promise me that you will not go beyond my words .
Sanskar: ok I promise dad .what happened?
Dp: I think you didn’t forget about kavitha .your bua’s daughter .She is an orphan .at her mother’s death bed my sister asked me a promise to give kavitha’s,hand in a good family .
Sanskar: ok dad but what’s this promise for .?
Dp : you marry her sanskar .my sister’s soul Wil her peace of kavitha becomes dil of this house .Sanskar felt a thud on his heart .But was bounded by that stupid promise of his .he looked at ap who was standing like a statue there .Sanskar for the first time hated his life .Now he couldn’t tell anyone about This .He went to his room .Ap went from there without making a conversation.dp looked at his sister’s photo with garland and looked satisfied .
######fb over ####

Shekar was at the peak of anger. .he went one side the room sumi followed him.Radhika and Arjun took swara to her room and helped her to sit. As she wanted to be alone Arjun left the place ..
Radhika : I am sorry Swara .I doesn’t know that my family will turn this much heartless .
Swara didn’t utter a word .Radhika shook her there was no response .She immediately called Arjun .Arjun came running to the room swas Swara sitting like a lifeless body .Radhika was calling her several times .Arjun slapped Swara ..he hugged her and soon Swara started to cry very hardly .She soon fainted and Arjun made her sleep .As soon as Arjun took turnt to leave he saw Radhika crying .he asked her not to cry because it is not her fault .Radhika hugged Arjun .
Radhika : I didn’t understand why sanskar was so silent Arjun .But whatever be the reasons .I am not going to go to that home .Swara is more than my family .She is lyk a kid Arjun I don’t know any they were like this .They went to their room .Radhika chafed her dress and slept in arjun’s embrace crying for a long time .In mid night shekar entered the room and sat near Swara .who looked pale .He caressed her hairs and slept there near her .
………………… ,,,,,

Swara woke up next day and came to a conclusion of not being the tower of sadness .She refreshed took her back and materials and went to the gallery. On her return she found that they were all so sad .She came and sat near Arjun .
Swara : bhai pls u all don’t be like this .nothing happened to me .I took a wrong decision of falling in love .it’s ok see .I don’t have any problems.if he have rights to move on why not us .ok tell me when are you giving us junior .
Arjun:-swara don’t try to act .we all know how you are feeling .
Swara : leave it all bhai .don’t talk about this once again .I don’t lyk to stay with what hurts me a lot .
Radhika : I am sorry Swara .She was stopped in short by Swara .who hugged rads and said ..bhabhi u r my fav bhabhi .there is nothing of ur fault .it was me who trusted everyone blindly .please don’t regret for something which u r not wrong .
She turned to every one and said .”I don’t wabt sadness in my home .if anyone talk about this matter here I will leave the house “ .
The screen ended in the determined face of Swara .
Precap :-A three month leap …new happiness …

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