Tied together by Destiny…swasan and ardhika…(chapter 18)

Hi drs I am here back after my hectic weeks ..uff ..so much of works …these weeks all we were like ..ready to bury the man who found exams …at last it’s over and I have a week off ..so here after so much of my blabla …here is the 18th chapter .
Recap :-ardhika romance .rads fell ill ..

May be love is destined to them or they are destined to it ..But now there is mutual love ..the thing for which Arjun was carving for years .his Queen is in love ..that feeling is making him get butterflies in stomach .Radhika was as always lovely now more than that She is looking like an angel .She has got some extra gleam to her face .She is now to be called the lady in love .
It had been a week since they are in Scotland .last three days was so boring for Radhika as she was always made to be seated on bed.As the doctor told that She is little weak with protein deficiency Arjun never let her step out ..it was all in bridal style that he was lifting her and making her blush red by that ..Their family as always is so much concerned for rads ..even more than ap .sumi is taking care of Rads …at times they make Swara run up and down to being water ,food ,at times juice for rads .Swara sometimes feel tired but as it is for her fav bhabhi she never complains .
…sanskar was like over protective mother .more than him is Arjun .It was even another week since rads fell ill .they have all packed bag to go to back to India .Arjun was packing the stuffs like a ball and was throwing them into the suitcase …Radhika came out from bathroom after getting refreshed .She was shocked to see the condition of the room .
Radhika :Arjun wat is this ? Have something happened in this room like earthquake .why this have become a messy land

Arjun: what radhi .I just thought of helping u.you r teasing me .

Radhika : Help ..seriously .you want to tell me right .

Arjun: yaa baby ..how can I do that .?

Radhika : Them please there quietly without disturbing me .
Arjun makes faces and sit there on bed ..But quietly is not his cup of tea .
Radhika was taking those clothes from the suitcase which were like balls.She laughed at the way the clothes were made .She then fold them into proper way .After completing all these she saw that his clothes are still in cupboard .She understood that her clothes were folded by him .a little read of happiness entered her heart . He is always caring ..his first priority is always her .She felt bad as they couldn’t enjoy much because of her ill health .
She then turned to him .he was sleeping in the same position .he had been taking care of her always .She couldn’t he’ll but went and sat near him .
She took his head in her lap .She caressed his hair .the she kissed his forehead .they still have a day to leave .She was looking at his innocent yet heart taking face ..She doesn’t know when she slept ..She came to sense when she heard a knock at the door ..it was 1.00 pm in afternoon ..She thought that mom is going to kill me .She then slowly opened the door ..it was sumi at door .sumi gave her a angry look .

Sumi : what were u doing all these time .do u know what is the time .
Radhika : Ma I am sorry ..ur son na .he made the room complete mess .I cleaned them and slept a little .
Sumi: u could have called me na beta ..where is he .my wonderful son .let me ask him
Radhika : Ma ..he is sleeping .don’t want to ask him ma .Let him sleep .
Sumi: oho .supporting ur husband .ok dr .take these food and you eat them ..then wake that kumbkarn .and ask him to eat .saying this sumi Left .radhi came and sat on bed near Arjun .She took a piece a roti with his fav aloo curry ..She took it near his nostrils ..suddenly he opened his eyes wide and looked at radhi ..She was surprised to see him woke up this soon took her hand back .But Arjun without wasting time grabbed her hands ..She looked at her hands and smiled a little .he are that piece of roti .he then sucked her hands leaving her shocked ..her breath struck at throat . He looked at her intensely ..Rads blushed a little and turned ..they both ate feeding each other after eating .Rads went to cupboard to comb her hair which is all messy due to her sleep ..
Arjun came back and hugged her making her shiver a little .they stood there enjoying their intimacy and lost in their world…
Swara who entered the room was shocked to see them ..wow she was on cloud nine at last his bhai and bhabhi are together .But now no more emotional over action her mischievous mind made a plan ..She took their photo in her mob …
Swara : coughs to alert them..excuse me bhai as bhabhi ..why couldn’t do all these by bolting ur doors .
Ardhika were startled by this ..they suddenly departed and stood there embrassed ..suddenly Arjun tried to move out but stood in his place in seeing the moment clicked on swara’s phone .
She looked at him and winked a little.
Arjun :-started buttering Swara ..radhi u Know something ..my Swara is so good girl ..She will not tease her bhai at all .Radhika was laughing at his tricks.
Swara : oh please bhai .don’t butter me. .I will not give u these ..
At last they made her give the photo .Swara hugged rads and sat talking with her for sometime .then she left out ..But on going out she was caught under a strong hands .
Sanky was hugging her .She was looking at his eyes. Those eyes which made her fall .he then gave her a bubblee a very big one ..Swara thanked him. They were talking for sometime ..Swara fell asleep in his embrace.sanky was also addicted to it ..he felt proud of being her comfort zone .ap who entered sanskar’s room was for a moment shocked to see that ..sanky was sitting and sleeping and his Swara was sleeping in his embrace ..

Precap : some more tension..back to India 

 -thank u drs,..comment ur views ..just to make me feel at least a little good work ..if u didn’t like too say me ..love u ALL .

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  4. Awesome episode, what would be the tension in India?

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