Tied together by Destiny…swasan and ardhika…(chapter 17)..post confession


Hi drs this is my 17th chapter .Comment ur views
Recap :ardhika first kiss ..

Arjun told her not to play in rain as she may get cold .Radhika said she is very happy today and no one can control her ..She played ,danced did everything like a crazy girl ..Arjun was concerned about her .
They then after sometime left to home .As planned no one was at home ..swara and sanskar were at work .Elders are out for looking at different places .
Arjun and Radhika entered the room ..As soon as they entered rads pushed Arjun in bed and ran to the bathroom to fresh up.
She came back wearing a bath robe .Arjun looked at her and moved towards her …Radhika pushed him into the bathroom and booted it out .She blushed heavily remembering the recent happenings ..She got ready in a red Saree ..She was drying her hair .She felt a little dizzy ..She took hold of the table ..Arjun came out of bathroom wearing a v cut t shirt and track pants ..he back hugged Radhika …suddenly rads fell unconscious..Arjun was shocked he took Her to bed and called doctor .
He immediately contacted swara .She spoke to sumi and ap and asked them to come home ..swasan arrived in some ten minutes ..Swara sat near Radhika .Doctor came and checked Rads .
Arjun :what happened to her doctor ?

Doctor :nothing serious ..She is weak and her protein levels are so low ..take these prescription ..don’t forget to give her these tablets .
…sanskar left the doctor out and came ..Arjun was sitting beside Radhika ..Swara took sanky out to give privacy to them .sanskar asked swara to take care Rads because she is his life ..She was like another mother to him .Swara became teary eyed seeing his concern ..She promised him that She will take care of her bhabhi ..sanky hugged her being emotional ..swasan sat out in the garden ..he was working on laptop where as swara was working on her paintings .

Swara : will u take care me if I became sick .
Sansakar : what are u speaking .Dont talk like a stupid .why will u take care of u .you will have to ask ur husband for that.
Swara : so you don’t have ideas for marrying me.?
Sanky :surely not .
Swara : stood up from her place ..Then fine .

Sanskar : Very fine .
Swara took all her working materials and started to move .sanskar held her wrist ..She didn’t turn to his side .She asked him to leave her hand .sanskar came front of her and kissed her forehead ..
Swara : I have to go .sanskar hugged her suddenly which made her hands and knees loose .She cried hard ..She asked him not to let her go. She has become so much dependent on his love ..sanky felt guilty for making her cry ..he promised her that he will not leave her until his last breath .
She sat on his lap and slept in his embrace ..sanky felt her warmth as like a drug without which his life has become terrible. . .
Arjun was sitting near Radhika .caressing her hair ..She woke up a little later .
Rads hugged him and said sorry for making his day bad ..Arjun became angry on her and said her to sleep by keeping her mouth shut ..
Rads smiled at him and slept on his lap ..he caressed her hair .She slept peacefully .
The screen splits with the pairs sleeping .

Precap : family arrives to see Radhika …Ardhika romance ..

I know I didn’t meet up ur expectations ..today I made this confession episode so that my ff doesn’t seem boring to u all ..there is more drama waiting ..comment ur views drs take care

Credit to: Harani

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