Tied together by Destiny…swasan and ardhika…(chapter 16)


Hi drs ..it’s Harani back with 16th chapter ..I don’t want to drag my ff for so long ..my internals are arriving swiftly and my semester is very near to me  ..already I am irregular in updates so pls bare my late updates …
Recap : Ardhika light moments ..Swasan little fight patch up ..
Here we go

Scotland will become everyone’s love once visited ..the highlands ,the grasslands ,the fields aww the visual treat for lovers of nature .Early in the morning walking along the trees with dew drops on plants and flowers are giving radhika a feel of refreshment .It’s cold there but it never matters to her when she get attached to nature .Arjun was walking beside his Queen watching her amusement ..

Love makes u feel each other’s heart ..Arjun and radhika share the same bond but they didn’t notice still …Radhika held arjun’s hand and took him to a side ..he didn’t understand initially what she was trying to do .
Arjun :radhika .what happened? Where are I taking me .
Rads :sssshhh..She kept her finger on his lips and they hide behind a bush .
Arjun was looking at her with so much love but she was busy looking over the beautiful sight of hundreds of butterflies flying over there .She turned to see Arjun .he suddenly turned his gaze to other side .She blushed lightly .She made him look at those butterflies ..the took pictures of those God’s creation ..then Rads took her mobile and asked Arjun for a selfie .They stood very closely to each other .They stood for selfie but forgot that fact and stood there feeling the warmth of each other ..the sudden sound of trees which were smiling at their romance made them come into reality .

They then took selfie .Rads was running here and there pulling Arjun too along with her .Arjun was going crazy by her acts but never complained bcz he loved the fact that she asked him to accompany her .Finally being tired and weak Rads sat down on a big stone under a tree ..that tree was like a gigantic shed .

Rads pulled Arjun near her and slept on his shoulders ..Arjun was like ..omg ..poor guy still couldn’t identify wife’s love for him ..then some idea struck his mind .it is going to happen in few seconds .his Queen is fast asleep ..He took hat in his arms and started walking quickly to a mountain top.
Arjun woke Rads and closed her eyes with his hands ..Rads was shocked for little time .She was making him mad by trying to let his hand go ..but all in vain .
Ha slowly removed his habad which were blocking her vision ..on seeing front she was dumbstruck to look at the beautiful sunrise among the white angelic clouds .She was looking at them like a child looking ar sweets ..her passion and craze for nature is something which always attracts Arjun from the day of first meeting three years back ..Arjun went into flashback ..even before she was like this she never changed ..the last days when he used to stalk her ..She used to threaten sanky to take her to some natural spots in weekends …Arjun is standing here with satisfaction for making his Queen happy .

Radhika was literally very much happy ..something other than nature cannot make her this much happy ..and now Arjun entered the list of making her happy always ..She was so happy that She turned and told statue to Arjun. .people become child with their loved ones ..like our king and queen ..if it is some other one who told statue to this business tycoon he would have made them statue ..but now it’s his queen so no other go. .he stood still looking into her eyes ..She had a naughty smile ..She made her hands a chain and half his neck inside the cage ..She went close to him ..
You always surprise me right .this is my turn ..actually confessions are made to confirm their feelings ..but I hope we need no confessions ..I am bound to u for seven lives .but my love is not for that ..but for ur silent love and care ..my family is now not really mine ..u have become my mother’s favourite child ..my papa is now only singing ur praise ..and my brother leave him ..I think he will be beaten by u soon ..done ask me the reason ..
Arjun all the while watching her amused ..he was thinking was this the day ..I was long waiting ..but how so soon ..She have known him only for a month or so ..he was thinking so much ..Rads made him look at her .Don’t crush ur little brain by thinking so much ..this girl is not so innocent. As you think .U can ask I know you only for a month or so ..so what I loved u at first sight ..the day u took care of my mom ..I felt blessed ..and for ur kind info..I liked u at my literary event itself ..three years I was searching you but I was not so lucky to find u..but Destiny .our Destiny brought us together …

I asked time to accept this relation bcz I wanted to enjoy love from u ..for being pampered by you ..She stood close to him ..still u didn’t understand my tubelight husband …I LOVE YOU ..hear Thai ..I love you ..for eternity with all my heart and soul …saying this she hugged him tight.
Arjun was standing as if he was caught by spirits ..he was not in this world out of consciousness .He was wandering in heaven ..dancing with lords …thanking the almighty for giving his love to him ..He hugged her very tightly as if he is not going to let her back .
He kissed her head assuring that his feelings are more intense than what she has now ..he is so happy that even his girl has searched him for three years even when he was at her back always ..he after being quiet for so much time ..to thought of confirming as this is true or not ..
Arjun .Radhi are u drunk ? Or am I dreaming in early morning ..
Suddenly Rads picked him and he shouted ..She told him that it was no dream and all is true .She also told him that I will not drink ..She showed fake anger and tried to move aside .Arjun held her by waist .They stood joining their foreheads…

Arjun : Radhika you are my love ..mu soul ..I was waiting for this day ..literally .Actually u r not my first love but my love forever ..
Hearing this Radhika became sad . Knowing the fact that u are not the first love of ur first love is horrible .Tears formed a screen ..She forcibly smiled .Arjun was looking away .He told her his love story about his first love ..
The scenes after ten minutes ..Radhika was chasing him with a wooden stick ..Arjun was laughing his heart our and running forward .
What happened ..

He told her the following things .
She was my first crush ,love everything .Her look was stunning.She always used to have a little smile on her face..She is so kind hearted like you .i liked u bcz u r like her Xerox .
She used to beat me lovingly .I told her I love you too .She too accepted it .But I don’t know what happened she married a man in US and went there leaving me .
Rads was at the verge of crying ..sensing the situation ..Arjun stood up ready to run ..Rads looked at him and asked him to tell her whom she is ..He moved farther and told Radhi that ..She was his first standard English mam ..Hearing this Radhi stood up ..took a wooden stick j and started chasing him ..Arjun was laughing and running ..Suddenly Radhi down holding her legs shouting that She got hurt ..Arjun mean to her in lightning speed .He took her foot in her hands .and started looking at it ..At the moment .Rads twisted his ears and beat him with the Stick for fooling her ..

Rads :love story that too in first standard ..u cheater ..wait I will tell mom about her favourite son in law ..whose love story is more tragic than that of Ravin (I too had a love story )
He pulled her into a tight hug..she loved that embrace but still was teasing him .They stood there staring each other .when they were about to share their first kiss ..it suddenly rained ..They went and stood under the tree .Arjun made a baby face as his first kiss is spoiled ..Rads turned to his side and told that up to me rain is symbol of love ..nature’s love to us ..so our love is accepted by nature ..She went near him .looked straight into his eyes ..slowly his hands held her by waist ..They stood in such a way that even air cannot pass through them ..their lips met ..their first kiss..They stood there for a long time …

Thank u…

Credit to: Harani

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