Tied together by Destiny…swasan and ardhika…(chapter 15) … the bloom of that delicate feeling


Hi sweets this is ur friend’s 15th chapter…thank u everyone who are showing their inbound love through their comments ….Love you all …
Recap : Swasan romance ,plan for Scotland trip …
as the day …the long waited for swara and sanskar..They all gathered at Gm .They all are placing bags in the cars.Arjun was helping them .Radhika was looking here and there checking the bags .sumi and Annapurna were talking some random stuff .Dp and shekar was on phone checking the tickets and the surprise plan for Arjun and Radhi ma.

Swara was taking her bags down .sanskar who came in for taking bags looked at her struggling and went near her.

…sanskar:babe do you want any help .

Swara : yes my sweetheart.Pls help me na ..these are really heavy to carry
Sanskar hepled swara ..They loaded the luggage in the car ..two separate cars were standing ..sumi took Radhika with her while Arjun was asked to sit with the male in another car ..he unwillingly went to them ..swara was laughing .Rads was blushing at arjun’s actions ..Love is something which makes normal people equal to kids..

Everyone went to airport and all started journey …They landed in Scotland .the pleasing atmosphere gave them freshness .the spring season there made the country more beautiful than what Wandsworth wrote in his poems .The serene atmosphere is itself is romantic .Everyone was moving in the respective cars arranged .They reached the guest house of Gadodia family ..it was not so large but was simply awesome .Rads was looking at the natural world like a child in sweet shop ..the writer inside her was craving for paper and pen to draw her thoughts in a beautiful poem ..Swara was in her world taking pictures of those images ..the place looks funny even then It made them shiver a little in chill.

They arranged their luggage in the respective rooms. Servants were there and they have already made the break fast .all had their break fast. .As per plan the family is going out except Arjun and Rads who are going to be left alone ..They were all thinking about a plan to send swara outdoor ..even before they could think a reason swara came to shekar and told that She needs to go for mountain view ..sumi sent her with sanky as it is a new place (hehe…nice plan swasan.

They both left for forest .for sanky this is not his first trip so it is not difficult for him to go to certain places .after that sumi shekar and dp and ap told Ardhika that they are going to the famous market there for shopping .Arjun asked whether he could help them.but they refused it Nd told that They will manage .
Arjun then came to his room .Rads was inside bathroom taking shower .he sat on the couch looking at his company documents in laptop.After sometime Rads came out wearing a red Saree (arjun’s fav colour ) which was gicebgiven to her by Arjun .He was staring at his Queen who felt shy by his intense looks .She is still

unaware that delicate feel..that has creeped inside her heart as soon as she saw Arjun then his character all these were attracting her ..but will not accept it ..stubborn girl ..Rads was moving towards the mirror .
Her wet hair and the beautiful dress has increased her beauty.She was about to wear sindoor..Suddenly she felt goosebumps all over her delicate skin ..Arjun was so close to her ..He took sindoor in his fingers and applied it on her maang.
They had a cute eyelock .Rads was melting like a glacier bcz of his hot eyes ..His closeness is making her shiver whereas it is becoming difficult for Arjun to control his feelings ..He moved back to the couch and started doing his work .

Rads started going out of the room ..while moving her knot at back was caught by a nail in the cupboard.She tried hard to remove .Arjun who saw this came to help her ..She was standing straight .She couldn’t turn ..Arjun stood facing her face to face .his hands went to back and took the knot off from the nail.there was only an inch gap between them ..The knot has loosened ..Arjun turned Rads and tied the knot ..his touch was making her feel butterflies in stomach ..Arjun slowly hugged her from back and to his surprise Rads sagged into his arms ..They were standing in the same position ..soon he understood that his pretty wife is fast asleep due to tiredness ..He took her in his arms and placed her delicate form in the bed and covered her with a blanket .he kissed her forehead and went to carryon his office work ..
         

Swasan reached the forest after one hour travel .all,the way through was heart taking and wonderful .but there was pin drop silence inside the car .…sanskar was trying hard to make a conversation but all in vain .
Flashback .
Swara asked for chocolates and sanky found a shop on the way to forest .He took swara inside while she was buying he went aside to attend a call ..here when swara was alone some guys tried to misbehave with her .sanky fought with them and took swara to the car ..he was very angry and the car was also not getting started ..he was frustrated .swara thought to cool him down ..She was pestering him to buy chocolates …sanky was trying hard to control his anger when swara tried to get down from car to go to the shop sanky held her hands tight and was about to slap her ..tears started to flow down her cheeks ..

Sanskar :can’t you please keep quiet for sometime ..do you wish to become their target once again huh ..don’t u have brain ..Will u not use them. Always playing and being childish is frustrating ..Pls stop ur nonsense and sit in the car .
Swara sat silently .She after that never uttered a single word .
Sanskar was thinking about his anger and how swara became pale when he was about to slap her .he was trying so many ways to convince her .
As soon they reached the forest swara went to take photos ..she was not even smiling ..all those emotions got struck at her heart ..She moved away from sanskar and was watching to mountains and the lowlands of Scotland .
Sanskar cAme and sat near her .She tried to stand up .but he pulled her towards him .She was made to sit on his lap .if it was some other day swara would have become red by blushing ..today it made no effect on her .

He took her chin up and tried to make her look into his eyes .but she,was not making it .he asked to look into his eyes .As soon as she looked at him she started crying ..sanskar felt a feel cut on his heart looking at her tears ..She told him that she didn’t do that to frustrAte him but only was trying to make him cool.he felt guilty for scolding her ..he asked sorry to her .She wiped her tears and said him that it’s not needed bcz it was her mistake to take advantage of relations ..She tried to move away but he tightened his grip on her waist .he made her look into his eyes and told her that ..She is his life only soul ..he kissed her cheeks and eyes ..swara was little by little looking her anger but still her heart is afraid told him .
Sanskar understood that .he little by little moved closer to her lips .he first bite her lower lips ..there was no lust it was to assure her that he is her very own sanskar ..then the kiss was made long ..swara lost all her fear and anger and was getting immersed completely in his love …They broke the kiss ..swara hugged him and stood there for sometime ..They then went to the top of the mountain and took many photos ..They took very funny and cute selfies …

They then returned down ..Swasan has their lunch out and went to the city to do some shopping .They went to market got some unique items of Scotland .They reached home in night.Dinner was ready .Swara after completing her dinner went to her room to paint some pictures .sumi shekar Dp and ap all went to the room in terrace to sleep .Arjun and radhika was watching tv .sanskar entered swara’s room very silently ..when he went near to her ,he got astonished to see her painting ..She was making a painting of sanskar ..That was looking like a photo. A lovely one ..
…sanskar hugged her from back and kissed her neck.swara was blushing and they sat talking for hours .

Arjun lies at one corner of the bed and Rads

Credit to: Harani

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    Arjun was lying in the corner ..during sleep unconsciously rads hugs arjun ..Arjun who was awakened by this held rads by her waist and sleep peacefully ..rads also feels a little comfort but was not in her senses …these days had brought them closer ..They are soon going to become close for eternity ..

    precap …ardhika trip to secret place ..Family enjoyment

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