Tied together by Destiny…swasan and ardhika…(chapter 14) …the quiet and serene romance ..


This is my 14th chapter …

Recap :ardhika marriage …swara and Rads bond …swasan moments ..
Love is an eternal feeling .you feel blessed when u are with ur beloved.Arjun is experiencing these things …Radhika has accepted him as her friend and he doesn’t bother about all those ..for him living around Radhika and watching her acts and movements is giving heavenly pleasure which he was craving for years .She is an angel who has made their home more colourful..it had been one week after their marriage .Radhika has made friends with sumi and shekar they are now Rads parents more than his .swara as usual have her pleasure in making fun of him to the core .Rads used to smile at him on waking up at every morning ..he used feel so happy but doesn’t know the reason .swara started going to her work ..She is an artist .sanskar picks her up at the corner of the street ..no one other than Rads know this .swara loved the way sanskar cared for her .He spoke to her now and then .

Both Maheshwari and Gadodia family planned for a family outing together where they also planned a surprise honeymoon grip for Arjun and Radhika.Swara has her own gallery which is filled with her work .sanskar is taking care of his dad’s business …swasan were literally more happy than everyone bcz they can be together may be not as lovers but as relatives … Arjun was smiling to himself thinking about Rads (as usual .Hehe)
Radhika was so happy as Arjun has given her a room privately for her to carry in her literary works ..Dp and Annapurna used to call her daily and talk with her .sanskar also speak to her but doesn’t show he is so emotional and missing his sister so much because she might feel bad…
Radhika feels blessed that she got two dad. And two mom …sumi never allowed her to work in kitchen ..Radhika used to make so many emotional drama to enter kitchen .sumi used to laugh at her tactics …swara used to make jealous face as her mother is ignoring her ..shekar feels that his house has become more happy by Rads entry …

Ardhika were unknown of the fact that the family your is going to be their honeymoon trip..
They are going to Scotland along with family ..They are starting after two days ..all packing is ready ..their passports and visa were all ready ..They are going to spend ten days there in Scotland .

Radhika was pulled to do shopping with family by swara .sumi took rads alone and asked her to search for dress by her wish ..Rads hugged her and said …love u ma ..Arjun was smiling widely at their gestures ..while searching dresses swara took some dresses ..took photos of them to sanskar and asked his wish ..he asked her to take three dresses ….This love story was going on in one side on the other side there was a silent yet beautiful love story was going on..Arjun was standing at a distance watching his Queen ..Radhika showed him few dresses and asked him is it ok or not through signals …Arjun answered them through gestures ..sumi was noticing all this silently …
She moved away on the pretext of searching dress for shekar ..Arjun went to another floor bought a very stylish yet traditional dress for Radhika as he know she is comfortable in traditional and lengthy dresses …
They then went to a restaurant for lunch were swara entertainer everyone by her little tactics …Radhika was enjoying but still she was missing her family a lot… Arjun was watching her ,and was thinking something he then asked sumi and shekar permission to take Radhika to her home and they will return by evening .
Sumi agreed he kept it as secret for Radhika ..he asked her to come with him ..swara went to sumi and asked permission to go to party at night .sumi was scolding her for attending parties but shekar asked her to go .sumi was little angry on shekar as he is spoiling swara by giving her so much freedom .

Shekar somehow made sumi calm .swara was happy as she is going to meet sanskar tonight.
Arjun was riding continuously without answering any of radhika’s questions.Rads become drs up of asking him questions and started watching out ..it was long to reach their home as it was little far from the mall…she slept in that position ..Arjun stopped the car in middle and took a selfie with his sleeping beauty quietly without disturbing her …he immediately made it his wallpaper ….Again he started the car and they reached her house ..he woke her up .on seeing her house she was so happy ..he asked her to go while he will come after parking the house ..She ran into her house …dp who was sitting on the sofa reading newspaper was shocked as well happy in seeing his Radhi ma …Annapurna hugged Rads …They asked about Arjun ..Arjun entered the house with many packages ..these were dresses and gifts for Dp and Annapurna also for sanskar ..
They all spent quality time together and at evening they started to home ..Rads hugged Dp …ap have some gifts to Arjun and asked him to give them to sumi …They then left for gm..

Swasan went for the party …swara was wearing a knee length party wear with her hairs held in a messy bun looking hot and cute ..whereas sanskar was looking heart taking in party wear …They danced together and enjoyed a lot ..sanskar never left swara aside even for a minute ..They were sitting together at a corner in the party house …sanskar made swara sit on his lap …he caught her fingers and was playing with them ..swara kept her head on his chest …They were talking about their trip to Scotland ..

Sanskar..so swara are u tardy for the trip babe ..
Swara …yes Mr…what about you …
Sanskar ..swara snot call me such …
Swara .laughed at his reaction and was irritating him by calling him mr..Again and again …
Suddenly sanskar held her chin up and went very close to her lips and looked into her eyes and busily asked her to call him again by his name ..swara was unable to stand his proximity ..She was indeed struggling to breath …sanskar very slowly went so close to her ..swara closed her eyes ..She said sanskar …..even before she could complete that ..sanskar pressed his lips against her ..it became a long passionate kiss ….after completing it …They sat in the same position by joining their foreheads ….sanskar as well as swara was very much happy ..

Sanskar …swara pls don’t blush babe ..Then I will not responsible for the things that will happen after that ..swara again blushed very hardly in hearing his intense words ..They then left the party ..sanky dropped swara at gm..swara gave him a small kiss on his cheeks and ran away from there ..

Precap :family trip to Scotland ..Ardhika and swasan 
Romance …

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Credit to: Harani

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