Tied together by Destiny…swasan and ardhika…(chapter 13)..the missed part


Sorry guys I forgot to add that part of ardhika.forgive me 🙂

Arjun was walking in the corridor searching for tower to call his pa.suddenly he heard rads scream and ran into her room ..
he literally ran to her room ..and was shocked to see a person under blanket she was going to beat that person with a flower vase.he stopped her and went near the person and took the blanket.

it was a girl who was laughing …rads was shocked at that ..she shouted RAGINI idiot ..u scared me ..are u mad ..idiot ..u will never change ..

Arjun doesn’t understand what is going on here..rads on seeing Arjun said him that ragini is her mad cousin who has come There for their wedding ..

Ragini saw arjun and came near him and said that …I feel pity for you jiju ..u r going to marry a girl who will give you lectures all 24 *7 ..Arjun laughed at it ..rads held ragini’s ears and asked do I give so many advices ..

ragini :is there any doubt lecture queen ?,she winked at Arjun ..

rads :u devil…Arjun will not tease me ..yes na Arjun .

Arjun :definitely radhu..

ragini was shocked…oh romancing now itself ok carry on ..di I will meet u in morning .where is that sanky .

rads : he is out for an work ..tomorrow too he will be busy ..ok go to ur room .Arjun thank u .

Arjun signs it’s ok and go out .rags hugged Rads once and went to guest room ..

Arjun after reaching his room called rads and told her to lock the door and sleep.

rads said him good night.

The next day .

All,we’re very busy as there is only one day for wedding .swasan was out of station due to their. date.

arjun took rads and ragini to doesn’t after dropping them went to office as he is not going to office for few days .

After all these in night Arjun called radhika and gave her a little teddy as gift .that was a talking teddy which will repeatedly call Radhi when pressed ..ragini went out to pick her friends .they all slept in guest room.

sanskar came in night and informed rads about his proposal and swara’s acceptance …

Sorry guys this is not individual chapter .just a part which I forgot to add in last chapter …

so don’t say it’s short ..I will update the next one ..soon ..love you all..our department is conducting drama fest ..we r busy drs ..so only I can’t update …I am sorry for troubling u all..:-) 🙂

Credit to: Harani

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  4. Good one harani and all the best for ur drama fest 🙂

  5. Good one 🙂

  6. Wow!! Glad that you put in these parts… One question.. How did Arjun come to Radhika’s room?! They’re in the same house?!

    Post soon.. Love you ??

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