Tied together by Destiny…swasan and ardhika…(chapter 12)..the date


Hi drs this is my 12th chapter..pls support me sweets ..

This is completely Swasan .I wanna make their date something beyond world 🙂


Morning at gm .

swara woke up from her sleep .she remember about their upcoming date that day and was grining widely which shows all her love for her charming Prince who is gonna make her feel like a royal queen with his love .

This is what every girl on earth wish for .girls are not money minded they wish for a partner who treats her like his Queen ..if it happens she can live her life with content ..money is not so important than love of their partner 🙂 🙂

swara got a call from sanskar .He told her to wear the dress gifted by him .she went to wardrobe and took the the white dress gifted by sanskar .

she after bathing came wearing it and made her hair loose with curls at end and she didn’t do any make up bcz sanskar like her natural face .

swara informed sumi that she is going to meet a friend.She was picked up by sanskar who blind folded her and took her in-car .they travelled for more than an hour and reached the place .

on reaching the destined place sanky removed the cloth from her eyes .swara was dumbstruck on seeing the decorations.
The place was completely decorated with white curtains and pink lamps..it was like a heaven on the earth .

sanskar took swara to the table arranged for their dinner .It was all swara’s fav dishes.They had their dinner .They then sat on the bench nearby.Sears was continuously talking something or other and sanskar was watching oops sorry admiring her activities.

Sanskar them called someone and asked about the preparation.as soon as he ended the call.

He stood up nd asked swara to stand .she turned her and made her face the sky .he was standing back of her ..He closed her eyes with his hands.when he left that she was surprised to look at sky which has a big balloon raise with their photo (swasan)which was taken during rads haldi ….Below the photo it was written as will u be my love swara ?!

swara turned to sanskar and found him sitting on his knees .

sanskar : swara ..I have never been in love .I don’t know how it feels ..but after holding u in my hands on that day I have experienced the eternal feel of love .I doesn’t know u love me or not ..but I love u with every tissues ,cell and blood of my heart and whole body .
I don’t know to be so dramatic .so I will make it simple …

Will u be my love forever ….swara …

swara was standing there like a statue ..but her eyes were showing all her happiness …

she accepted it …he made necessary a lovely diamond studed platinum ring ..but suddenly swara caught his hands and made him wear platinum love bands ..with it was carved as SS ..sanskar was happy ..They both stood hugging for a long time and went home ..he stopped her and turned to go but was surprised when he got a pack on his cheeks from his angel…

He went home happily and hugged Rads and told her that swara accepted his proposal..Radhika was also happy ..

There ended the day with fresh relations and happiness..:-) 🙂


love you all…take care .:-)

Credit to: Harani

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  1. nice one Harini 🙂

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  4. Lovely.hey, harani u know what just before reading this episode I got to know that u r the writer of ‘SWASAN SAGA OF LOVE’ which is the first ff that I liked so much but didnot comment.sorry. I’ve been waiting for chap-5 since feb-8.Plz continue that if possible plz plz

  5. Nice… bUt plz make next part longer na we want ardhika too ….

  6. Wat about tat new entry of last episode…? And this episode is soooo romantic harani! Take care dear

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