Tied together by Destiny…swasan and ardhika…(chapter 11)..Haldi and new entry

Hi sweets sorry for the late update ..forgive me guys .love you all ..thank u for those who commented for my episode …this is my 11 chapter ..

Haldi ceremony…

The whole guest house was decorated with yellow curtains to match the glowing haldi ..

Rads got ready in a simple yellow sari which suited her delicate skin .swara was with her all the time not giving time for Arjun to talk to his bride .

sanskar was busy in some work and also didn’t fail to notice each and every move it his sweetheart who is always in love not with him but with her bubble 🙂

Arjun was using so many tactics to talk to rads but everything failed bcz of swara who enjoyed it a lot ..Rads couldn’t help Arjun but was always blushing bcz of arjun’s childish acts 🙂

First arjun’s haldi was completed which was followed by that of Rads ..swara was taking pictures of her bhai and bhabhi and also was taking pictures of sanskar very secretly …(hehe)

sanskar was looking over guests and was
also was watching swara’s activities .
After haldi Rads was asked to go home and swara went to her room …when swara was inside her room she was shocked to find sanskar sitting on her bed with some bowl…
before she could recognize what is that
she was pinned to the wall and was locked between sanskar’s arms .she was dumbstruck by his act ..

he asked her to take his pictures by asking him and not to take it secretly ..swara’s eyes widened in shock as he has found that she was taking his photos ..

He then with our waiting for her reply applied a little haldi on her face ,she was completely lost by his touch .

Before he could turn she pulled him by his collar and pressed her cheeks against his and applied haldi on his cheeks too…
He was looking at her in shock ,surprise etc 🙂

Swara didn’t realise that she had scratched the hungry tiger inside him ..he held her tightly by her waist and was looking at her very intensely…

He came near her ear shell and told her that “you’ve done a wrong job babe ” ..he caressed her cheeks and when he was about to move more closer she turned to go ,he held her wrist and pulled her back and again went near her ears and told her to be ready for their first special date tomorrow morning …before she could react her head nodded in agreement 🙂 🙂

sanskar said good night to her and went to his room happily thinking about the preparation that he has to make to create the special date for his beloved ..

Rads came after bath and she was glowing like the fresh sun in morning .she was wearing a long skirt and red tank top…

she got a call and was talking to her friend..at that time a person very stealthily entered her room ..he closed Rads mouth with his hands ..

Rads was shocked and she couldn’t see that person’s face ..she hardly tried and caught hold of that person and shouted for help ..

what will happen next ..hehe for that wait till next episode ..

love u all ..bye bye take care ..pls comment sweets 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. This Haldi ceremony is too cute harani… take care and don’t be sry foe late updates… We understand tat u are busy 😉

  2. Awesome episode. 🙂

  3. so nyc.. swasan scenes are awesome

  4. What yaar so short update

  5. super………..who that man?………please update soon ……tc

  6. Superb episode dear.

  7. very nice episode.

  8. Harani dear this is not fair , so short, adhulayum swara scene mattum niraya varudhu, pls don’t mistake me dear iwant more ardhika scenes, pls update soon dear…

  9. Haldi sequence is very nice.

  10. Its so short…

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